Ron Lidstone

Lets start off with a BANG – Training with Martin enabled me to pass my ADI Part 3 Test first time (not bragging much but I got an A and 46 Points).

I could let Martin take all the credit for this (well nearly all of it). But I also owe my success to the LD system which enabled me to prepare and practice for all parts of my training. Afterall, this is what we’ll be using ourselves when we become ADI’s. The Online theory and Hazard perception software, along with the LDC Driving skills workbook and DVD were crucial and complemented Martin’s instruction. So good is the LDC Driving Skills workbook, it became a vital resource and I even used it to amplify a teaching point during my Part 3 Test.

My training with Martin started about 8 months ago and I wasn’t in too much of a rush, as the plan was to become a qualified ADI a few months prior to finishing my 35-year career in the RAF. So, there I am thinking I’m this formidable driver and king of the road. Half an hour into lesson one, Martin pops this bubble when I realise, I’m AWFUL. The thing I really like about Martin is that he lets you know this in such a nice way that you’re not left feeling completely humiliated. Following some practical demonstrations, I very soon righted the bad habits and started to drive properly. Before long Part 2 test was out of the way, and was on to the serious business of Part 3 Training.

Ideally, I would like to have gone onto a Trainee licence, and Martin and I discussed the pros and cons in quite some depth. However, due to the fact I worked in North Yorkshire and lived in South Wales, we decided that going onto a Trainee licence wouldn’t be the best option as this would mean I’d be training under licence away from my home. Because of the distance, I only went home every other weekend, and Martin very kindly coordinated my training over the weekends that I stayed in Yorkshire. I know that this was a big ask for Martin to fit my training around his weekend commitments and family and is a mark of how committed and professional he is as an Instructor. For this Martin, I’m extremely grateful. I still recall the weekend in Winter when we had a training session straight after you’d got in after coaching your Youth football team and were frozen to the bone. After a quick coffee, off we went for a 3-hour driving session.

Planning my lessons was a two-way partnership, and each was structured in such a way that best suited me and my development. Martin exudes confidence and his ability to drive as a learner driver is something to behold. His wealth of experience enabled him to demonstrate so many situations that I very quickly felt like the instructor and not the student.

I believe that getting the right instructor is crucial for success. For me, Martin easily adapted his teaching to meet my learning style, and again, I’m extremely grateful for this. I would highly recommend Martin to any potential PDI or learner driver. Never critical or impatient no matter how serious the error in judgement was. Every mistake, error or situation was always made into a positive learning point or experience. Although I might not have always had faith in myself, not once did you in me. I’m still left a bit bewildered on how I passed so high and at the first attempt. For you I know that it was always your plan and goal. Thank you so much Martin for being such an exceptional Mentor, Coach and Instructor. You made my journey to become an ADI such an enjoyable and pleasant experience. I’ll see you again in the future when I prepare for my first standards check. I cant think of anyone else who I’d want to be my Coach.

Ron Lidstone

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