Why train with and join LDC?

  • LDC has over a 35 year proven track record of success - both in terms of ensuring our students qualify and earn an high income thereafter as an LDC driving school franchise owner. The safer, smarter way to a successful new career.
  • LDC currently supports around 400 highly successful LDC driving school instructor owners across the UK most of whom have customer waiting lists extending over several months, charging premium lesson and intensive course rates (potentially earning up to £3-£8 per hour more than our competitors).
  • LDC course fees to become a driving instructor are very competitive starting from just £795 on our pay-as-you-go training option or £2,195 as a one-off payment.
  • LDC provides up to 70 hours (premium course option) of guided practical training with specially trained LDC Approved Driving Instructor trainers.
  • LDC provides over 100 hours of interactive open learning using our comprehensive iCourse, Apps and self-study materials/videos for Parts 1, 2 and 3.
  • LDC provides a further 3 days business start–up training (another 18 hours) on how to run a successful driving school business when you decide to join us.
  • LDC can be trusted to provide the essential on-the-job training to pass Part 3 on a Trainee Licence once passed Part 2 of the qualifying examination so you can earn as you learn. Train for free is an alternative to a Trainee Licence also offered by LDC so you can keep your current job until qualified.
  • LDC only offer Trainee Licence positions to those who purchase a training course with us.
  • LDC offer a super low franchise membership fee at only £75 per week with the option to rent, buy or use your own car (if suitable). Potentially saving you up to £5,000 per year compared to other national driving school franchises without a long tie-in.
  • LDC offer the first months franchise free when you train with us.
  • LDC DO NOT tie you into an 12 to 36 month expensive franchise/car hire agreement like many other driving schools do once you qualify! With LDC you need only stay 3 months after which we require just 1 months written notice to leave.
  • LDC DO NOT combine the franchise agreement with a car rental agreement. Therefore, you can choose your own means to provide a car in addition to those we can arrange for you.  
  • LDC DO NOT have restrictive contractual clauses to make it difficult to get past the Part 1 stage and thus avoid delivering the 'so-called' free face-to-face training unlike some other cheaper training providers - make sure you read the contract/agreement before you click to pay. Such companies rely on your eagerness and your naivety about our industry to rope you in. With LDC you need only complete a few days of study online before being ready for Part 1.
  • LDC provides a free business start up package of resources worth over £1,000 when you join - nobody gives you more sooner.
  • LDC would normally charge an extra £500 to join our franchise as a newly qualified instructor from elsewhere but this fee is waived if you train with us in the first place.
  • LDC instructors are taught in the use of the incredible LD System and the latest student-centred learning techniques. If you want to be the best, train with the best.
  • LDC are the ONLY national driving school accredited, under the MoD Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) scheme, to train ex Military Service Personnel to become driving instructors.
  • LDC can offer training nationwide covering the majority of the DVSA ADI test centres in the UK.
  • LDC has a state-of-the-art approved driving instructor training centre in West Yorkshire backed up by a nationwide network of trainers.

Any training costing less than LDC is either

  • very difficult to complete (forcing most to drop out before taking Part 1) and/or
  • you are required to commit to an expensive long term franchise contract over 1 or 2 years or more.

So you either pay a lot more in the longer run being tied-in to a long term franchise/car rental contract or you end up having so much unnecessary academic work to do to pass Part 1 that you give up before getting any practical in-car training for parts 2 and 3. This is how cheaper training is possible - you get what you pay for or rather you don't. So-called Guarantees are only there to get you to impulse buy and are useless once you read the small print. This is why we believe LDC is the Smarter, Safer and most Cost Effective way to a new career as a driving instructor.



First to be awarded Training School of the Year

The award was presented by Gareth Llewellyn the CEO of the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to Paul and Gemma McArdle of LDC driving schools at the Driving Instructors Association (DIA) annual conference.

This Training School of the Year award was introduced in 2016 and LDC were the very first recipients which just goes to show the incredible reputation LDC has built up over the last 35 years to be the first training organisation to receive this prestigious Industry Award (and the only national driving school thus far).

There are other non-industry self-nominated awards provided by magazine publishers (such as Intelligent Instructor Magazine) to promote their advertisers but they have little sway within our industry and are not endorsed by the DVSA the governing body for driving instructors in the UK.

LDC driving instructor training award



Do your research and check the small print

We recommend to anyone looking at training to become a driving instructor to do their research carefully and take their time. Finding the right company for you can be like crossing a mined field - one wrong move and you are finished. Some training providers want to sell as many courses as they can and use different ways to entice buyers. Read all terms and conditions and speak to their current franchisees. We list every single LDC driving school member on our website so you can pick anyone to call. Don't let the selling company organise this - it will probably be another sales person. It is easy for anyone to create a flashy website and brochure or make unbelievable guarantees that are then canceled out when you properly read the small print and realise what additional sums you have to pay to benefit from them. If you want a second opinion on any such claimed guarantees just give us a call and we will let you know how genuine or useful they really are. LDC publish our pass rates and we have a Part 3 pass rate of 88.6% (within the three attempts allowed). The DVSA published pass rate for Part 3 for the whole of the UK is only 36.3%. Currently in the UK only 20% of those who start a course to become a driving instructor actually go onto qualify and have a successful career. Therefore 80% waste there money/time which should tell you there are a lot of dubious training providers and bogus driving school companies out there selling instructor training just waiting to take your money and deliver very little.

Next step

If you would like more details at this stage by post or email please complete the free information pack request form or call us FREE on 0800 197 0010 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

ADI Information Call Centre

Our opening hours are Monday to Thursday 8am - 6pm and on Friday 9am - 5pm. Alternatively download our latest Brochure in PDF by clicking the image on the right or the link highlighted in blue.

We look forward to the prospect of hearing from you in the near future. However, before you contact us please make sure you can meet the minimum requirements to be eligible to be a driving instructor as set out by the DVSA which are:

  • You must have held a driving licence for at least three years (with no more than 5 points overall or any bans) to start training and four years before starting the job;
  • Be able to provide two character references and pass a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check;
  • Be able to read a number plate at a distance of 90 feet (i.e. 23 feet more than required for the L test) with glasses, if normally worn.

If you are not sure if you satisfy these minimum requirements please don't hesitate to call us on 01977 691800.

 LD System