Salma Saeed

Driving lessons with Rachel are enjoyable as well as incredibly organised. No time is wasted during lessons, and she goes above and beyond what is expected of a typical driving instructor. Rachel is the nicest person you could meet, and she genuinely wants the best for her pupils. She goes out of her way to make things so much easier, and most importantly she listens to what you need. I would definitely recommend Rachel as a driving instructor without a doubt.

To help me prepare for my lessons, I was supplied with the LDC Driving Skills Workbook and a 3 disk set of DVDs. The DVDs improve your understanding of the written material as they make everything in the workbook come to life. The best thing about learning to drive with LDC is that to a degree you can choose your own lesson path, making practical sessions much more enjoyable. A lot of information is provided, and you are definitely looked after by LDC throughout the training period.

Salma Saeed

Hi I'm Rachel Armstrong

I'm a driving instructor in Tettenhall, Bushbury, Pendeford, Perton, Codsall, Brewood, Featherstone, Essington, Wednesfield, Willenhall, Bilston, Parkfields, Penn, Wombourne, Albrighton and surrounding areas

Rachel Armstrong Driving School