I highly recommend choosing Hannah as a driving instructor. When I first began I was so nervous but her kindness and patience really helped me to progress quickly. She made me feel at ease throughout our lessons, always chatting and joking with me and never made me feel awkward as some might feel being in a car with a stranger for two hours. She made me feel very safe even on the main roads as all though I felt in control of the car she was always ready and alert to help me if I struggled.

I managed to pass first time with Hannah and after hearing from my friends experiences with their other teachers this is not an easy thing to do. Her flexibility in the lessons allowed me to go at my own pace and choose specific areas of driving I struggled with. The resources she provided me throughout the lessons helped me massively as I much more of a visual and practical learner and these helped me to constantly refresh topics out of lesson.

I highly recommend Hannah to anyone at any stage in their driving experience and have done so with several of my friends. I am so lucky to have had her help and I can’t thank her enough.


Hi I'm Hannah Nelson

I'm a driving instructor in Abingdon, Didcot and surrounding areas

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