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Over 10,000    Five Star reviews are listed on the following 584 pages starting with the most recent to the oldest (25 reviews per page). These reviews have been extracted from the customer reviews on each of the individual LDC driving school owners websites.

Lee Pryor's Testimonial
Lee Pryor
I just want to say a massive thank you to Lu! Couldn’t have passed without her help. She was great at helping me through my nerves from day one and through my test. She helped me enjoy learning to drive and now I’ve passed, I can’t stop driving! I’d 100% recommend Lu to an...
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Daisy Henley's Testimonial
Daisy Henley
“With Paul, I gained a first time pass, and a lifetime's worth of advice about driving skills and safety on the road. To compliment his adaptability in lessons, he is also very easy to interact with and therefore he is able to quickly increase your confidence in driving and gi...
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Izzy Gibbs 's Testimonial
Izzy Gibbs
Paul has been kind, efficient and professional when teaching me how to drive. Without him, I would never have been able to pass my test and enjoyed the Learning to Drive experience as much. The LD system is genius and the Drivers Skills workbook has been a massive help in my journey. His encourag...
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Jasmine 's Testimonial
I would recommend Alan to anyone who is learning to drive, he's kind, patient, really down to earth, calm and really makes you feel like you can be a confident driver, (even when you don't think so), he's great at explaining things you don't understand but in a way that makes you ...
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Ben's Testimonial
Alan is a very knowledgeable and friendly driving instructor who has helped me pass my driving test on the first time. The LD system programme is well structured and effective when studied to pass your test. Alan has always put in 100% effort and enthusiasm into every lesson and it has been a bri...
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Molly 's Testimonial
I cant believe I have passed first time. I just want to say a massive thank you to Alan! It really has been an amazing journey. When I first started driving I was honestly so scared and nervous but Alan always kept calm, and more importantly kept me calm. If he could see I was panicking he would ...
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Baily 's Testimonial
I think he’s a great teacher, I’ve been using him for about 4 months it has been long but it was quick at the same time would recommend him to anyone great teacher. I loved the LD system as it’s so structured for everyone’s learning needs. Thank you Alan
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Lydia 's Testimonial
I had an amazing experience learning to drive with Alan in a short amount of time. He built up my confidence and made me feel at ease the whole time. Very calming, professional and always on time. The LD system helped me know exactly where I needed to improve. Thank you so much for helping me to ...
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Kieran Burlinson's Testimonial
Kieran Burlinson
Patrick took time to establish my level and get me in my best possible condition to pass with confidence. He drove both the lessons forward but gave me every opportunity to challenge anything I wanted to revise. He was the perfect Driving Instructor. I think that the LDC videos helped me untold a...
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Tamsin Livesey's Testimonial
Tamsin Livesey
After 3 months on a semi-intensive course I have passed, I wouldn't have been able to do it without the support and reassurance Mick has provided. My confidence has grown every week and Mick is very patient, reassuring and easy to get along with. Mick is a brilliant driving instructor and I w...
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Alex Fox's Testimonial
Alex Fox
Mike is a great instructor who puts every bit of confidence in your driving and together with the LDC programme you will no doubt make quick progress! Many thanks to Mike for getting me to a standard to pass first time, couldn't have done it without him!
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Ellie's Testimonial
Thank you again, Dom! I honestly did not think that I would learn to drive on a week intensive course. Yet on the first day I was tackling mini roundabouts and on the second day learning to bay park!! Your patience is astounding and your teaching technique is second to none. You helped me pick up...
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Nathan's Testimonial
Dom is an excellent instructor, he's not afraid to have a laugh and can still balance it with teaching. I couldn't have passed first time on the 20 hour midway pass course without him. Cheers Dom! - Nathan    
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Jenny Fang's Testimonial
Jenny Fang
Jenny Fang 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 Steve is very calm patient and understanding instructor. He knew I was nervous of driving but managed to keep me calm and succeed in passing. The workbook and videos he supplied were very useful tools to prepare for the theory and practical exams. He's also a very good teache...
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Beth Richardson's Testimonial
Beth Richardson
I really enjoyed working with Gary, he taught me not only how to drive but how to drive with confidence. I would highly recommend Gary as a driving instructor. The workbook provided was very useful along with the app. It helped me to prepare thoroughly for my theory and show me, tell me questions.
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Holly's Testimonial
Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. Sheila is a patient, encouraging and reliable driving instructor and a lovely person. Sheila is extremely punctual and usually early in fact. She always makes you feel comfortable and is great to chat to. Her lessons are based around what the pup...
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Alice Harkness's Testimonial
Alice Harkness
Ant is a very patient and friendly instructor who is focused on you making progress whilst remaining safe. I regularly used the workbook to plan ahead for lessons or go back to things in previous lessons. I also found the Youtube videos very helpful, especially regarding the manoeuvers. The LDC t...
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Tasha Beasley 's Testimonial
Tasha Beasley
I would highly recommend Sarah to anybody that’s looking to start there new driving journey. She is very calm and reassuring at all times, really helped me to dig deep and get past my anxiety and nerves. Passed 1st time. Thankyou Sarah xx
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Brendan Harris's Testimonial
Brendan Harris
Jackie is a really good instructor as she's patient, calm, friendly and tells you what you need to do clearly. I felt completely at ease in lessons and always looked forward to them. The LDC theory preparation is very useful as it has lots of resources for you to use and shows you what the ac...
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Emily Cooper's Testimonial
Emily Cooper
I was able to pass my test on the first attempt after 28 hours worth of lessons over 3 months due to Paul's dedication and commitment to each lesson. He was always calm and explained everything clearly, using the LDC workbook which help cement my understanding. He was very accommodating, bein...
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Evie's Testimonial
Learning to drive with Alison and LDC was a really fun experience. I felt that the lessons were enjoyable, and extremely helpful in forwarding my progress in my driving skills.
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Sara's Testimonial
I did a semi-intensive course with Dawn Kitson my driving instructor. During our sessions she encouraged me to take responsibility for my own learning, progress and development. At the end of every lesson she asked me to consider what I wanted to focus on the following session and reminded me to ...
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Becky Lodge's Testimonial
Becky Lodge
I really like the LDC workbook and video as it helps you prepare for your next lesson. The book is also good for allowing you to reflect on your lessons and identify any areas you want to improve on. Alex is a very good instructor, he is personable and takes the time to make sure all my questions...
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Ianthe's Testimonial
Alison has been a great driving instructor. She’s friendly and very patient. The LDC system has been really useful and the online resources helped massively with passing the theory test.
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Abi Burke 's Testimonial
Abi Burke
I really enjoyed the structured way of learning that I was provided with whilst learning to drive with the student centred LDC system. The workbook allowed me to evaluate my driving by observing the progress I was making and discovering what areas I needed to improve. This allowed me to enhance a...
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