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The course programme is made up of 23 driving lesson topics or units of learning split into 3 parts corresponding to whether the main focus of the lesson topic is on the development of control skills (red), road skills (yellow) or traffic skills (green). Although the set manoeuvres are listed as part of the basic control skills these lessons can be introduced, at various points after the co-ordination lesson but before the Driving Test lesson. On the Course diagram below the lesson topics are structured into a logical learning sequence with a notional guide as to the level of difficulty/risk (i.e. scaled 1 to 11) each would typically represent to start with. You would normally start at the top and gradually work your way down and across one level at a time. However, the order in which these lesson topics can be introduced is in fact quite flexible as long as the practical driving lesson associated with the topic is pitched at the right level for you at that stage in your development.

You can see an example of this flexibility where lesson topics 9 and 10 are shown slightly faded out at the level 4 stage as a reminder that you might need to look ahead at those topics if the practice area in the early stages of learning contained roundabouts, traffic lights or pedestrian crossings which could not be easily avoided by good route planning. However, you wouldn’t complete a proper lesson for these topics until later. For similar reasons you may also look at the basics of lesson topic 12 while covering lesson topics 8 or 9 but only if it those aspects of learning fell into the same category of difficulty/risk.

Each lesson topic in the programme is in fact a unit of learning rather than a unit of time. Therefore, a lesson topic does not equate to a one or two hour driving lesson and the same topic may be featured (at least in part) in several driving lessons following its introduction but potentially to a higher level or with far less support as the case maybe. Equally more than one topic may be covered in any one practical driving lesson.

The key learning points and any video tutorials for the driving lesson topics above have been reproduced here as an aid to anyone learning to drive for their sole private study. See copyright message at the bottom of this page for further restrictions.

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