Kate Major - Kelham Island

Your Course worked miracles for my confidence with driving. I still have days where I doubt myself, and I’m prone to overthinking, especially before journeys which I know will trigger my anxiety. But I don’t let it stop me any more! I’ve driven to Northumberland, Lake District and Yorkshire Dales since my Course (including some pretty awful weather conditions!) and it’s continuing to get easier each time I do it. I truly believe that working with you enabled me to reframe some of my anxiety towards driving, and continue to move forwards. I would recommend you to any nervous driver, without a shadow of doubt. I found that you not only helped me understand myself better as a driver, but also to start understanding myself and my own anxiety and sensitivity more. This has enabled me to interact and take control of my feelings far more readily, and rationalise some of the irrational driving anxiety. I believe you have a wonderful ability to understand people and help them, and will always be grateful to you for the time we spent together. It’s an ongoing process, but getting in the car doesn’t fill me with quite so much dread any more. And in February on the anniversary of passing my test, I finally took the P plates off my car – so that must be progress!

Kate Major -  Kelham Island

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I'm a driving instructor in Sheffield and Dronfield (Post Codes S1, S6, S7, S8, S10, S11, S17, S18 and S19).

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