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Over 15,000    Five Star reviews are listed on the following 685 pages starting with the most recent to the oldest (25 reviews per page). These reviews have been extracted from the customer reviews on each of the individual LDC driving school owners websites.

Emma Garrood 's Testimonial
Emma Garrood
Ben has just been amazing since the beginning. starting out, I was such a nervous driver but ben has helped me overcome my fear and now I absolutely love driving. I’ve grown so much since we started our lessons and I can’t thank Ben enough for his kindness, his patience and his suppor...
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Andrew O’Leary's Testimonial
Andrew O’Leary
Very honest, patient and understanding. I was shown and offered the LDC workbook to help me learn the Highway Code and other driving information. Highly recommend for nervous drivers (scored 6 out of 5).
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Ewan Fraser's Testimonial
Ewan Fraser
Bobby was a fantastic driving instructor, he teaches in a way where you feel comfortable and confident. The LDC driving skills booklet kept the lessons structured and organised so it was easy to keep track of my progress. I would highly recommend Bobby & LDC.
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Anthony Ball's Testimonial
Anthony Ball
Jackie has been an absolute saint and has been so patient. I am an anxiety sufferer and with this added nuisance Jackie has shown plenty of kindness, caringness & helpfulness and along side Test Buddy my driving anxiety has been greatly reduced. The LDC workbook and it’s exercises and d...
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Angie Abdou's Testimonial
Angie Abdou
I cannot recommend Ben enough. He has been absolutely fantastic from start to finish. Ben is very friendly, patient, calm and an excellent teacher. He is also organised and communicates well. I was initially very anxious and put off learning to drive but Ben instantly put me at ease and always we...
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Kyle Scott's Testimonial
Kyle Scott
Gordon was an excellent instructor who was very knowledgeable and a natural at teaching. His instructing and the LDC system gave me the ability and confidence to be test ready very quickly. The LDC workbook allowed me to track my progress and get the most out of my lessons by having a plan. The b...
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Amy Laird-Walker 's Testimonial
Amy Laird-Walker
Gordon put me at ease from the start. He was friendly and patient and made learning to drive an enjoyable experience. He helped me pass first time. I would highly recommend Gordon. I used the LDC workbook and it helped me prepare for the next lesson. It was a good record of what we’d achiev...
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Gemma Anderson's Testimonial
Gemma Anderson
Having failed my last driving test 12 years ago I was quite nervous to start driving again but Gordon put me at ease and calmly guided me to a stage where I was ready to try the test again and I passed! I am delighted with how confident I now feel behind the wheel!
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Zaim Akhtar's Testimonial
Zaim Akhtar
My experience with Gordon as my driving instructor has been outstanding. Gordons relaxed and proficient teaching style made lessons to drive safely a breeze. He was always there to answer my questions and ease any concerns I had, whether I was driving in different environments or preparing for th...
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Roderick Waddell's Testimonial
Roderick Waddell
Gordon was great at making me aware of mistakes I’d make and able to stop making them after. He very quickly was able to get me to a point where I was test ready (getting 5 or less driving faults on mock tests). The lessons also felt very calm and well structured. The LDC workbook was usefu...
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Josh Brown's Testimonial
Josh Brown
Gordon was very good at giving me the confidence I needed to drive. He was very patient as I was getting used to his car. The lessons were fun and helpful and I made good use of the LDC book. Thank you Josh.
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Euan Scaife's Testimonial
Euan Scaife
Very good Instructor communicated everything really well and was always calm whatever the situation. The LDC system was efficient and helped me understand what I was doing in the next lesson.
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Millie-Kaye Amos's Testimonial
Millie-Kaye Amos
Esther is a wonderful driving instructor. She has helped me each and every way. Step-by-step Esther has been there, whether in person or via messages. Her kind and positive attitude was a huge help. I felt like all my worries and thoughts were eased. The student-centred LD system was a huge help ...
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Kirsty Lea's Testimonial
Kirsty Lea
I think it went really good. Jackie helped me with everything! The LDC Workbook I was given helped a lot. There isn’t anything Jackie didn’t teach me. Thank You.
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Dana Hooper's Testimonial
Dana Hooper
I would highly recommend using Ant and the LDC System. I passed my theory test first time using the learning resources from it, It was easy to use and you can track all your progress. Ant was friendly and professional and I always enjoyed my lessons with Ant. He always kept calm when I messed up ...
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Cleo Verlander's Testimonial
Cleo Verlander
I have finally passed my test first time after over a year of learning. Thank you Ant for helping me achieve this! LDC has been great, they have great resources to revise from and great Instructors too! The LDC theory test help made sure I passed my theory test first time too. I would highly reco...
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Jasmine Cain 's Testimonial
Jasmine Cain
The LDC workbook is very user friendly and comprehensive. I found it very useful to calm my nerves leading up to my test because it broke down different types of faults and elements of the test such as manoeuvres.The lessons suited my learning style. I was quite an anxious driver and I found Hele...
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Emma Coomber's Testimonial
Emma Coomber
Jackie is the best instructor I have had. Very calm and patient but willing to push me outside of my comfort zone. I have tried driving lessons in the past with other instructors and spent a long time learning without getting anywhere. This time around I knew I needed a semi intensive lesson plan...
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Eloise Clark's Testimonial
Eloise Clark
I felt very comfortable with Iain. A great Instructor who made things very clear and easy to understand. The LDC workbook helped with lots of diagrams for the manoeuvres. Overall, Iain is a great Instructor who I would recommend.
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William Redpath 's Testimonial
William Redpath
Cary was a brilliant instructor. Calm, friendly and highly knowledgeable about all things driving! Consequently, while the LDC workbook was a very useful resource I didn't need to check it a great amount as I learnt by practice. I liked the student centred aspect as it allowed me to control w...
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Rhys's Testimonial
I started taking lessons with Mark about October 2022 after finding him on the LDC website. He is an incredible teacher and very informative and calm towards his students and took everything at a pace I was comfortable with whilst also pushing me to do more on my lessons.   Each lesson he wo...
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Oriana Resul's Testimonial
Oriana Resul
James was such a patient instructor. If I needed anything explaining or wasn't sure on something, he would always ensure I understood fully and took the time to talk through everything. When making mistakes, he would always talk through what happened and give me clear steps to follow to preve...
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Jamie Coe's Testimonial
Jamie Coe
The LDC workbook was very detailed, explained everything very clear. Laura was excellent, very informative gave clear instructions and gave the best advice. Made me feel at ease, she prepared me in all aspects for the test. Couldn’t ask for a better instructor.
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Callum Galashan's Testimonial
Callum Galashan
Iain was good at removing little bad habits and was easy to get to know. He explained things very clearly and in an encouraging way. The resources, such as the LDC Workbook and handouts for manoeuvres, really helped and at the end of the day, I was able to pass my test first time.
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Steven's Testimonial
I joined Shelly after a few months with another driving instructor I wasn’t too happy with. At 35 I was nervous I’d left learning too late. But Shelly was a breath of fresh air. She is happy, engaging and easy going. She helped with my anxiety and was a true friend by the time we got ...
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