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Over 15,000    Five Star reviews are listed on the following 660 pages starting with the most recent to the oldest (25 reviews per page). These reviews have been extracted from the customer reviews on each of the individual LDC driving school owners websites.

Milly Newton's Testimonial
Milly Newton
Charlotte was amazing. We progressed so much and my confidence is massively improved. I loved the LDC workbook as it allowed me to read ahead and follow up after every lesson. 10/10 I would recommend Charlotte and the LDC workbook. I'll be referring her to all my friends and family. 😁
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Sophie Watkin's Testimonial
Sophie Watkin
Ant is a nice Instructor - Would recommend. Lesson's were fun and constructive/planned. I liked the LDC app - really helped me with the theory.
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Nathan Leonard's Testimonial
Nathan Leonard
Jackie was an excellent instructor due to how patient and understanding she was whenever I made a mistake. Her feedback is always fair and helps you understand how best to improve on your mistakes. Jackie is also fun to talk to and easy to get along with. I always felt safe with her in the car du...
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Neve Whitehead 's Testimonial
Neve Whitehead
Sam has been the best instructor I could have asked for. Not only is she kind, genuine and encouraging, she is a brilliant teacher. LDC provided me with an abundance of resources which were a huge help along my journey of learning to drive. Sam, I cannot thank you enough for all you have done. Yo...
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James Bailey 's Testimonial
James Bailey
Laura was a pleasure to work with and be taught by. Her methods worked perfectly, the LDC workbook also helped, with detailed step by step support on each topic. Also helped with my show and tell me questions.
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Ellie Clark's Testimonial
Ellie Clark
Barry was incredible at teaching me to drive and I cannot thank him enough for how much he has helped me. I found the LDC workbook really useful as it helped me keep track of my progress, reflect on what I had learnt and plan each lesson in advance. I was really nervous to start learning, but fro...
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Mr Jack Bates's Testimonial
Mr Jack Bates
I've found Gary to be a very honest, pleasant and genuine character. He's always punctual and I always had the full lesson time (And more on some occasions)! He's very flexible when arranging lessons times to suit as required. Gary's tuition was thorough, his knowledgeable and exp...
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Sandra's Testimonial
Jamie is a fantastic instructor - very calm and accommodating. He was always incredibly patient with me and made sure I was well prepared for different real life situations. Every lesson was interesting and enjoyable. When I passed my driving test it was definitely a genuinely shared moment of jo...
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Alisija Larionova's Testimonial
Alisija Larionova
Chris was very good. He was very patient and explained everything clearly. I felt really confident going to my test. I found the LD System and workbook very helpful to decide how good my driving was and how I could improve. This is perhaps why I passed first time. I would recommend Chris and LDC ...
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Ria Robinson's Testimonial
Ria Robinson
Patrick was very patient with me and taught me really well. Patrick explained everything really well and made me feel safe. The LDC workbook and videos were helpful as they gave me a lot of information and make it easier to understand.
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Joanna stewart's Testimonial
Joanna stewart
Iain was a great instructor and teacher. He has a breadth and depth of knowledge beyond most instructors and has very high standards which ensures safe drivers that he teaches. I only used the LDC workbook for the ‘Show Me/Tell Me’ questions and for clutch work at the very beginning o...
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Harry Sludds's Testimonial
Harry Sludds
Patrick was very good at explaining everything he taught me and everything I possibly needed to learn from scratch which is the reason I passed the driving test 1st time. Without him, I don't think I would be the safe and confident driver I am today. Overall a great Instructor. The Driving Sk...
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Jamie Kendall's Testimonial
Jamie Kendall
Bart was great, he was very flexible with what areas we spend more time on. The LDC DVD and Workbook covered a lot of the theory so we were able to spend the intensive course driving a lot, giving me plenty of time to become comfortable before the test.
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Hannah Khan's Testimonial
Hannah Khan
I went with Karina after having another instructor and can't thank her enough for being as accommodating as she has. She understood that I became quite anxious in some situations but went through things calmly and carefully; especially when I struggled with certain areas. She has also helped ...
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Freddie's Testimonial
I really enjoyed my learning experience, especially as it was my Dad who was the instructor. Recognising the importance of structure and regularity, we allowed a fixed 2hr weekly slot for my lessons, factored around my college timetable, this initiative really supported my progression. Throughout...
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Lily 's Testimonial
My driving journey with Karl was an amazing experience and I loved every minute of it. I recently passed my driving test with only two driving faults. Karl has been an excellent driving instructor and goes above and beyond with everything he does. He always makes sure that you are happy with the ...
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Billy 's Testimonial
I thoroughly enjoyed my learning journey, the LDC booklet has been really useful in helping me learn my own way and at my pace, catering for my own learning skill set. The Learning method has been specific to me, putting me in control of the learning and allowing me to improve on what I felt is l...
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Lewis Hancock's Testimonial
Lewis Hancock
The structure of the lessons combined with the LDC workbook helped me learn efficiently and confidently. It allowed me to understand my strengths, weaknesses and what I needed to improve on for the next lesson. Both the structure of the workbook and lessons worked out to make an efficient work fl...
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Imogen Bradeley's Testimonial
Imogen Bradeley
As an instructor Jackie has been very helpful and informative, as well as being friendly and easy to get along with. The use of the LDC workbook to reflect on lessons has been a huge help in highlighting what I needed to work on the next lesson. By reflecting on lessons when we finished, I can al...
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Daniella's Testimonial
I can't thank James enough for all his help and patience in helping me pass my test first time 💃 Highly recommended for anyone looking to pass their test. James provided me with the LDC driving skills book at the start of our journey which helped massively with working towards goals and keepi...
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Toby's Testimonial
Karl is a great instructor! Having passed first time with only 2 minors, I couldn’t recommend him more. He came to every lesson with a detailed plan personally made to help me improve. We used the LDC workbooks structure to review every lesson, which led to much faster progress! He is a ver...
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Henry Fish's Testimonial
Henry Fish
I can not thank Andy enough. He is very patient and understanding and nothing is ever too much for him. His way of teaching is great, from asking what I want to focus on each lesson including his recommendations. I found the LDC Driving Skills Workbook very beneficial as it increased my awareness...
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Ellie Burns's Testimonial
Ellie Burns
Rich was extremely helpful, patient, kind and caring. I felt at ease in every lesson with him. The LDC workbook was very helpful as I was able to revise over what had happened on previous lessons and know what I needed go over. I found the whole experience thoroughly enjoyable as well as helpful....
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Chloe Langford's Testimonial
Chloe Langford
Jackie is a remarkable teacher with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Since driving with Jackie she has always taken the time to find out how I learn and what works best for me in order to adapt lessons to suit me. Jackie is patient, friendly and supportive and a naturally gifted teacher. The...
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Francesca Amanda Connelly's Testimonial
Francesca Amanda Connelly
Patrick was incredibly helpful and patient. I was initially nervous to drive but Patrick put me up at ease and I was comfortable driving during every lesson. He was excellent at explaining what was required and guided me through any mistakes. However, I was also encouraged to use my own initiativ...
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