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Over 15,000    Five Star reviews are listed on the following 685 pages starting with the most recent to the oldest (25 reviews per page). These reviews have been extracted from the customer reviews on each of the individual LDC driving school owners websites.

Benaiah Demdam's Testimonial
Benaiah Demdam
Emile is a very polite and friendly driving instructor. He has helped for many months on learning hours to be a safe driver with every lesson done. He is able to identify any fault that I may or may not have identified and through discussing them I can learn what needs to be done to overcome the ...
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Harry Newman's Testimonial
Harry Newman
I found all the additional resources such as the LDC videos and the LDC Driving Skills workbook exceptionally helpful, especially when first beginning to drive. Ant is a fantastic instructor, who really helped me to build my confidence and worked on my mistakes at my learning pace. For my theory ...
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Oliver Wall's Testimonial
Oliver Wall
Richard is very friendly and always helps out in stressful situations or when needed. He also encourages you to go out of your comfort zone as it helps to become a more confident driver. The LD system was very useful when preparing for the theory test as well as learning new skills like manoeuvre...
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Oliver's Testimonial
I started with Mark in spring of 2023, I have just passed my test thanks to him in late January. However, I wish I had more time with him, his knowledge of the road, calmness and dedication to helping you pass is extraordinary. I have not seen dedication like it! His ability to reassure you and g...
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Milli Winspear's Testimonial
Milli Winspear
I highly recommend Paul! I did the semi-intensive course over two weeks, Paul ensured I felt confident in every aspect of driving prior to my test. He made the lessons light hearted and was  reassuring when I found something challenging. The LDC workbook was really informative and was great ...
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Harriet D's Testimonial
Harriet D
My instructor was always punctual and a great teacher. I was glad to have had the LD system. The LDC workbook was very useful and I was happy with all the resources that were provided.
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Sam Dunckley's Testimonial
Sam Dunckley
James was very patient when I started my lessons, and then positive and encouraging as I progressed. The lessons were informative and educational. James is great at explaining things in a simple way using the LD system and his teaching techniques are very effective. He helped me to pass first tim...
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Charlotte's Testimonial
I started learning to drive with Peter in September 2023 after years of bad luck with other driving schools and failing three practical driving tests. Before I started learning with Peter I had completely given up on the idea of ever being able to pass my test. I had no confidence in myself and h...
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Ashna Roy's Testimonial
Ashna Roy
Ben is an excellent instructor. I came to him with some driving experience in another country. He very patiently taught me to learn new driving habits and un-learn some of them that don't work in the UK. I found his use of the LD system extremely helpful and the material provided stellar lear...
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Jacob McMillan 's Testimonial
Jacob McMillan
Ben has been a fantastic instructor, very patient and understanding. The lessons have been enjoyable whilst learning. The LDC system has been very useful to keep track of targets. I would highly recommend Ben to anyone wanting to learn to drive and have already recommended him to my brother who w...
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Aaron's Testimonial
I would highly recommend Mark for anyone learning to drive, His patience and support is unmatched. When I started learning i had no confidence in my abilities of driving but by the end i had all the confidence i needed to be a smart and safe road user.  LDC has some brilliant material to use...
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Maddie Doyle 's Testimonial
Maddie Doyle
Mark has been an excellent instructor. He has been patient even when I make the same mistakes. He explains clearly and calmly how to improve, to make me comfortable and confident when driving. Unlike some other instructors Mark wants you to be a safe, confident driver not only to pass the driving...
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Erin Toogood's Testimonial
Erin Toogood
Jenny was super helpful throughout lessons and helped improve my confidence. I liked the LDC workbook, especially the practical test help at the end.
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Ebony Sayles's Testimonial
Ebony Sayles
Laura is very helpful, helped me practice things I was struggling with to make me feel confident and prepared. Laura is very friendly and would recommend her. The LDC workbook she provided me with helped towards my show and tell me questions
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Chloe Hammond's Testimonial
Chloe Hammond
Siobhan has been the most encouraging and supportive instructor I could have asked for. She was always kind and polite, making the lessons really enjoyable; I will miss our lessons together. She found a way to tailor the lessons to me and the way I learnt to ensure I got the most out of them. If ...
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Georgina 's Testimonial
Kelly has been a patient and supportive instructor from the very beginning. She has accommodated my difficult work schedule, which has often meant postponing and changing lesson times. I had never driven before starting lessons with Kelly, but she always made me feel in safe hands. After having t...
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Lana Smith's Testimonial
Lana Smith
I just recently passed my test for the first time with James as my instructor. James was very kind professional and patient with me and took his time to help me gain my confidence as I was a very nervous driver to begin with. His lessons were at the pace I was comfortable with and I got to choose...
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Isaac's Testimonial
Shelly was an amazing driving instructor who made driving fun. I was hesitant to learn how to drive so it took my a while to get into it, however Shelly made me comfortable instantly and my nerves went away pretty quickly. The lessons always feel like they go super quick since it is fun but I sti...
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Kyle GILLESPIE's Testimonial
Mik is honest with you when you go wrong, but all critique is constructive. He knows what to say after you’ve made a mistake to set you back on track and to dispel any worries. Mik is always happy to answer any questions you might have. You have a say in what you would like to do in each le...
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Lauren HUTCHISON's Testimonial
I’ve really enjoyed learning to drive with Mik's LDC driving school. He has been very calm, professional and thorough. He has provided me with excellent advice guidance and driving skills. Mik is a genuine people person makes you feel at ease straight away. I would definitely recommend ...
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Sarah's Testimonial
My driving instructor was amazing. Passed first time, really compatible experience. The LD system is very helpful.Thank you.
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Lian Tiana 's Testimonial
Lian Tiana
Jason has been a great driving instructor, as he was always patient, punctual and actively found ways to suit my learning style. He managed to make every mistake a learning point and helped me not only to pass the driving test, but also built my confidence to be able to independently deal with ot...
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Isobel Morrey's Testimonial
Isobel Morrey
Absolutely amazing!! I would never have passed without Jackie. I have had two other instructors and Jackie was magically able to bring back my confidence and allow me to believe in myself once again allowing me to pass first time 😊 Jackie provides everything and more with LDC workbooks and even d...
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Bradley Whiteman's Testimonial
Bradley Whiteman
Siobhan was an excellent instructor who helped progress my driving ability to excel rapidly, leading me to pass first time. She spoke everything through, clearly and simply, so I was always fully understanding of what I was going to do. Always on time and a lovely person to have been instructed b...
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Matthew Pell's Testimonial
Matthew Pell
Andy Horn is a great instructor he is a perfect balance between hands on teaching and giving you the space you need to learn for yourself. Definitely a 5 star instructor. The LDC workbook, videos and learning methods was great and allowed me to learn very quickly and effectively missing any infor...
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