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Over 15,000    Five Star reviews are listed on the following 685 pages starting with the most recent to the oldest (25 reviews per page). These reviews have been extracted from the customer reviews on each of the individual LDC driving school owners websites.

JJ's Testimonial
Sue is an excellent instructor who is always calm and has taught me how to use the road safely. I also used the LDC workbook and student hub to prepare for my theory and practical tests, alongside my lessons. The resources are useful and then cemented in with the practical experience when driving...
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Maddie's Testimonial
The whole experience was incredible. Sue made lessons fun and exciting while still teaching everything I needed to know. The LDC workbook and student hub were incredibly helpful during my entire learning journey. I couldn't have asked for anything else!
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Brandon's Testimonial
A massive thank you to Chelsea for all your support, from starting to passing my test. Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. The LDC system is a massive help all the way through, with their theory book and online portal, which demonstration videos and practice tests. Would highly rec...
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Danny O'Donnell's Testimonial
Danny O'Donnell
Paul was a great driving instructor who taught thoroughly whilst also progressing at a pace that was comfortable for me. Paul was good at picking up any mistakes I would make and we would discuss how the mistake could have been avoided. I acquired an LDC Driving Skills Workbook from Paul which ga...
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Jessica Hislop's Testimonial
Jessica Hislop
I enjoyed learning to drive with Paul, he made it a fun and enjoyable experience. At no point did I feel pressure to be perfect and get everything correct, he would always talk me through what went wrong and how to correct it in the future, he was always encouraging and praised me when I did some...
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Ben Waller's Testimonial
Ben Waller
My first impressions of Dean after the first few lessons were that he’s friendly, approachable, knowledgeable and a genuinely nice guy. He’s very attentive and kept me on the right page consistently. Everything he did was centred around me being comfortable and confident – he al...
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Adam Hollow's Testimonial
Adam Hollow
Patrick was perfect for me! Excellent passing, emotionally aware and accommodatory. Couldn't fault his technical knowledge either! The LDC Driving Skills Workbook was a great resource! Super helpful for studying.
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Leisa Millar's Testimonial
Leisa Millar
I cannot speak more highly of Patrick. I was a nervous older Learner but he always put me at ease with his relaxed manners and good humour. I always felt in safe hands and unquestionably supported. Patrick never doubted me, though I doubted myself constantly. He is simply the best! I should have ...
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Alex Bartholomew 's Testimonial
Alex Bartholomew
Jackie was very helpful and supportive which helped me stay calm when driving. She is also very good at helping me find reference points for manoeuvres + She is also very good at helping me remember to do my checks when pulling off and turning and indicating. She also gave me a LDC workbook which...
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Chloe Roberts's Testimonial
Chloe Roberts
Siobhan was an excellent driving instructor. She as always so patient with me and helped me to feel calm and confident when driving. I found it really helpful that she explained things in various ways to make sure I understood and always giving me feedback. Siobhan always made sure I took somethi...
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Freya Henderson's Testimonial
Freya Henderson
I thought that the LDC workbook was very helpful for preparing for my test, especially the show and tell me questions. The information given in the book was great as I could double check rules of the road at home for example roundabouts. I especially liked the way Jane taught me as it made me mor...
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Jodie Lote's Testimonial
Jodie Lote
Very patient and enthusiastic instructor, I learnt at my own pace and Mark was very helpful, teaching me real life driving and not just how to pass my test. I was given plenty of LDC videos and resources so I could practice driving in my own time. Overall a very good learning experience and I fee...
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Rebecca Bushby's Testimonial
Rebecca Bushby
I thoroughly enjoyed my time learning to drive with Steve. I always felt comfortable and supported from the very first lesson. I also found the LDC workbook and online videos helpful to prepare me for our upcoming lessons. I would definitely recommend LDC and of course, Steve, as an instructor. W...
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Sam Hobson 's Testimonial
Sam Hobson
Best driving instructor in Selby. Easy to talk to and also very knowledgeable. Firm when she needs to be. But genuinely the best instructor around ! The LDC workbook that we learn from is also extremely helpful for new drivers.
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Will Walker's Testimonial
Will Walker
Ant was patient the whole time, and always stayed calm and collected no matter what. The LDC System had lots of resources that were available to you any time, including an app. There are lots of tests you can do to practice your theory which are very helpful for passing your theory test. The LDC ...
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Martyn Raine's Testimonial
Martyn Raine
Martyn — Clare has been a very good and informative instructor. She has been patient and really supportive of my anxiety. The lessons where relaxed and enjoyable, Clare is easy to talk too. The LDC app and workbook where really helpful. Overall a really good learning journey.
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Holly Parker's Testimonial
Holly Parker
I’ve just passed with Paul, because of the well structured lessons from the beginning. Making me confident with my driving also using the LDC workbook alongside my lessons so I could review what I needed to work on really helped me. I would recommend Paul for anyone wanting to learn to driv...
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Amy L's Testimonial
Amy L
Caroline was an amazing Instructor and very patient. Caroline was able to explain everything clearly and the communication after every lesson was great; discussing everything we covered during the lesson. I really enjoyed the student-centred LD system as I was able to choose what we did each less...
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Jay Horswell's Testimonial
Jay Horswell
I have really enjoyed learning to drive with Barry. The LDC System is highly recommended. I was very nervous to start driving but Barry has helped me so much to gain my confidence, he is calm and patient an very encouraging I can't thank him enough.
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Donna's Testimonial
Chelsea is an amazing instructor. She is very friendly, patient and relaxed. She made me feel comfortable and confident to overcome my nervousness. Also along side my lessons using the LDC workbook helped me reflect back on things I had learnt and things I was working towards through out my learn...
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Chris Norval's Testimonial
Chris Norval
I thought the LDC workbook came in handy for revision. Lynne was very patient and supportive throughout all my lessons which helped a lot.
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Sebastien Novakovic's Testimonial
Sebastien Novakovic
The LDC System was a brilliant way of learning. All of the resources were very helpful and all the lessons were very progressive. All in all very good and I have and I will recommend Ant and LDC to anyone else who is looking to learn to drive.
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Connor Allen's Testimonial
Connor Allen
The teaching methods and engagement that Sally gave were fantastic. Sally was very good at explaining tasks and skills to practice in such a way that it made it really easy to follow and understand why it was important, making it easier to improve on personal driving weaknesses. All the LDC resou...
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Beth F's Testimonial
Beth F
Amazing organisation. Made sure I was ready and there weren't any loose ends. Got me booked in for as many lessons as I needed to prepare for my test. The LDC workbook really helped me to look into what I should practice when I wasn't sure.
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Ben 's Testimonial
Karl has genuinely been a 10/10 driving instructor for me personally, he was always kind hearted with a good sense of humour which made the lessons In the morning all the much more enjoyable. Karl has a very straightforward and effective way of teaching which makes learning the much easier to do....
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