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Over 10,000    Five Star reviews are listed on the following 590 pages starting with the most recent to the oldest (25 reviews per page). These reviews have been extracted from the customer reviews on each of the individual LDC driving school owners websites.

Honey Overs-Pearson's Testimonial
Honey Overs-Pearson
I couldn't have chosen a better instructor than Jackie. She was extremely helpful and calm which helped me feel more relaxed when learning. She also kept me updated and was very helpful throughout the lockdowns. Jackie was a brilliant instructor and I will definitely recommend her to friends....
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Kieran Pullinger's Testimonial
Kieran Pullinger
Ant is calming, relaxed and patient. With Ant and the LD System I know I am going to have a safe time driving in the future. I am so thankful for everything that Ant has done in my time learning. The LD System resources really helped with the book and videos giving advice for lessons and practice...
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Daisy Cartwright 's Testimonial
Daisy Cartwright
Good and patient instructor. Very friendly and gives you detailed explanations for manoeuvres, and excellent driving tips in general. I would highly recommend Chris for anyone looking for a driving instructor. I found the LD videos extremely useful when preparing for my lessons, and the workbook ...
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Rosie Hannan's Testimonial
Rosie Hannan
The LD workbook was very helpful, so were the diagrams. The visual explanation made learning a lot easier.
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Rachael's Testimonial
When I first started driving, I was an exceedingly nervous driver - my previous instructor thought me unteachable, and I thought I would never pass! Gayle, however, has really helped me develop my skills and confidence. She is incredibly supportive and kind, as well as being a fantastic teacher w...
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Dan's Testimonial
It has been a frustrating time trying to get lessons and pass my test with all the disruption of COVID lockdowns over the last year. My instructor has been really understanding and helped me cope with getting back into the car after long breaks away. We used the LD System to keep me focused on my...
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Jasmine Armitage-Foster's Testimonial
Jasmine Armitage-Foster
My instructor was very supportive and made me feel very comfortable. He is an excellent teacher and I will be recommending him to all my friends. The LDC workbook was very helpful with my theory learning and my driving. Murray helped me with anything I asked and didn't make me feel I was inca...
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Oscar Lucas's Testimonial
Oscar Lucas
Steve has always given me the confidence to drive safely and appropriately and always made me feel good about my driving skills. The LDC workbook and videos that are included were a great help and provided me with additional details enabling me to drive confidently. I can’t thank Steve enou...
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Nikos's Testimonial
My lessons with LDC have been great. I booked my intensive course for May 2020, then lock down happened. Even through these turbulent time which made it impossible to do an intensive course, Michael was excellent at helping me progress and build confidence. I would highly recommend using Michael,...
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Artaza Mahmood's Testimonial
Artaza Mahmood
A great result from Artaza, really well deserved and a first time pass. Here is what he had to say about his experience as one of my pupils. "James is the best driving instructor that I have had. He really explains driving related questions in great detail, in a way which helps you retain...
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Mark's Testimonial
I contacted Alan in the run up to my test to get in some last minute help. He helped me perfect my manoeuvres and adjust a few things in how I drove by getting me to look at how I was doing things. I was really nervous on test day but Alan really helped with his calm approach and the examiner sai...
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Lily Waterfield's Testimonial
Lily Waterfield
Amazing instructor! He took time out of lesson time to teach me, explain everything on point. Very caring of whether I passed. He helped me with confidence as well as remaining calm. He was very supportive. I learnt things very quick with Ryan because he explained things fully and clearly. The te...
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Hannah's Testimonial
Nice guy. Great teacher! Tony was good at keeping in contact and replied fast to messages. I liked the LDC skills workbook which is very clear and I liked the pictures. It was good to be able to write about lessons and keep a log in the book. The car was always clean inside and out and I thought ...
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Megan Gillies's Testimonial
Megan Gillies
Karina has been a fantastic instructor. My previous instructor left me as a nervous driver, but Karina has helped me to build up my skills and confidence - I passed my driving test with zero faults! She teaches not only how to have a successful test but to have life long, safe driving skills. I w...
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Andy's Testimonial
I came to Trevor with no driving experience and through his teaching methods, the LD System and, more importantly, his calm, patient style of teaching, I was able to quickly progress with my driving skills and confidence. Due to lockdowns, Trevor encouraged me to do private practise and once I wa...
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Andrea Oates's Testimonial
Andrea Oates
James, Thank you again for helping me pass my UK driving exam. I know you know how much it means to me being able to drive independently again. I feel very fortunate to have such a highly skilled instructor in my area. There were other choices, but even before I met you, I was impressed with the ...
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Tom Bruce's Testimonial
Tom Bruce
Top instructor, I did not have any driving experience and Alan was very clear and easy to learn from. I only had 10 lessons and passed! I'm so happy and would happily recommend to anyone struggling. No messing about. Thanks Alan.
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Albert's Testimonial
A first time pass was always on the cards for Albert. The UK's youngest pilot to fly solo* and the holder of a motor racing licence it was a real treat to coach Albert to obtain his driver's licence. Not to mention the welcome opportunity to discuss the more technical aspects of car contr...
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Abbie's Testimonial
Tony is perfect in every way!!! His teaching style is amazing - always happy to explain and demonstrate to help you understand. He is exceptionally professional always arriving on time and having the correct manner constantly. He was always calm when things went wrong and made me feel calm after ...
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Marcus Dawson's Testimonial
Marcus Dawson
Personally for me the LDC style of teaching was perfect. I learnt extremely fast and effectively cost worthy. Asking which method to use for learning worked well.
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Lucille Fletcher's Testimonial
Lucille Fletcher
Richard is an amazing instructor and very knowledgable. He is very friendly and funny, which makes the lessons more enjoyable and less stressful! The helpful markers and additional mirrors were so helpful and made some manoeuvres a lot easier to learn. The reverse camera was extremely handy! I li...
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James Mason's Testimonial
James Mason
Firstly, Ant is a brilliant instructor. His lessons are well structured and they will guarantee for you to be ready for driving test. The way he structures and teaches his lessons takes out all of the stress and nerves you may be feeling, making your experience relaxed and enjoyable. The learning...
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Libby Baxter's Testimonial
Libby Baxter
Louise has been an amazing driving instructor. She is always encouraging and has massively helped me to get my first time pass. I would highly recommend her to anyone learning to drive.
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Sarah's Testimonial
Dawn is a fantastic teacher who I would highly recommend to anyone taking up driving for the first time or restarting after a break. She is calm, patient, professional and goes the extra mile for her students. I thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with Dawn and very much appreciate all her help ...
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Maria Walker's Testimonial
Maria Walker
I’d be having driving lessons on and off for about 5 years and never got to a point where I was ready to take a test. I started with Andrew in October and by November was ready to take a test (unfortunately COVID meant I couldn’t take that test and the 3 after that!). Andrew taught me...
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