Ally Morrison - First time pass

I took 35 lessons with another driving school and failed. Badly! It was a very offputting experience and I thought that I just wasn't cut out for driving. After much persuasion, I got back behind the wheel and after 15 lessons with Iain I passed!

The LDC course is excellent. Each lesson concentrates on one main theme, allowing you to develop your skills incrementally. The book and DVD are very clear and easy to follow. Do your homework before the lesson and everything makes sense when you get behind the wheel.

Iain has a real passion for his job and it really rubs off. He went 'the extra mile' on each lesson to make sure I got my driving to the required level. I was far from confident in my own abilities when I started my lessons but Iain has a great rapport and made me feel at ease and boosted my confidence tremendously. By the time of my test date I was confident I would pass. And I did! And his track record shows that you will Pass With Iain too.

I would also recommend the Pass Plus. Motorway driving in particular seemed daunting to me but with Iain's support I now have many hours' motorway driving behind me and can join, overtake and leave motorways with ease.

Ally Morrison - First time pass

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