I was really anxious about learning to drive at 45, I had never driven and the whole thing felt scary. I am anxious by nature, so I did a lot of research as I knew I wanted to find someone patient and kind – I've heard horror stories from so many friends about their instructors! Hannah is an amazing instructor, the perfect balance between friendly and professional. As a mature student I was working full time while learning, and Hannah always offered flexibility to fit around my work schedule. She has a great sense of humour and made the lessons a breeze – we laughed so much! As a bonus, her military background means that she truly is an  expert when it comes to driving. It's not just that she can drive – she actually has experience from the military driving in different terrains and types of vehicles. You always feel very safe driving with her. She really teaches you good techniques and you can tell she has a method: she plans the lessons to ensure you learn. She tells you all sorts of tips and tricks to make you a good, safe driver. In the lessons, you really feel she wants you to learn and be a good driver, she's patient (this was very important to me!) and doesn't mind explaining the same thing several times until you get it. As a mature learner, I really appreciated that!

The LD System really worked for me. I loved watching the videos online, as I learn better by watching tutorials. Having the LDC online portal was great, I used that all the time to prepare for the lessons and it was great to track my progress – you do really feel the benefit if you spend a little time reviewing the materials before the lesson. Also, the LDC portal made it so much easier to prepare for the theory test. Having all your information in one single platform, easy to find and track, was very handy.

I happened to be learning (and passed my test) right in the middle of the Covid pandemic. Hannah took the whole Covid situation very seriously, ensuring I and all her other students would be safe, and kept me informed at all times of any government-mandated changes, which made it much easier than having to figure things out by myself. As a mature learner, I greatly appreciated how professional she is.


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