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LDC instructor Customer Care Charter

LDC instructors appreciate and value your custom. All LDC instructors are bound by a stringent code of conduct. Their continued membership of the LDC instructor franchise is dependent upon their compliance with this code.

The LDC instructor provides services to you under the LDC instructor Customer Care Charter. This is a special set of terms and conditions covering the conduct and the basis upon which the LDC instructor provides services to you. Failure by the LDC instructor to comply with these terms will place him or her in breach of their contract for service with you and their terms of membership with us. These terms and conditions are listed on the back of the Course Enrolment Form and if you purchase the course through the LDC National Booking Office on the back of the booking confirmation sheet supplied. A copy of these terms can also be viewed by selecting the button named Terms of service on the left.

Below you can watch Bob the trainer going through the terms and conditions of service with Claire a new student learning to drive.

Customer Care Payment Protection Scheme
Training fees paid directly to the LDC National Booking Office will be held in a special LDC instructor clients holding account. Any money held in this account on your behalf will not be passed on to the LDC instructor until your training has been properly provided or you have authorised us to do so.

Please note the service element of your course will be provided by your local LDC instructor and the contract for service will be directly with them. The LDC National Booking Office acts as the agent and the guardian of the standards for the LDC franchise as a whole. To enable us to maintain these standards all LDC instructors have agreed that any fees held in the clients account should not be paid to them until you authorise us to do so or until the services have been properly provided.

Below you can see an example of Bob requesting payment from the Clients account subject to Claire’s complete satisfaction.

In the event of any dispute or complaint we have been authorised to withhold any fees remaining in this account from the LDC instructor in question until the matter is resolved to the satisfaction of the franchise manager. In this way we can ensure you get what you pay for and that standards within the franchise network are maintained.

Please also note we are not able to offer this protection if you pay your fees in advance direct to your local LDC driving instructor. However, we will help if possible in the event of any dispute regarding such fees paid directly to the instructor but can not be held responsibility for there repayment.