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Over 15,000    Five Star reviews are listed on the following 660 pages starting with the most recent to the oldest (25 reviews per page). These reviews have been extracted from the customer reviews on each of the individual LDC driving school owners websites.

Abbie Quick's Testimonial
Abbie Quick
My instructor was patient with me from day one, taking lessons step by step. I knew I could voice any concerns I was having and my instructor would offer me any help and advice. The resources that were provided to me were very useful and easy to navigate. I would highly recommend LDC for learner ...
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Richard Simpson 's Testimonial
Richard Simpson
So glad I went with a Gordon. He is a fantastic driving instructor. His calm and friendly demeanour really puts you at ease, his training techniques along with the LDC workbook are really great and got me to test standard very quickly. Can’t thank you enough Gordon! Legend.
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Erin Parsons's Testimonial
Erin Parsons
Gordon is a patient and understanding driving instructor who puts you at ease when you are learning. Gordon always made sure that I was confident in everything I did, taking his time to explain it to me in good detail to make sure I understood. The LDC workbook was very useful in planning my less...
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Finlay Davis's Testimonial
Finlay Davis
Siobhan has helped me so much during my lessons. I was dealing with anxiety though out my time learning to drive and she helped me adapt and control my anxiety during my time learning. She was kind, calm and thoughtful with her words and actions and an amazing instructor. The LDC workbooks are ve...
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Aimee Easton's Testimonial
Aimee Easton
I cant thank Sally enough for all the help and support provided to get me to believe in myself and believe that I could go on and pass my test, even when I didn't believe in myself, Sally did! I would recommend Sally to anyone wanting to learn to drive, she is extremely supportive, caring and...
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Archie's Testimonial
Karl is a great instructor, at the start of my driving lessons I wasn’t confident, and I had no prior driving experience. As the lessons started progressing, I could visibly see my confidence and driving skills improve and its thanks to Karl. The lessons were good, challenging but kept at a...
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Gary Woods-Hennessey's Testimonial
Gary Woods-Hennessey
My driving instructor Mik helped me massively progress through my lessons He always made me concentrate and feel comfortable when I was taking my lessons, he always reassured me to go over my reading and notes from the LDC Driving Skills workbook, which has helped me to understand everything. I w...
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Daniel Brian's Testimonial
Daniel Brian
I took driving lessons with Lucas and found his LD method of learning gave me the skills and confidence to pass my test on the first attempt. I really can't thank him enough and would absolutely recommend him to anybody looking to start driving lessons.
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Eve's Testimonial
LDC was one of the first companies I came across with the most helpful website for navigating and communication with the Instructor. They provided me with a guide which was so useful to me as a beginner. So trusted and reliable, as well as providing as much support and information as possible. Th...
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Ethan Parr's Testimonial
Ethan Parr
Phil is a fantastic driving instructor. He helped me pass my test first time and his style of teaching is just amazing. He is a very laid back teacher who understands that people make mistakes and reassures the fact that it is okay to do so. The LDC resources provided by Phil are a massive help t...
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Ryan Williams's Testimonial
Ryan Williams
Phil is a fantastic instructor, I couldn't recommend him enough to anyone who wants to learn to drive! He Is a very friendly and patient guy and made me feel safe and comfortable behind the wheel! Each and every lesson Phil goes to all lengths to ensure his pupils get what they can out of the...
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Rebecca Lloyd's Testimonial
Rebecca Lloyd
I would fully recommend anyone to take lessons with Phil. Your provided the LDC workbook that really helps he is just great person to learn from really take his time and listens to what you want to do or learn on the day! Really help my through everything! I always looked forward to our chats!
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Lewis Wolstenholme's Testimonial
Lewis Wolstenholme
Thanks to Chris, I passed my test first time today! I am now prepared and confident enough to deal with the real life hazards! I found both Chris and the LDC system and workbook really helpful in preparing me for my test and the real life on the road........
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Rosa Glackin's Testimonial
Rosa Glackin
David was amazing as an instructor. He was my third try at a driving instructor and he was the one I felt most compatible with. LDC system was great especially the workbook and the info it provides. Couldn’t recommend LDC and David enough!!
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Lily Mae 's Testimonial
Lily Mae
I found Karl extremely friendly and patient, he was very tolerant, and calmed me when I was anxious about making mistakes. I felt comfortable and at ease while taking my lessons and I would definitely recommend him to others. I also found the LDC workbook extremely helpful, because it gave me an ...
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Edith's Testimonial
Sue is an amazing instructor. She has the patience and the most supportive encouragement you need to able to learn how to drive. The LDC videos and theory test resources were helpful too. I highly recommend Sue.
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Cameron McCarthy's Testimonial
Cameron McCarthy
Simon is very helpful and goes into a lot of detail with where you are good and where things need improving. He gives a lot of useful tips. The LDC workbook and website provided are very helpful as it helps track your progress.
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Zoe's Testimonial
Having Sue as my instructor has been a complete pleasure. She has taught me to be a safe and capable driver and I can't thank her enough. As an instructor, Sue is calm and encouraging which has always kept me positive throughout my lessons. I found the LDC tutorials and videos so helpful and ...
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Rachel's Testimonial
Sue is an excellent instructor. She provides enough support so that you feel confident and not reliant. I used the LDC theory test preparation resources a lot and found them useful.
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Marcus Williams's Testimonial
Marcus Williams
The LDC workbook was very useful as was the online hub and tests for the driving theory. My Instructor Ant made me feel comfortable and was always able to help/answer questions. Ant provided accurate and productive feedback allowing me to progress quickly, along with additional practice with my p...
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Lauren Free's Testimonial
Lauren Free
Thank you for your help getting through my test using the excellent LDC system.
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Callum Thorpe's Testimonial
Callum Thorpe
I am so happy I passed first time with Chris as my Instructor and was able to benefit from using the LDC system and workbook. I would highly recommend both Chris as an instructor and LDC for their unique system and work book which are excellent learning tools!
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Doa Acikgun 's Testimonial
Doa Acikgun
I really enjoyed having Mik as an instructor. He was highly knowledgeable with regards to driving skills, the theory and what I needed to expect on test day. I made great progress with him and felt myself grow more confident in my driving ability after each lesson. Lessons were well structured an...
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Aimee Myers's Testimonial
Aimee Myers
Sally was a very patient, kind and encouraging driving instructor, from our very first meeting she made me feel immediately comfortable and I wasn't embarrassed if I made a mistake. When I did make mistakes or panicked Sally would always react in a calm and reassuring manner. Due to me feelin...
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Jasmin Spires Harrold's Testimonial
Jasmin Spires Harrold
I was very anxious about driving after a previous bad experience, but Jackie put me at ease instantly. Every lesson Jackie was calm, patient and incredibly organised. I was always aware of where I was making good progress and where I needed to practise. I left each lesson confident that I had mad...
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