Miss Jen Hardman

After previously undergoing driving lessons with three instructors, in 1 instance someone crashed in to my car, I lacked in confidence and thought I would never be able to pass my test. I then found out I had to move away from Aberdeen so I decided to try and learn how to drive again. My boyfriend had passed with LDC and enjoyed the programme they had so I decided to do an intensive course with them. When booking my course all the staff at LDC were more than helpful when deciding the right course for me and kept me up to date in the progress when finding me a driving instructor.

My driving instructor, Dave Mitchell, also contacted me the same day I was informed by LDC who I was having. He was friendly on the phone and suggested I get prepared by starting to work through the booklet and the DVD. Before my first lesson I was very nervous as it had been a while since I had last driven and I had been a nervous driver then. When I got into the car Dave quickly put me at ease by asking about my past experiences and saying how he teaches his lessons. I felt I was in capable hands as he has a lot of experience with the Army, the fact he is a Grade 6 instructor and he also instructs other instructors. As my lessons went on Dave strived to realise where I had problems before and would fix them by asking why it was happening and how I could improve my skills.

My confidence grew as Dave praised me. My confidence levels soared more as I was encouraged to go out of my comfort zone and try things I had never done before, like country driving and driving along Holborn and Union Street. He always encouraged me to be an independent driver by asking myself what I should be doing and getting me to talk through the process. After 3 weeks of hard work Dave assured me I was ready for my driving test and I went for it.

I managed to pass with only 2 faults. Throughout the process Dave reminded me he taught to standards that were better than the driving test and he was right. Dave was a great instructor and I would recommend him to anyone that wants to learn how to drive. He is friendly and is 100% dedicated to getting his learners to be safe drivers that allow them to pass their test and carry on to be safe drivers their whole lives.

Miss Jen Hardman

Hi I'm David Mitchell

I'm a driving instructor in Aberdeen, Portlethen, Stonehaven and surrounding areas.

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