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Over 10,000    Five Star reviews are listed on the following 590 pages starting with the most recent to the oldest (25 reviews per page). These reviews have been extracted from the customer reviews on each of the individual LDC driving school owners websites.

Liam's Testimonial
I thoroughly enjoyed my learning time with Karl. Although 30 hours of learning time may seem a long time, it's flies by, and the satisfaction of a first time pass is an irreplaceable feeling. Karl liked to keep the wheels rolling, maximising the learning time each lesson and whilst he seeks t...
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Matthew Scott's Testimonial
Matthew Scott
I think Iain is a great driving instructor and would recommend him to anyone learning to drive. The LDC workbook is very handy for learning the questions/theory. Overall, I had a good experience learning to drive and could not ask for a better driving instructor. The teaching points he gave are c...
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Jessica Buller 's Testimonial
Jessica Buller
A massive thank you to Emlyn, he is very patient and understanding. When I struggled in certain areas he found different methods to show me and help me understand. He helped build up my confidence and listened to all my queries. I thoroughly recommend him!
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Ben Ford's Testimonial
Ben Ford
It has been an absolute pleasure learning to drive with Andy over the past few months. He was always very calm and patient with me whilst my driving skills improved consistently. Andy put me at ease when I was feeling nervous and did everything in his power to ensure that I passed my driving test...
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Emily Thomson 's Testimonial
Emily Thomson
The online theory was helpful, as was having goals in the LDC workbook to mark off and track progress. Brian used effective methods of practising independent driving and helped me become more familiar with road signs and markings. I found it very helpful having some mock test support in the lead ...
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Jamie's Testimonial
Karl, I would first like to say thank you for helping me achieve my license. Throughout the the last 6 months there’s not been one thing I can fault about how you went about things, we got off to a great start and was flying with the lessons until I had to take 6 weeks off with me hurting m...
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Matt Betts's Testimonial
Matt Betts
I have found Ant to be a very committed Instructor who has been very helpful. He has always ensured I am learning to a safe standard of driving for life, not just to pass a test. Ant has been very willing to listen to my concerns and solve lessons upon areas I feel I am struggling with. As well a...
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Abby Case's Testimonial
Abby Case
I had Gary from LDC for my driving test preparations. He was outstanding and I would recommend him to anyone at any skill level looking to pass their practical driving test . He was very patient, positive, and encouraging throughout the entire process and by the time of my exam i knew I'd be ...
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Lilly Kirk's Testimonial
Lilly Kirk
The LDC Workbook is very useful, helped me to know where I’m at and lesson plans. Jackie is really good instructor, lessons planned out well and really helpful. 2 hour lessons way better, allows me to get more practice in. Overall really good 😊
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Nathan Harris's Testimonial
Nathan Harris
Jackie is an amazing instructor as she is patient, explains things clearly and knows how to make you feel confident on the road. I always came away from lessons feeling my driving was progressing and never felt out of my depth when learning new skills and manoeuvres. Jackie's use of diagrams ...
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Georgia Rogers 's Testimonial
Georgia Rogers
Sam was very calm and lovely when on my lessons. I was given a LDC workbook which I found very helpful which I truly believed is what helped me pass. Having someone who you find easy to get on with really brings out the confidence, which again having someone believe in me is what helped me to pas...
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Naomi's Testimonial
With help from Trevor I passed my driving test first time. He’s very patient, knowledgeable and helps build your confidence on the roads. The course materials provided from LDC are really useful too. The LDC workbook encourages you to write down all your learnings so you won’t forget ...
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Amy Anderson's Testimonial
Amy Anderson
Amazing! I couldn't be happier with the training and support I received from Gary. He was calm, positive and helped me gain so much confidence. With the use of the LDC workbook I was able to understand everything I needed to pass the driving test alongside the videos. I couldn't recommend Gary an...
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Max Lambert's Testimonial
Max Lambert
Ant is an excellent Instructor, he explains things very well and clearly and if you do not understand or make a mistake he will stay calm and explain again. The LDC videos provided have been very beneficial, particularly at the start of me learning to drive. The videos explain the skills thorough...
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Elliot Mitchell's Testimonial
Elliot Mitchell
Ant was excellent, clear, thorough and calm. He helped me pass first time. The resources provided were amazing. The LDC workbook and the online hub helped tremendously with my driving knowledge. Ant is a great guy, would recommend!
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Amarbir Sihgh's Testimonial
Amarbir Sihgh
First of all it’s a nice experience to work with Lucas. He helped me to find my faults and correct them all. The LDC workbook helped me a lot and I could prepare for the lessons in advance. I could also plan what I could do on my next session. Lucas was very accommodating with my goals for ...
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Rose Grimshaw's Testimonial
Rose Grimshaw
I had an excellent experience learning how to drive with Hazel. She was always friendly, patient and clear, and made me feel comfortable and confident in the car. The LDC workbook was very helpful to consolidate Hazel's lessons, and we methodically built up driving skills and technique over t...
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Tony Frost's Testimonial
Tony Frost
If you are based in Stockport and looking for a driving instructor who is earnest, patient and persistent, Andy is the one. His relaxed and reassuring style in combination with the LD system, made the entire process of learning the practical aspects of driving, as simple as possible. I cannot rec...
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Siobhan Stevens Hirsh's Testimonial
Siobhan Stevens Hirsh
My driving instructor is amazing, he adapts his way of teaching with how you learn the best, always keeping you at the centre of your own learning. With assistance from the LDC workbook and Anthony, I was able to discuss and decide what lessons I wanted to focus on and I was able to track my...
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Alex's Testimonial
"THANK YOU! I genuinely feel I would have struggled to pass with a different instructor, you never seemed to doubt my ability even when I thought I was doing badly and your patience and willingness to listen made so much difference to my learning experience. Your love and enthusiasm for your...
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Yasmin Fergusson's Testimonial
Yasmin Fergusson
I think that my instructor was very professional and helped me whenever needed. He helped with my theory test and guided me to where i could find answers. My LDC workbook was very helpful and i was prompted to fill it out and look through the test criteria. Very happy with everything.
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Natalie Harvey's Testimonial
Natalie Harvey
I had had lessons and done a test with another instructor previously and didn't pass and I started to have lessons with Andy before my next test to refresh and recap. He explained things really well and gave me other ways to look at certain elements of the test but was respectful that I may h...
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Hannah Ugboma's Testimonial
Hannah Ugboma
I thought my instructor was extremely helpful and knowledgeable when instructing me with my driving. She was patient and gave lots of useful points and advice. I found the LDC workbook especially useful in the early stages of learning as it allowed me to break down certain situations and go throu...
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Rika Handayani's Testimonial
Rika Handayani
Jackie has been fantastic from the beginning until the test day. She gave me the LDC workbook which was really helpful and also the online theory test practice for theory test preparation. During our lessons she gave me the push I needed to pass the practical test. Thanks to her support and patie...
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James's Testimonial
Thank you very much Toby for some great driving lessons and allowing me to take your car to test would 100% recommend you, an amazing instructor and a good friend for along the way :)
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