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Over 10,000    Five Star reviews are listed on the following 590 pages starting with the most recent to the oldest (25 reviews per page). These reviews have been extracted from the customer reviews on each of the individual LDC driving school owners websites.

Georgie Lindop's Testimonial
Georgie Lindop
Karl is a brilliant instructor, always very calm and patient, and happy to explain what was not understood in the book. Due to missing driving time in the second lockdown, Karl started once weekly theory sessions with myself and another student, to ensure that our progress was kept up throughout ...
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Sinead Hegarty's Testimonial
Sinead Hegarty
Mik has been an amazing Instructor. He's really clear and helpful, always making things easy to understand. Its been great getting lessons from Mik, You're able to have a good laugh and learn at the same time. Mik really puts time into his students, there's been many lessons that he&#...
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Kirsten Larner's Testimonial
Kirsten Larner
Learning to drive has been some what of a long journey for me. Mik is an excellent instructor as he has incredible patience which was definitely tested by me. Mik took the time to explain and reflect on mistakes I made, and turned them into something to learn from rather than letting them bog me ...
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Jessica Creek's Testimonial
Jessica Creek
Karl’s been a great instructor throughout all of my lessons, very helpful, polite and professional. The LD System has also been great - the book has been very helpful. It was nice to feel in control of what I learnt in my lessons and when we covered things.
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Louis Gill's Testimonial
Louis Gill
Choosing LDC from the offset I knew that the additional support their online program offered would benefit me, giving me a prior understanding of what I would be doing in the car that week, supporting me in both my theory test and practical test. Starting in December 2020 I was nervous behind the...
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Ebbe GALBRAITH's Testimonial
Having not had a great Instructor before, Mik made driving lessons stress-free and enjoyable. He is clear with his instructions and has a very calm and friendly demeanour which makes it easy to learn. The workbook is also a very beneficial tool to have and allows you to spend your lessons putting...
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Mollie Johnstone's Testimonial
Mollie Johnstone
Andrew is an excellent driving instructor. He is very thorough and patient and I never felt under pressure when I made mistakes whilst driving with him. I passed first time using the LDC system as it covers every aspect of the test individually and in detail. This gave me more confidence and skil...
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Adam Donnelly's Testimonial
Adam Donnelly
Firstly, I found the resources provided by LDC very helpful, especially with the theory test. The online portal really helped with my study for the theory. The workbook was great when initially learning as all the lessons and learning objectives are broken down into easy to manage items. Bart was...
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Angel N's Testimonial
Angel N
Adam is incredibly patient and understanding with very nervous/anxious learners, especially when calming nerves before the practical test. The student led LDC system works wonders in ensuring students' understanding and allows for learning and mistakes to be made in a safe, controlled environ...
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Cameron McDougall's Testimonial
Cameron McDougall
Alan is a brilliant driving instructor, very patient, relaxed and above all else he is very knowledgeable. Lessons felt comfortable and I was able to progress at my own pace. Alan helped me to pass my test first time and has made me a really confident driver. I highly recommend LDC driving school...
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Chelsea Thompson's Testimonial
Chelsea Thompson
Lots of resources are provided including the LDC workbooks, DVD's and more online. My Instructor Ant pushed me and my ability to drive constantly. A great Instructor! Learning to drive was a fun experience. I was made to feel safe and comfortable at all times.
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Kevin McGill's Testimonial
Kevin McGill
The LDC resources are very easy to use and understand, a step by step guide to lessons. Susan was very helpful and friendly, approachable and willing to adapt to aid my learning. Great instructor who knows her stuff, very accommodating and supportive.
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Kiana Belotti's Testimonial
Kiana Belotti
Susan was an amazing instructor who put me at ease every lesson. Her manner of teaching and explaining gave me a thorough understanding and complete knowledge of what is expected to become a safe and confident driver. Susan covered all topics and adapted well to me having prior driving experience...
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Connor's Testimonial
The LDC Driving Skills workbooks are filled with many diagrams and pictures to help visual learners like myself. Not only that but the book goes in depth about each topic which I found extremely helpful when learning. The car was clean, tidy, comfortable and nice to drive. Tony was very helpful, ...
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Sarah 's Testimonial
After lockdown I managed to rebook my test date but unfortunately had no instructor, Karen very kindly managed to fit me in! I’d had driving lessons in the past but driving made me very anxious. Karen helped me to revisit the basics and explain new techniques which really helped build up my...
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Dawn Zaiter 's Testimonial
Dawn Zaiter
Iain is an excellent instructor. After 20 lessons I was able to learn manual driving and pass my test. The instructions in the LDC Workbook has helped so much and they were easy to follow. Thanks Iain, thank you LDC. This is a happy day.
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Steve Barrasford's Testimonial
Steve Barrasford
After having previous lessons with another instructor a number of years ago I started learning with Emlyn after a friends recommendation. Being very self critical Emlyn was able to remain calm and more importantly keep calm. Throughout the lessons he adapted how he taught certain manoeuvres to su...
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Gabi's Testimonial
I was very impressed that Tony was very quick to get in contact with me and I found him extremely accommodating with my work schedule which was a plus. Never easy trying to plan lessons around working hours. The car was always clean and tidy and it felt like stepping into a brand new car every ti...
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Cally's Testimonial
Congratulations Cally on your first time pass in Slough very early this morning, achieved with just 2 d.f’s. Described by the examiner as a ‘great drive’, the outcome reflects the effort you put in. I look forward to seeing around the local roads in the future.
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Ailsa McConnell's Testimonial
Ailsa McConnell
Alan was an excellent instructor who helped me gain confidence in my driving. The materials provided for theory test were great. Lessons were always very organised, and he made sure that everything was covered at a good pace that did not make me feel anxious. Alan always explained things clearly ...
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Sadie Clac-Mansfield's Testimonial
Sadie Clac-Mansfield
Mik is a brilliant Instructor who is never late to lessons, infant early to them all. He is easy to talk to and has an amazing way of explaining complex manoeuvres. His help at the end of the lessons to reflect and evaluate are extremely beneficial. Mik pushes you to become the very best and was ...
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Ganyakorn Whitehouse's Testimonial
Ganyakorn Whitehouse
Patrick was very understanding and recognised English was my second language. He made me think about the things I did as a trainee. He was always calm, polite and friendly. He was always on time and his lessons were value for money. I would recommend him. Thank you Patrick you are a fabulous Inst...
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Elanor Charlson's Testimonial
Elanor Charlson
Rachel is an amazing driving instructor. She worked with me patiently and always made sure I understood how to fix any mistakes I may have made whilst still reassuring me of my driving ability. Her structured teaching style allowed me to prepare well for each lesson with the aid of the LDC Drivin...
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Michael Ellender's Testimonial
Michael Ellender
My instructor was friendly and helpful throughout my complete driving journey. Using the LD system was extremely helpful, especially with the LDC videos that Toby shared with me. Toby’s calm approach to lessons was most evident when it came to test day where he helped me feel less anxious. ...
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Alex Millie's Testimonial
Alex Millie
Lee is the most patient driving instructor I know he teaches it in a way that I understand I'm dyslexic and have found lee very calming as i get flustered easy, he lets you try and work it out and will guide you in the situation not shout or gran the wheal and will explain to you what needs t...
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