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Over 15,000    Five Star reviews are listed on the following 685 pages starting with the most recent to the oldest (25 reviews per page). These reviews have been extracted from the customer reviews on each of the individual LDC driving school owners websites.

Ben Hall's Testimonial
Ben Hall
Thanks to Jenny and LDC, I have passed my driving test first time. The LDC workbook has helped me to see what I needed to work towards, as well as helping me to remember the 'show me, tell me' questions. A massive thank you to my instructor, Jenny, as she helped me every step of the way. ...
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Charlotte's Testimonial
I couldn’t recommend shelly enough. She made me feel confident and comfortable during my lessons. The LDC driving skills workbook provided helped me plan each lesson meaning I could work on little bits allowing me to improve my driving faster. I passed first time thank you for your help. I ...
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Michael P's Testimonial
Michael P
I’ve awarded 6 stars. Caroline was absolutely fantastic! She was calm and collected throughout all of my lessons. She made learning to drive really enjoyable. The LD System was well structured and really helpful in learning to drive. Thanks for everything!!
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Jacob S's Testimonial
Jacob S
Adam is a great instructor. Great advice and knowledge on everything about driving. With his help and LDC's great student centred system I was able to pass first time.
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Oliver G's Testimonial
Oliver G
Adam is a great instructor who wants you to pass first time. He teaches you how to be a good driver after you've passed but also shows you how to pass the driving test. The LDC workbook helped me a lot on how to continue learning after the lesson and to reflect on how the lesson went.
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Ollie Foster's Testimonial
Ollie Foster
Really good instructor and explains everything clearly. The LDC workbook was good to follow for targets to set myself as well as the show me / tell me questions. Andy explained the book well and went over everything very well which allowed me to understand everything. The LDC Theory Test preparat...
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Daniel Pasfield's Testimonial
Daniel Pasfield
Mark without a doubt was a great instructor always willing to help, offering great advice and constantly constructive and supportive. I couldn't imagine a better instructor. The LDC system was also very helpful, straight forward and understandable.
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McKenzie Brook's Testimonial
McKenzie Brook
Laura was very professional and friendly, I enjoyed and looked forward to every lesson. The LDC workbook and videos were very useful and for my test it was very helpful for my show and tell me questions
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Grace Gardiner's Testimonial
Grace Gardiner
Laura is lovely, breaks down all the different parts perfectly. Helped me stay confident during stressful situations and after failing tests. I found the LDC workbook useful to look through before my lessons and the pictures were handy when Laura was explaining things. Overall I have enjoyed my d...
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Charlotte D's Testimonial
Charlotte D
Adam was incredible throughout, especially offering the opportunity to switch to automatic which was my preference. The LDC System was clear and helped me to prepare ahead of lessons and my test. Adam’s support helped me go from a nervous to a confident driver. Highly recommend.
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James Budd's Testimonial
James Budd
I struggled with driving for a while but through persistence and good coaching from Mark I managed to achieve my aim of passing my test. The LDC videos and questions on the hub were a huge help and gave me a good head start before lessons.
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Leah Hawksworth's Testimonial
Leah Hawksworth
Ant was a great Instructor, who made the lessons enjoyable. I was able to choose what I would like to improve on each lesson, and I always felt calm and relaxed even when I made mistakes. The LDC theory test preparation helped me to pass my theory first time due to the questions and tests provide...
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Sara Wilson's Testimonial
Sara Wilson
Colin was lovely and very helpful whenever I had questions. He always listened to my worries and helped put me at ease. Using the LDC system made me more confident in my driving ability
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Will - Uphampton's Testimonial
Will - Uphampton
[Passed at First Attempt] Glyn was really helpful teaching me how to drive, he went through the process in a very methodical way, and making sure I understood each section before moving on to the next. The LDC workbook is very handy as it helps to plan out your lessons and explains in detail abou...
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Max - Bewdley's Testimonial
Max - Bewdley
Over the summer I have really enjoyed the driving training. I could not have asked for a better experience. I feel as if I can comfortably drive on my own thanks to your [Glyn's] patience and ability to teach. I found having the LDC driving skills workbook was a great way of tracking my progr...
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Will - Ombersley's Testimonial
Will - Ombersley
Glyn was really helpful teaching me how to drive, he went through the process in a very methodical way, and making sure I understood each section before moving on to the next. The workbook is very handy as it helps to plan out our lessons and explains in detail about the driving skills necessary,...
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Simon Reina's Testimonial
Simon Reina
Thank you to Mark for all of his help with driving lessons, he is a good teacher and driver. He made lessons very comfortable and it was always a nice time in the car. He explained things very well especially when translation wasn't always straight forward. I would recommend Mark and LDC to g...
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Matt Robertson's Testimonial
Matt Robertson
My experience with LDC has been excellent from start to finish. The main reason behind this has been my instructor Mark Doggett, From the 1st lesson his calm and professional approach filled me with the confidence to continue my driving journey through to a successful test. LDC provided a workboo...
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Cadence Carapezza's Testimonial
Cadence Carapezza
I recently passed my test thanks to Shelly! She was an amazing driving instructor and made me feel comfortable and confident throughout my driving lessons. One of the things I appreciated the most about shelly was her ability to tailor each lesson to my specific needs as a learner. She was profes...
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Charlie McKenzie's Testimonial
Charlie McKenzie
Shelly was a great driving instructor. She always put me at ease and I found her relaxed and easy going, which helped boost my confidence. Shelly was adaptable in her approach and it was always easy to ask her questions and talk about things I wasn’t sure about. I feel this had made me a sa...
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Soanna khan's Testimonial
Soanna khan
I found the LDC workbook really useful and Andys encouragement to watch videos on the areas i struggled on. I thought Andy was really helpful, useful for making progress in weak areas, patient and considerate of me not getting something on the first try. I found it good that we went to "hard...
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Kaylie Harrison's Testimonial
Kaylie Harrison
I really loved doing my lessons with Colin. He is patient and takes the time to explain everything until you feel comfortable. I enjoyed working through the LDC Driving Skills workbook as it helps to keep you on track with what you have learned in all your lessons. Colin always makes you feel rel...
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Ashleigh's Testimonial
As a first time learner driver, it was really important for me to feel comfortable and safe with my instructor. I am so pleased to have found Mark at LDC, as from day one he made me feel confident and supported. Throughout my driving lesson journey I’ve managed to conquer short term an...
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Freya Forbes's Testimonial
Freya Forbes
Andy was very patient and his feedback was thoughtful. This made learning quick and comfortable. The LDC workbook was helpful at the beginning and before the test, but otherwise I didn’t use it that often. But it’ll be a nice refresher to use in future. The practice theory questions a...
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Lily's Testimonial
Amazing instructor. Jamie is very friendly and informative. Can't possibly fault him! Passed first time so many thanks. : ) Great LDC workbook. Was very helpful. Prepared me for future lessons and helped recap previous ones.
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