Louis Gill

Choosing LDC from the offset I knew that the additional support their online program offered would benefit me, giving me a prior understanding of what I would be doing in the car that week, supporting me in both my theory test and practical test. Starting in December 2020 I was nervous behind the wheel, panicked often and anxious about the prospect of theory and practical tests, no matter how far away they seemed.

Right from our first lesson Emlyn, with humour and good spirit, allowed me to overcome these nerves, my panic and anxiety behind the wheel ultimately supporting me and enabling me to pass both my theory and practical test first time. Alongside Emlyn’s patience with me allowing me to be comfortable driving was the frequent reflections at the end of lesson, where we would both evaluate what we felt went well and more importantly what needed improving, roundabouts for me at the start was something I needed to work on and the next lesson that’s what we looked at intensively, allowing me to be confident with any obstacles I encountered.

Louis Gill

Hi I'm Emlyn Hudson

I'm a driving instructor in Walsall, Cannock, Featherstone, Burntwood, Brownhills, Bloxwich, Great Wyrley, Cheslyn Hay and surrounding areas

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