I couldn’t have asked for a better driving instructor than Ruth. She is so patient and calm and made learning to drive much easier and enjoyable. Ruth also has a very friendly nature and is very understanding which made me feel so comfortable in the car. Ruth explained reflections she had so clearly and would always ask you to pull up and talk about them rather than keep driving. I found this so useful as we could have a good discussion about the next steps. I think the process of the LDC workbook really helped to reflect on each lesson and I could go back and see the improvements I had made. Within this book there is also information and video links that I found very useful whilst getting prepared for my test.

I passed first time with NO driving faults thanks to Ruth!

I would recommend Ruth to everyone!!!


Hi I'm Ruth Gray

I'm a driving instructor in Weymouth, Dorchester, Portland and surrounding areas.

Ruth Gray Driving School
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