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Overview of driving instructor training

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"There was no 'hard sell'. In my view LDC was the only company that really ticked all the boxes! I feel I am part of a very special family and wish that I had taken the plunge years before I did!"
"The training was very thorough and completely enjoyable, with a superb system of training, with lots of back up... after just a year I can honestly say I can't think of a better way to earn my living."
"Everyone is so friendly. The support both during the training and once you've qualified is fabulous... being a driving instructor is even better than I though it would be. I wish I'd done it sooner."
"The training and support I have received from LDC has been excellent. I found that LDC offered a really good franchise deal that others couldn't match, especially as I planned to work part time."
"I had thought about being a driving instructor for many years. I have now qualified as an ADI and because I was so impressed with the training I received from LDC I decided to join them. I would fully recommend LDC to anyone."
"LDCs Training Programme was great. It's unique, thorough & well planned along with a lot of support from all the trainers. I can comfortably recommend LDC as a great company to train with and work with."
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"After a moan about work and 5.30am starts, my partner suggested that I became a driving instructor. I would recommend LDC to anyone the training given is absolute second to none. I can not thank LDC enough"
"I passed with a 5/6. Not bad for an old dog, learning new tricks. The job with LDC turned out to be what I expected and then some. For the first time in years I look forward to working."
"The amazing training allowed me to pass all three of my ADI exams first time, even achieving a high grade! I'm now enjoying a successful career as an ADI, and have not looked back once."
"LDC are always very professional, competent and friendly. I am now doing a job that I love and I can't wait every day to get to work. The best decision I have ever made."
"Trying to find the most suitable driving instructor training company quickly developed into a minefield of people asking me to sign contracts and sign cheques. I'm glad I chose LDC who I found very genuine in their quest to help me."
"I chose LDC after considering other companies because I thought the LDC Training package and Franchise was the best available. I am still part of the LDC franchise after 12 years and am very happy."

Become a driving instructor with LDC

Welcome to the Learner Driving Centre (LDC)
Learner Driving Centres Head Office
LDC operates one of the most successful national driving school networks in the UK. In the last 12 months we have experienced a dramatic increase in enquiries from people wanting to learn to drive with one of our caring student centred driving instructors using LDC's revolutionary LD System. You only need to visit our YouTube channel LDCDrivingSchools to see how incredibly popular our training methods are, with over 35,000 subscribers and over half a million viewings per month. As a result we are looking to recruit and train more driving instructors to satisfy the increasing demand for LDC driving courses and lessons.

Become a driving instructor

So if you are good with people and have a passion for safe driving this could be the right career for you. Become an LDC driving instructor:

** NEW business start up package worth over £3,000 **

Train with LDC and after qualifying join us on our standard franchise with car option to receive our unique business start up package of cash back and other benefits worth over £3,000 when you take up our premium course package. This includes the first three months franchise, free of charge. This demonstrates our determination to ensure your future career is a great success. See Cost of training for more details.

If you are looking for the most effective training to become a qualified driving instructor or the best driving school with which to work then give us a call on free phone 0800 197 0010 or call 01977 691800. Alternatively, request a free information pack or read on to learn more.

About the qualification you need
To legally operate as a driving instructor in the UK you are required to pass the DVSA Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) qualifying examination which is split into three parts.

To pass the above tests you will receive the very best training available from our dedicated nationwide team of ORDIT qualified tutors, along with our fully guided state-of-the-art open learning driving instructor training course. For us, it is vital that you pass the ADI examination and go on to establish a successful LDC driving school business in your area as quickly as possible. This is why our training is so comprehensive in comparison with our competitors and why we put so much emphasis on helping your business flourish once qualified with our incredible business start up package.

We passed with LDC... so can you.

Driving Instructor Course Students

For more details about the requirements and the qualifying examination please see About the DVSA.

The best franchise in the business
All driving instructors in the UK are self-employed and we believe that we offer the most competitive and appealing franchise in the market today. You only have to compare our weekly franchise fee with those of the AA, BSM or Red etc., to appreciate why you could earn up to £5,000 more per year with us. We believe nobody can offer you better value for money, earnings potential or job satisfaction. Below are just some of the reasons why we claim this.

This is a genuine opportunity to be your own boss and run your own LDC driving school business with all the support necessary to help ensure your success. See About the job for more details.

Your choice of car
With LDC you have a wide choice of vehicle that you can use for your LDC driving school. Use your own car (if suitable) or rent or buy a car through us at significant discounts. Indeed, the saving you could make by purchasing a new car through LDC alone could easily cover the cost of becoming a driving instructor and best of all you can do this as soon as you start the course.

Driving Instructor Car Corsa
Driving Instructor Car Mini
Driving Instructor Car DS3
Driving Instructor Car Focus
Driving Instructor Car Fiesta
Driving Instructor Car Peugeot

Giving driving tuition using the unique LD System
Using the LD System
Give yourself the ultimate competitive advantage, train your learners with the LD System using our unique student centred learning approach and our industry leading Theory Test products.

Best driving instructor training at the lowest overall cost
The LDC driving instructor training course incorporates:

For full details regarding the training see About the course.

Thinking of training with another company?
Please note we only offer trainee licence positions and our incredible start-up package worth £3,000 to students who have fully trained with us. However, we do consider applicants who are already fully qualified subject to their grade, experience and the purchase of extra training to become proficient in our unique training methods and way of operating.

Our training credentials
LDC are a founding member of the DVSA's Official Register of Driving Instructor Training(ORDIT) and we only use ORDIT qualified driving instructor trainers. As a minimum you should only use organisations on ORDIT and trainers who are ORDIT qualified. LDC is also a preferred training supplier to the armed forces career transition partnership scheme and approved by the MOD in support of the ELC scheme. This means we are a trusted provider of training to those leaving the armed forces looking for training to become a driving instructor. See Armed forces resettlement for more details. LDC also operates an approved Edexcel and ILM training centre offering additional qualifications in teaching, coaching, mentoring and business enterprise skills up to QCF level 4.

Training credentials LDC Classroom

So if you are serious about becoming a driving instructor choose wisely and train with a company that has the credentials and a proven track record of success. Give yourself a 90% chance of success not a 70% chance of failure! Look beyond the hype and the phoney guarantees - train with LDC.

Want to know more?
If you would like to know more please call one of our friendly office staff on free phone 0800 197 0010 or if using a mobile call 01977 691800. Alternatively please go to the Next Step.