Simon Parsons

I wasn't too bothered about learning to drive until my girlfriend and I bought a nice new car. I soon got fed up with being in the passenger seat, so I decided to take the plunge. Having reached the grand old age of 41 without a license, I was quite nervous about the challenge ahead. I decided on a LDC One Week Pass course course, as this seemed like the most economical way of achieving my goal in the shortest time. Trevor took the time to explain things logically and clearly, so that I developed a sound understanding of the principles of good driving. His training gave me the skills to put them into practise on the roads.

Everyone makes a few mistakes learning to drive. For me, the sign of a really good instructor is one who helps you to remain calm when those mistakes happen. Trevor did that. He also gave me the encouragement I needed to persevere when my confidence took a dip on the day before my test. Being told I'd passed first time was an amazing feeling that I'll probably never forget. Best of all, I now get to drive our car instead of just sitting in the passenger seat!

Trevor is an excellent instructor, both technically and in the way he deals with people. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to pass, regardless of age or previous experience."

Simon Parsons

Hi I'm Trevor Maddison

I'm a driving instructor in Ashford, Bedfont, Chertsey, Feltham, Halliford, Hampton, Hanworth, Isleworth, Laleham, Littleton, Shepperton, Staines, Stanwell, Sunbury, Twickenham and surrounding areas.

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