LDC Driving Skills Workbook

A comprehensive learning aid to help accelerate the process of learning to drive. A must for anyone learning to drive professionally or with a family member or friend. One hundred and ninety two beautifully illustrated colour pages that take you step by step through each of the driving lessons that form part of the unique LD System of driving tuition.

LDC workbook page 2 and 3

Driving Skills Workbook

For each lesson within the programme this workbook contains:

  1. The aims and objectives.
  2. How the lesson relates to what the examiner is looking for on the driving test.
  3. Advice on finding a suitable location to carry out the practical lesson.
  4. A highly illustrated and graphical description of the key learning points to help you save time in the car on explanations thus giving you more time to practice.
  5. A fun lesson quiz to help you remember and understand the key learning points more thoroughly.
  6. Some thought provoking questions to help you discover you own views and opinions on certain types of driving behaviour.
  7. A list of potential learning tasks and activities to help you develop your skills quickly during your practical lesson.
  8. A set of learning targets by which to assess your progress toward driving test standard.

LDC workbook page 4 and 5

In addition the workbook contains:

  1. Everything you need to know about how the driving test is conducted and marked.
  2. A practical lesson planner and reflective diary section to record your thoughts and feelings on the last lesson and to determine a plan of action for the next.
  3. Appointments and payments record to help manage the money side of any driving tuition.
  4. A master progress chart to monitor your overall progress towards driving test success.

LDC workbook page 96 and 97

LDC workbook page 100 and 101

If you are serious about wanting to pass first time, quickly and for the least amount of money then take ownership of the process with LDC’s unique Driving Skills Workbook. Put your self in the driving seat in more ways than one. Take control of your own learning and ensure success happens by design not luck.

The workbook can be used on it’s own or in combination with the LDC driving skills DVDs.

How does it work?

1. Watch the video to help you learn about the skills and procedures relevant to the lesson topic or topics you propose to cover in your next practical driving lesson.

2. Read the accompanying lesson topic information in this workbook to help reinforce what you have seen.

3. Check your understanding by completing the topic quiz and compare your answers to those at the back of this workbook.

4. Put into practice what you have learnt on your next practical driving lesson.

5. At the end of the practical driving lesson review what goals you achieved, update the lesson topic targets, set a provisional plan for your next practical driving lesson and consider what preparation work you might undertake in this regard.

6.  Later reflect on what you did in your practical lesson and finalise what lesson goals/topic targets you would like to achieve as part of your plan for your next practical driving lesson (including what preparation you will undertake). It's that simple.

Prepare to be amazed at how fast you can learn and how much fun learning can be. Choose a specially trained LDC driving school instructor today and quickly get on the road to a lifetime of safe driving and a first time test pass.