Free Hazard Perception Test revision

If you are not familiar with how the Hazard Perception Test works please click on the preceding link before you take one of the test simulations below. Please note no registration is required to take these free test simulations.

Option 1 :  Theory Test Kit online website

Please click on the image below to access LDC's exciting Theory Test Kit online website in a new tab. This will give you access to a FREE Theory and Hazard Perception Test simulation.

Online Theory Test

Option 2 : LDC Theory Test Kit App

Alternatively, install our Free Theory Test Kit Lite App for either Apple iPhones/iPads or Android smart phones/tablets which can sync with your online results on the LDC learning Hub should you decide to learn to drive with a member of the LDC driving school network as well. This enables your driving instructor to view your progress and help you with your theory preparation as well as your preparation for the driving test. Try a theory and HP test simulation using the DVSA revision questions and videos to see how the test works in practice. Probably the most authentic reproduction of the actual test on either mobile devices or online - nothing compares.

LDC Theory Test App Screens

Option 3 : PC Hazard Perception Test Kit

If you feel you need more practice you can buy our download PC product called (not suitable for Apple Mac) Hazard Perception Test Kit Express for only £5.99. If you also need a product for the theory part look at our download product Theory Test Kit Express also at £5.99. Alternatively, you can buy our full PC products Theory Test Kit Complete, Driving Test Complete or Driving Test Ultimate which due to the large amounts of video content are best supplied on disk. Alternatively, you can subscribe to our new multiple device online Theory and Hazard Perception Test Kit product (option 1 above).

Important information about the DVSA Hazard Perception Test
Many Theory Test products and kits only contain a handful of hazard perception test clips to practice on which may help to explain why most people who fail the Official DVSA Theory Test do so on the Hazard Perception section. The DVSA only provide 34 official practice clips which for the vast majority of people is insufficient to practice on. The free advice on this website together with the free test options above should go some way to help ensure you are not one of the many thousands of people who fail the Theory Test each year due to the Hazard Perception part of the test.