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Over 15,000    Five Star reviews are listed on the following 660 pages starting with the most recent to the oldest (25 reviews per page). These reviews have been extracted from the customer reviews on each of the individual LDC driving school owners websites.

Spencer B's Testimonial
Spencer B
Adam was a fantastic instructor! Kind and patient and took me all the way up to my test successfully. The LDC workbook was useful to learn from and to go over areas of improvement from lessons.
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Sophie Hill's Testimonial
Sophie Hill
Dave is patient, understanding and makes you feel like you can overcome the many challenges that you’re faced with when being a learner. As a very unconfident driver he had his work cut out with me but Dave gave me the tools I needed to pass first time! The LDC workbook and the DVD from LDC...
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Vicky Badger's Testimonial
Vicky Badger
Jackie overall was a brilliant instructor, her explanations were simplified to help you fully understand what you were learning. Longer lessons really helped too before test, she made sure that you were fully prepared for all scenarios of driving, she remained calm throughout difficult situations...
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Sophie Mae Rowley's Testimonial
Sophie Mae Rowley
My instructor was amazing, she helped me to believe in myself. I have learnt so much and now have so much more confidence with driving. If I struggled with anything she helped me and never gave up on me until I could do it. The LDC workbook was brilliant and helped to prepare for test. I feel muc...
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Liam Ballance's Testimonial
Liam Ballance
Steve has been perfect, helped me pass my test first time. Gave me great advice throughout my time driving with him. He gave good explanations around all driving aspects. The LDC workbook was very helpful and also helped with my driving skills. Thanks Steve.
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Victor Thomas's Testimonial
Victor Thomas
The teaching was superb and was able to work on my errors that I needed to improve on. The LDC workbook was very helpful too as it helped me with the show me, tell me questions and answers.
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Kieron Reid's Testimonial
Kieron Reid
Leigh is a great Instructor! She took me from scratch lesson 1 to first time pass in 30 lessons! Using the LDC workbook and Hub really helped along with Leigh as I have a learning disability. I would highly recommend Leigh to anyone looking for driving lessons. Polite, professional and friendly! ...
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Annabel Kellett-Payne's Testimonial
Annabel Kellett-Payne
Nicky has been a lovely instructor, always really calm and answered my many questions. He helped me become a confident driver and pass first time. I would recommend to all learner drivers! I really found the LDC videos useful, especially for learning the show me tell me questions.
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Molly Dow's Testimonial
Molly Dow
Throughout learning with Hazel she has been very punctual and helpful in and out of lessons. The instructions throughout the LDC workbook were very easy to understand. On the day of my test Hazel kept me very calm and it helped me to pass first time!
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Ethan Parr's Testimonial
Ethan Parr
The LDC workbook was very helpful, especially during the first few lessons as it gives you an idea of the different manoeuvres you will need to learn. My instructor's method of learning was perfect for me as it highlighted my many faults, allowing me to improve to become a complete driver. Th...
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Owen Snelson's Testimonial
Owen Snelson
As a driving instructor I found Andrew to be quite thorough in ensuring that I had covered all the relevant topics by using the targets in the LDC workbook which also helped me to track my progress. He was patient, kind and understanding when teaching me how to drive and used a range of different...
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Maddie Headland's Testimonial
Maddie Headland
Right from the beginning of my learning experience, Siobhan was always extremely helpful and would try her absolute best to assist me with anything she could. The LDC workbook and the theory test resources provided were so amazing and assisted me massively on my journey with Siobhan. Personally, ...
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Samuel Poole Sidley's Testimonial
Samuel Poole Sidley
I thought the LD System was very helpful and gave me confidence. Writing in the LDC workbook helped me to see the things that I am good at, helping me to focus on the positives rather than just the negatives. Jackie was a good, helpful instructor. She helped me with my confidence and allowed me t...
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Louis Pyne-Lingham's Testimonial
Louis Pyne-Lingham
Absolutely outstanding service! I contacted Gary after being let down by my previous Instructor. After an initial assessment he identified a number of areas we needed to work on, mainly slowing things down. The visual aids he used plus the free access to their LDC hub meant I could study even whe...
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Louise Robe 's Testimonial
Louise Robe
The LDC workbook I was given was really helpful and meant I could get an idea of things before going out. Sam has been the most helpful instructor I could have asked for. If I was struggling or lacking confidence, she would always reassure me and go over things if needed.
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Malcolm Forbes's Testimonial
Malcolm Forbes
A massive thank you to Rich for everything that he has done for me. I am 44 years old and never had a driving lesson. Rich has been nothing but calm, professional and a perfect instructor. With clear and precise information and directions I managed to pass my test first time after only a few mont...
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Murray Anderson 's Testimonial
Murray Anderson
I would highly recommend Iain from LDC. Professional lessons, easy to work with and get along with. I found the LDC Workbook very helpful with examples and the ‘Show Me/Tell Me’ questions.
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Jack Buxton 's Testimonial
Jack Buxton
Charlotte is always very calm when I'm driving & she never makes me feel under pressure. She highlights mistakes and we focus on them as & when they happen. The LDC workbook was very helpful as it helped me to progress and Charlotte sent me videos before lessons to further aid my lear...
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Ollie Dando's Testimonial
Ollie Dando
Bart is a great instructor who has managed to teach me how to drive through 3 lockdowns and long waits. He makes learning how to drive a fun experience and is good at not pilling too much pressure on you. He is kind and considerate and an all around good person. Overall he is a great instructor. ...
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Ned Doherty's Testimonial
Ned Doherty
Excellent, clear and concise communication. Rich always made me feel relaxed and actually enjoy driving and learning. Going through the LDC Driving Skills workbook with Rich helped me to set goals for each lesson, understand the car and the theory behind driving. The LDC App and online resources ...
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Olivia Holloway's Testimonial
Olivia Holloway
Andrew is a great instructor he is very patient and the methods he uses by way of the LDC system has helped me develop my driving skills. Andrew was very helpful and flexible where he could be to ensure I could get the appropriate practise and experience to help prepare me for my test.
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Jay Smith's Testimonial
Jay Smith
I felt that my instructor was very flexible with the hours that I had available. I felt that he was very good at teaching me the exact ways to perform each driving technique. Andrew is very friendly and easy to get along with. I thought the LDC workbook was very helpful because I could use it bef...
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Ross's Testimonial
My personal opinion of LDC was absolutely brilliant from start to finish and I couldn’t recommend Toby any more. Toby was so professional, understanding, kind and made me feel at ease the whole time. The LDC workbook, videos and learning method was so helpful and I wouldn’t be in the position I'm...
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Lewis Jackson's Testimonial
Lewis Jackson
Charlotte was very helpful and patient. She would never let you fail. She would encourage you to do things until you perfect everything, which I think is the reason that I managed to pass in just a few months of learning with her. The LDC videos and workbook were a massive help. They saved so muc...
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James Mackman's Testimonial
James Mackman
The LDC workbook was a useful resource. Iain’s teaching was very good, a very fair teacher, who had no problem telling me when I was both right and wrong. I would give him 6 out of 5 if possible. Overall, very happy.
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