Liliana Rzesutek

I think comparing to others I had a big experience when it comes to numbers of driving instructors I have had. Iain was my third and fortunately last driving instructor, who really helped me to improve my driving skills. He taught me to drive, the way I actually thought was right and safe (not like the other instructors, when I felt something wasn't safe and they keep saying me that this is right).

Iain no matter what would happen always stayed calm, which for me was very important, he never been late for a lesson either. He is a good listener and for a foreign people he has an easy accent to understand JI felt very well prepared when getting my first time driving exam, and only fail because of my mistake, but I passed second time without any problems.

I can honestly recommend Iain and also the LDC book and cds, there were very helpful, and even so they are not for free, it's worth it as it safes you money on the lessons, where you actually learn how to drive and not listen for 20 minutes instructor's explanation about particular topic.

Liliana Rzesutek

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