Mark Cantellow

After being a passenger in a very serious accident many years ago, I was fearful of ever driving myself. As time went on I found not being able to drive was holding me back so started lessons to see if I could conquer my considerable fear. However, after trying two different driving instructors who lacked patience, or any understanding of what I had experienced in my accident, I gave up believing that driving was just not going to happen for me.

Some time later I happened to chance upon Paul's website and, from looking at his testimonials and seeing how the excellent LDC programme worked, I decided to give driving one last try. It was now or never. From the moment I contacted Paul I knew I had made the right choice. He simply advised me to try one lesson with him and see how I felt…. I never looked back!

Paul completely understood my nervousness as was able to put me at ease with his patient and caring approach. It is clear that he has a passion for helping his pupils to learn how to drive safely and at their own pace. The LDC plan is very easy to follow and the workbook and DVD are fantastic ways to reinforce everything that is taught during a lesson. I found the course interesting and informative but most of all I found it helped me to see very easily the progress I was making and what was to come.

After years of believing I would never drive a car I actually passed my test first time!

If, like me, you are nervous about learning to drive, or simply want to find an excellent driving instructor that will see you achieve your goal of passing the driving test then please look no further than Paul Conquest. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Mark Cantellow