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Over 10,000    Five Star reviews are listed on the following 590 pages starting with the most recent to the oldest (25 reviews per page). These reviews have been extracted from the customer reviews on each of the individual LDC driving school owners websites.

Alex Roberts's Testimonial
Alex Roberts
I really liked the LDC system which is easy to follow and breaks the learning into bite sized chunks. The workbook and videos help to increase your confidence before a lesson. Alex is a really good instructor. He is easy to get on with and constantly works to improve your driving and deal with an...
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Kane Berry's Testimonial
Kane Berry
I loved the concept of the workbook and video to compliment the practical lessons. The book and videos helped break the learning down into manageable chunks. Alex is a good instructor who helped me identify any areas for improvement and then iron them out.
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Callista Quadling's Testimonial
Callista Quadling
The structure of the LD System allowed me to build on my skills lesson by lesson. John explained everything with perfect clarity and patience which allowed me to become a better driver on his semi-intensive course. I enjoyed every lesson as the end result was well worth it!
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Ben Young's Testimonial
Ben Young
My instructor was very friendly and gave very good feedback that really helped me understand what I can do better. The LD System was amazing, it made me realise what I needed to improve on so that I could work on it without the feeling that I was being nagged at. The LDC workbook was very helpful...
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Cameron Luff's Testimonial
Cameron Luff
I couldn't have asked for a better instructor. Sam allowed me to learn at my own pace and, most importantly of all, she explained my mistakes in detail and in a friendly way. I also found all the LDC materials very helpful for learning as well.
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Daniel's Testimonial
Had the LDC semi intensive course with Alan, Covid got in the way for the test, but passed 1st time. Thank you.
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Murrin Duggan's Testimonial
Murrin Duggan
Lewis was a brilliant driving instructor who helped me pass first time on a semi-intensive course! Such a lovely guy, never felt like I was getting into trouble when doing silly mistakes, unlike a previous driving instructor, and always gave me the option to decide what I wanted to focus on in ea...
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Rafael Karlsen's Testimonial
Rafael Karlsen
The LDC workbook was very handy and helped me a lot to prepare for my test. Richard is by far the best instructor I have had. He is patient and kind and will not only point out your faults but will help you to improve.
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Zac Hayes 's Testimonial
Zac Hayes
Mark was an excellent driving instructor. He made me feel welcome from the get-go and helped me get to grips with driving while having a laugh along the way. Lessons were fun, smooth and there was always an objective to focus on. The LDC workbook was very clear and helpful and helped me revise wh...
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Ethan Tomlinson's Testimonial
Ethan Tomlinson
Sam was absolutely great. She went above and beyond to help me pass and was very helpful while driving. The LDC workbook was great as it had loads of information. I couldn't have asked for a better instructor. 
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Saskia Lambert-Russell's Testimonial
Saskia Lambert-Russell
I really enjoyed my driving lessons with Jackie, I felt very comfortable with her and confident. I never felt pressured to do anything I didn’t feel I was confident enough to do and I have recommended her to everyone that’s asked. I also found the LDC workbook and online system really...
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Chris Clark's Testimonial
Chris Clark
I would recommend Kenny Innes as an driving instructor. He supported me at every stage of my journey. Firstly his website helped greatly in my theory test. Then moving onto the practical lessons he provided me with a workbook which was extremely helpful at tracking my progress and getting me read...
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Ryan Evenden 's Testimonial
Ryan Evenden
Sam is a very friendly person and has been able to make me more a confident driver. Her teaching methods have helped me to pass my driving test in a short period of time. Using the workbook, videos and Sam's teaching methods together helped me to pass first time. The lessons were very enjoyab...
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Charlotte Lane's Testimonial
Charlotte Lane
The LDC System and theory test preparation were essential tools to help me have a better understanding of driving safely and to pass my theory. Andrew is very clear with his instructions and is also calm and helpful during lessons, which was especially helpful when I was feeling stressed. He woul...
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Millie Hunt's Testimonial
Millie Hunt
John got me to a point where I felt confident with my own driving and was happy to drive without any help and ready for my test. The use of the LD system really helped with revision for my test and self reflection after each lesson on ways to improve my driving.
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Megan Garwood's Testimonial
Megan Garwood
The LD System worked very well for me, it is clearly laid out and the format of lessons helps remove stress from uncertainty about what you should be doing. Ant was a patient instructor and explained things clearly, allowing lessons to be relaxed and enjoyable.
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Cole's Testimonial
Sue is a great instructor, so calm and does not get stressed with you if you make a mistake. She always believed in me, even when I was doubting myself coming up to the test. The LDC diagrams she can show you, e.g for roundabouts and parking, are especially good if you are visual learner like me.
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Jess's Testimonial
Sue has been a godsend; very patient, kind and friendly and a pleasure to learn from. The student centred LD system is a brilliant idea - keeping up with the times of IT, yet still offering a book for those of us less tech savvy! I will miss our Thursday mornings and want to thank you massively f...
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Harry Batson's Testimonial
Harry Batson
Brilliant instructor, always on time to pick me up from work. Every lesson was a laugh and I learnt something new. The LDC workbook was brilliant and very helpful.
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Nazanin Chamanfar's Testimonial
Nazanin Chamanfar
I passed my driving test first time and would like to say a big thank you to my Instructor Patrick Bailly. Thanks to him for teaching me everything he knows and how to do it perfectly. He is a fantastic teacher and will recommend him to everyone that wants to drive a car. The LDC workbook and vid...
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Hannah Goodwin's Testimonial
Hannah Goodwin
I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better instructor, Jackie is great at teaching you how to drive. She gives you time to work out what you’ve done wrong and let’s me figure out what I did , allowing me to learn faster and better. The style of teaching couldn’t be any be...
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Anelia Kostova's Testimonial
Anelia Kostova
Patrick has been the best instructor I have worked with. He is able to effectively judge the shortcomings and root cause of the issues that the student is having and create a learning situation to match the needs of the student. He is very flexible to the learning needs of the student, whether it...
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Chloe's Testimonial
Tony was great at conducting himself in a very professional manner and was always smartly dressed. He was great at keeping in touch and always confirmed when he would arrive for lessons, which was super helpful. He was also very humble and always knew how to make me feel at ease. I’m very a...
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Alice's Testimonial
I started off doing an LDC semi-intensive course, however lockdown caused a delay for my test date. When I was able to start lessons again the skills soon came back to me after a few hours with you and I was able to pass first time. You really helped to build my confidence with driving and taught...
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Charlotte Armitage's Testimonial
Charlotte Armitage
Fiona was very helpful and clear with all tuition lessons, even if it was not always my best effort. I used the LDC workbook from the start which meant I was prepared for each lesson and knew what I wanted to work on. The whole process from driving lessons to my test date was very smooth and prep...
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