Raymond Bethune

Following a poor experience with a previous Instructor, I was on the verge of giving up the hope of driving completely, in all honesty it wasn’t something I ever thought I’d do, however, when I decided to continue and try a New Instructor I had heard through the grapevine that Kenny was the Man to get the job done and by golly did he 👍

My previous instructor pushed me way to hard from the very first lesson and didn’t listen to my concerns and acknowledge my lack of confidence in my beginner abilities to driving. I am quite an anxious gentleman of whom does not deal well with being pressured, however, I’m not worried to speak out in such terms, but, I wasn’t listened to by my previous instructor, I was more anxious about seeing him than the driving, of which, led to paying for lessons and then not turning up to them even though I know I was wasting my hard earned money on a very poor instructor.

Following about 6 weeks away from driving, my missus got in touch with Kenny.

Now I wanted to finish my training, but, I wasn’t very confident at that point and didn’t want to continue learning to drive, after 1 conversation with Kenny I decided to give driving another go.

When I met Kenny I instantly felt at ease... Kenny is a top Geezer 👍

Kenny from day 1 approached every aspect of his tutoring in the same manner... COOL, CALM,and COLLECTED.

Kenny catered his teachings to my abilities and my struggles and the main struggle I had was roundabouts. On my first lesson with Kenny he took the time to listen to me and the catered the lessons around my hopes and aspirations as a leaner driver.

I had 24 hours of previous lessons with my previous instructor I just couldn’t get the roundabout thing, however, let me tell you on lesson 1 with Kenny by roundabout number 2 I had got it. Kenny diminished all worries, concerns, anxieties I had with roundabouts within mere minutes.

Kenny’s teaching style is to build confidence in you and to remind YOU and that YOU are the one driving not him, every step YOU take towards your driving goal is all down to YOU, he is merely and passenger that gives advice. Think about how empowering that is 🤔

Don’t get me wrong though, yes Kenny does empower your confidence as a driver, but, when needed is firm and will interject his knowledge of driving to instruct and educate you according to the situation. If Kenny really needs to take the wheel he will, but, then will calmly take the time to ask you what went wrong and how you think we can fix these issues before dropping knowledge on you.

Kenny speaks calmly and clearly to ensure the instruction delivered can be understood and easy to follow and when needed will push and challenge you when you feel ready, Kenny will never challenge you until you are comfortable and ready to take the next step.

Now if you would like an instructor who...

Listens to you.

Works with you to develop your driving skills and knowledge.

Does his Best to cater to your life schedule.

Will understand when you need to be pushed and challenged. (Always consults you first)

Will give you his full attention.

Build your confidence.

Empower you as a driver.

Have a really cool Car to learn in.

And above all a great guy to be around.

Then... choose Kenny 😃

I did and passed FIRST time with ONLY 3 driving faults 🤩


Raymond Bethune

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