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Over 10,000    Five Star reviews are listed on the following 590 pages starting with the most recent to the oldest (25 reviews per page). These reviews have been extracted from the customer reviews on each of the individual LDC driving school owners websites.

Olivia Holloway's Testimonial
Olivia Holloway
Andrew is a great instructor he is very patient and the methods he uses by way of the LDC system has helped me develop my driving skills. Andrew was very helpful and flexible where he could be to ensure I could get the appropriate practise and experience to help prepare me for my test.
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Jay Smith's Testimonial
Jay Smith
I felt that my instructor was very flexible with the hours that I had available. I felt that he was very good at teaching me the exact ways to perform each driving technique. Andrew is very friendly and easy to get along with. I thought the LDC workbook was very helpful because I could use it bef...
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Ross's Testimonial
My personal opinion of LDC was absolutely brilliant from start to finish and I couldn’t recommend Toby any more. Toby was so professional, understanding, kind and made me feel at ease the whole time. The LDC workbook, videos and learning method was so helpful and I wouldn’t be in the position I'm...
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Lewis Jackson's Testimonial
Lewis Jackson
Charlotte was very helpful and patient. She would never let you fail. She would encourage you to do things until you perfect everything, which I think is the reason that I managed to pass in just a few months of learning with her. The LDC videos and workbook were a massive help. They saved so muc...
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Samuel Morgan's Testimonial
Samuel Morgan
I thought my instructor Gary was great at teaching me to drive in a friendly and professional manner. The LDC workbook came in very handy for preparation for lessons and my test. Passed first time with 10 lessons thanks to Gary!
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James Mackman's Testimonial
James Mackman
The LDC workbook was a useful resource. Iain’s teaching was very good, a very fair teacher, who had no problem telling me when I was both right and wrong. I would give him 6 out of 5 if possible. Overall, very happy.
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Edgaras Tranauskas's Testimonial
Edgaras Tranauskas
Patrick is patient, encouraging and helpful. He made the lessons comfortable to learn in and enjoyable. He ensured I was fully ready before taking my test. He helped my confidence by doing mock tests with me and going through any mistakes I made when practising those. The LDC YouTube Channel is v...
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Sarah Ritchie's Testimonial
Sarah Ritchie
The LDC system is pretty good, I was nervous to start driving but the workbook is very straight forward and easy to understand. It gives you everything you theoretically need to do. Gary is awesome ! 10/10. I am happy to have had him as my instructor over these 2 years (Thank you covid !). He is ...
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Taylor Gilbert's Testimonial
Taylor Gilbert
My Instructor Ant was very good, he helped me a lot especially when I was lacking in confidence. I found it easy to book lessons when I felt like I needed one. I found the LDC workbook very handy and the LDC website as it allowed me to prepare for my theory test as well as my practical test. I wo...
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James Jagger's Testimonial
James Jagger
Patrick was a very good Instructor, he reminded calm and provided positive contributions during all lessons. I found the Driving Skills Workbook very useful and the LDC YouTube Channel to recap on my manoeuvres.
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Jacob Feeney's Testimonial
Jacob Feeney
Patrick was amazing. He made me feel comfortable at all times and was very clear about where I needed to improve and how I should go on about it. The LDC YouTube Channel was very supportive and helpful, if I had any questions which needed answering the Channel was a great place to start.
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Elle-May Wells's Testimonial
Elle-May Wells
The aid that I received from Paul throughout my lessons helped me massively. The LDC workbook provided made it so I could keep on top of what I had learned in the lessons and prepared me for what to expect in the test.  The lessons were well structured and focused on what I as an individual ...
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Lauren Davis - Mathis's Testimonial
Lauren Davis - Mathis
Graeme made me feel comfortable right from the beginning. He made me feel in control of lessons and my learning, he didn't over instruct and let me work it out. He helps in the right circumstances. The LDC workbook worked really well and Graeme provided me with extra materials closer to the t...
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Barry Stirton's Testimonial
Barry Stirton
My instructor Iain was first class from day one. I’ve had lessons before with different instructors and never felt like I was picking anything new up but with Iain, he identified the areas that needed improvement and worked on them right from the start. The LDC Workbook was really helpful w...
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Ellie Ross Sutherland's Testimonial
Ellie Ross Sutherland
Would never have been able to pass if it weren’t for Tracy! So helpful and so patient. The LDC workbook was also extremely helpful, particularly for at home practice with parents. If you're looking to learn to drive, look no further. If you have to wait… then Tracy is worth the w...
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Fatima Sadaqat's Testimonial
Fatima Sadaqat
Just passed my test with only 2 minors. Susan is an amazing instructor, very patient. Her explanation has always been very clear and to the exact point. Lessons felt comfortable and I was able to progress at my own pace. She gave me the confidence to drive safely. Overall I really appreciated the...
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Emanuela's Testimonial
Peter, I just wanted to thank you for your time and patience. You are a wonderful teacher, really made me more confident in my driving and I appreciate it so much. The training helped me improve and polish my driving skills, and to be aware of all the key essentials I need for when I drive. My in...
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Connor 's Testimonial
I was so happy to pass my driving test first time with just two minor faults. I really enjoyed learning with Lee. I was encouraged to make my own decisions for the first lesson and this really helped me, not just get a good result on my test, but also made me a confident driver. Learning with the...
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Caitlin Cooper's Testimonial
Caitlin Cooper
The LDC workbook is very handy for continuing learning out of lessons, and made a huge difference that there was a driving test bit at the back - very helpful. Videos - Again, useful for visual approach. Lessons - Great - good level of independence whilst taking pressure off as well, lots of enco...
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Luke's Testimonial
Huge congratulations to Luke for passing his driving test first time with just a couple of driving faults. Luke wanted a mid-way course having learnt the basics many years ago with a previous instructor. A course of 20 hours was agreed over an 8 week period leading to his test. After an initial r...
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Abigail Merin's Testimonial
Abigail Merin
The best driving instructor I could have asked for. Always super patient and was happy to explain things how ever many times I needed it. Taught me to drive at a really high standard, the LDC workbook was also really useful and gave me a clear focus for each lesson. Would definitely recommend Ale...
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Joey's Testimonial
First off a big thank you to Trevor for sticking by me and helping me become a great driver. I would highly recommend Trevor as a Driving Instructor as he is patient and relaxed which helps put your mind at ease, creating a less-stressful environment as the initial idea of learning how to drive a...
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Branwen Bindra's Testimonial
Branwen Bindra
The workbook was incredibly helpful when I first started learning how to drive. The reflective sections were useful to keep track of my personal progress, and helped with goal setting for each lesson. Mark’s website was great to help me prepare for the theory test. The practice questions he...
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Ellie's Testimonial
Having had a bad experience with another instructor and failing my 1st test in the north, Karl took me under his wing. Prior to this, I absolutely hated driving, and had no confidence, but with Karl I found myself actually enjoying my lessons (I never thought I’d say that!) He’s extre...
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Elliott Collict's Testimonial
Elliott Collict
My instructor Jackie was very good and always calm and good at explaining everything I needed to know. The LDC workbook was very helpful, especially when revising the 'Show Me Tell Me' questions. I had already passed my theory test when I started lessons with Jackie so didn't use any ...
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