Sarah Swallow

Murray is 100% patience and friendly. I was a nervous wreck the majority of my lessons and probably somewhat annoying to teach, but Murray kept me motivated to keep going. Each lesson we would review my strengths and weaknesses and what we can do to perfect these areas for my next lesson.

I found the LDC workbook incredibly helpful along with Murray’s knowledge and style of teaching. If I didn’t understand something he would always draw examples which really helped. I passed 1st time and it is all down to Murray being patient and his encouragement that I can do this. Thank you so much you’ve made my life so much easier now I can drive and I don’t need to nag my husband to take me shopping anymore!

Sarah Swallow

Hi I'm Murray Yeadon

I'm a driving instructor in Sherburn in Elmet, South Milford, Barkston Ash, Garforth, Kippax, Micklefield, Fairburn, Allerton Bywater, Brotherton, Castleford, Pontefract and surrounding areas

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