Driving lesson 8. Emerging from busier junctions

Once you have dealt with emerging from basic junctions it is important you understand how to emerge from busier junctions.

Key learning notes

Emerging at busier junctions
Before you can emerge into a major road with busy traffic streams you need a safe gap in the traffic. This gap has to be large enough for you to emerge and build up your speed to that of the traffic already on the major road.

Emerging from a busy junction right

Emerging from a busy junction left

When turning right you will also need a gap to appear in the traffic from the right large enough to give you time to cross over to the left hand side of the major road. The gap from the right needs to appear at the same time as the gap in the traffic from the left. The space needed from the right does not need to be as long as the one from the left as you are only crossing over to the left side of the road.

Emerging into traffic with gap left and right

If your view of the junction is obscured by parked vehicles continue to creep forward slowly until you can obtain a view as in the diagram below.

Emerging from junction with obscured vision

Emerging at Y junctions
The procedure for approaching and emerging from Y junctions is basically the same as T junctions. However, the position of your vehicle may need to be slightly different just before emerging. Extra observations should be taken in order to improve your zone of vision as the pillars of the car might obscure your view and cause you to miss something small like a motorcycle or pedestrian.

Emerging at a Y junction

Highway Code study
Rule: 211.