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Over 15,000    Five Star reviews are listed on the following 685 pages starting with the most recent to the oldest (25 reviews per page). These reviews have been extracted from the customer reviews on each of the individual LDC driving school owners websites.

Vanessa's Testimonial
I found Gayle through learnerdriving.com after a friend recommended the LDC system. I’m a teacher, so I knew that its student-centred approach with a LDC workbook for independent study and post-lesson reflections would be an effective way to learn. In the end, though, it was Gayle herself w...
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Joe Heffernan's Testimonial
Joe Heffernan
Joe - very good teacher, supplied LDC workbooks and the app is very useful, good practical and theory teaching. Friendly and well trained instructor.
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Ginny Leadley's Testimonial
Ginny Leadley
Andy is a brilliant driving instructor. His teaching is clear, constructive and always progressive which has enabled me to move on in a structured manner with my driving. Andy communicated excellently, explaining what he wanted me to do and why, which has not only enabled me to drive but also to ...
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Ginny Leadley's Testimonial
Ginny Leadley
Andy is a brilliant driving instructor. His teaching is clear, constructive and always progressive which has enabled me to move on in a structured manner with my driving. Andy communicated excellently, explaining what he wanted me to do and why, which has not only enabled me to drive but also to ...
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Mollee-anna Wray's Testimonial
Mollee-anna Wray
Everything was great. The LDC Workbook helped give background and understanding towards what you were doing. It helped get ready for the lesson. Lessons were great, everything was well explained and if you didn’t understand one way, there was always another way to explain it.
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Aaron Whitcombe (peacehaven)'s Testimonial
Aaron Whitcombe (peacehaven)
Thanks Ben, passed first time! Can't speak highly enough of him. Ben is a very calm and friendly driving instructor. Every lesson is tailored to your needs, and the use of the LDC system has been useful to keep track of my targets. I would highly recommend Ben.
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Lucy Morrison's Testimonial
Lucy Morrison
Lessons with Clare have been so good she’s a great instructor and is so patient. I was having two lessons a week and found I made progress really quickly. The LDC materials where really helpful.
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Jaime Murray's Testimonial
Jaime Murray
The lessons where really good I found it easy to learn and apply skills. The LDC workbook and app are really helpful. Thanks to Clare she has been brilliant.
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Bryn Cameron-jones's Testimonial
Bryn Cameron-jones
Mark gave good directions for learning, he was friendly and good company. We had a laugh and very enjoyable engaging learning. LDC theory app was very good for practice. Mark has amazing local knowledge and always made me feel welcomed and was understanding.
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Sarah Wild's Testimonial
Sarah Wild
I recently had the pleasure of learning to drive with Tim and I would recommend him highly. From the start, Tim has been professional, calm and patient which helped me feel at ease behind the wheel. His instructions and explanations were always clear and easy to understand. He was always flexible...
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Branwen Clay's Testimonial
Branwen Clay
Andrew was a star from start to finish. I only had 3 weeks until my test and my previous Instructor had cancelled on me and thought it was too soon. I found Andrews number on Google and he answered straight away and booked an appointment that week! I felt Very reassured. As soon as I saw him I kn...
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Olivia Holroyd's Testimonial
Olivia Holroyd
Good teacher, patient, felt comfortable. The LDC workbook easy to use.
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Max Duffield's Testimonial
Max Duffield
Andy was a very supportive instructor and has helped me become a great driver. Very friendly and helpful always. The LDC driving skills workbook was also very helpful and had all the info I needed.
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Noel Stanley's Testimonial
Noel Stanley
Mark was very helpful and friendly. The LDC workbook had useful information to practice in my own time, the videos were helpful in providing visual learning. The LDC theory app was very useful.
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Calum Mcintyre's Testimonial
Calum Mcintyre
Lynne was very approachable from the start and reassuring. Lessons were always started punctually and Lynne accommodated changes in my schedule with work. The lessons were well structured and I always felt safe in the car. My driving skills developed well over time and Lynne tailored the lessons ...
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Craig Chandler's Testimonial
Craig Chandler
Iain was extremely patient. He was very clear with his instructions. The LDC Workbook was especially helpful right before the test. Iain was 10/10 and I would recommend him.
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Douglas Barnett's Testimonial
Douglas Barnett
Iain was very easy to understand and he was great at explaining things. LDC provided great resources. Iain is a ‘no-nonsense’ instructor. He identifies your faults so that you know what to do and what not to do.
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Lauren Bourne's Testimonial
Lauren Bourne
My Driving Instructor was amazing and great to learn with. He was always very supportive and helped keep me calm when driving. Very friendly and would definitely recommend to others. I have had such a lovely time learning to drive with you. It has been such a learning curve and fun at the same ti...
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Alfie Robson's Testimonial
Alfie Robson
Patrick is very patient and explained everything really well. I felt nervous towards my test, but with extra help from Patrick, I regained my confidence and passed 1st time with no minor errors. All the resources provided by Patrick were very helpful and it was good to track progress. The LDC vid...
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Harvey Parker-Brown's Testimonial
Harvey Parker-Brown
The LDC System was very useful for my theory test with great practice tests and ways of learning the knowledge required. Ant himself is very professional and structured with his lessons and helps quash any worries, as well as providing good charisma. I thoroughly enjoyed my course and would recom...
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Maisie Roebuck's Testimonial
Maisie Roebuck
Laura is very helpful, very kind and patient towards me when I got anything wrong. The methods for parking are very easy to understand and helpful. The LDC workbook was very helpful with my tell me questions to get me ready for them on my test.
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Daisy's Testimonial
Adam was a super supportive and kind instructor. He was eager to always make sure I understood the aims and goals. He never once made me feel disheartened or negative. He has honestly been the best instructor I could have possibly wanted. The LDC structure was really good as it encouraged indepen...
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Robert Youngson's Testimonial
Robert Youngson
Richard is a fantastic instructor. Not once did he shout or seem in a bad mood. He was always friendly and calm. His instructions were very clear and he consistently made every lesson feel enjoyable. He truly made the overall learning experience a joy. The LDC system including the workbook and vi...
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Lewis Lorimer's Testimonial
Lewis Lorimer
Richard was a brilliant instructor, he was always very patient with me while I was learning, which made it a calming and relaxed environment. This relieved any pressure, allowing me to focus on learning. The LDC workbook worked well to give me an idea of what would be covered in upcoming lessons....
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Phoebie's Testimonial
Tim was an absolute pleasure to be taught by, and was extremely patient with me as a nervous driver. He kept me motivated to pass my test with constant reassurance, as well providing me with other LDC materials which helped me keep track of my driving progress. Could not recommend the LDC and Tim...
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