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Over 15,000    Five Star reviews are listed on the following 685 pages starting with the most recent to the oldest (25 reviews per page). These reviews have been extracted from the customer reviews on each of the individual LDC driving school owners websites.

Lucy Leaf's Testimonial
Lucy Leaf
Really good instructor - reliable, friendly and flexible Good driving techniques Helpful resources in the LDC Workbook Great resources on the app for theory test.
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Evie Headland's Testimonial
Evie Headland
Andy is fantastic instructor who answers all questions, worries and queries I had. We used the LDC workbook as a template for lessons and I was able to revise the lesson in my own car after each lesson. Before each lesson are utilise the videos and questions to check my understanding. Andy made s...
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Lauren Almond's Testimonial
Lauren Almond
Ant and the LD System have been simply fantastic. Learning to drive has been a really big deal for me. As a women in my thirties with a somewhat nervous disposition, this was no small task, and Ant couldn't have been more brilliant. He's instilled calmness and confidence in me and offered...
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Leo Bowie's Testimonial
Leo Bowie
Graeme was a great help and the reason I passed my driving test. Graeme was firm but fair in my lessons, telling me my areas to improve and what I can do to be the best drover possible. The LDC workbook was a major help as it talks through all details of driving. All in all a great instructor and...
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Hashim Iqbal's Testimonial
Hashim Iqbal
Richard has been a fantastic instructor for the duration of my journey learning to drive. He was always patient and helped reinforce my driving skills and confidence every lesson. He was able to identify issues in my driving and go over ways to solve them, only moving on when I was happy to, whic...
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Isabelle Thompson's Testimonial
Isabelle Thompson
🌟Hazel has been amazing and has helped me so much I am so grateful! The lessons were very useful as I could work on what I needed to practice the most and in the car it was always a very friendly, positive environment which I loved. I am a worrier and Hazel helped me grow my confidence whilst dri...
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Bethan's Testimonial
Rich has been a great driving instructor. He is calm and supportive and makes sure you feel safe and confident behind the wheel. I found the LDC workbook really helpful to structure my lessons and keep focused by creating targets but also looking at what you have done well. I would 100% recommend...
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Dylan Tunnicliffe's Testimonial
Dylan Tunnicliffe
Ahzaz is a patient, calm and easy going instructor with a brilliant personality. I was slightly anxious about taking driving lessons at first, however, since my first lesson with Ahzaz, he made me feel comfortable to a point where I could be myself around him. He was very supportive and recognise...
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Dominika Radzicka's Testimonial
Dominika Radzicka
Lynne was a fantastic instructor! From the get go she adjusted lessons to my ability and skill level. She pushed me in each class so that I felt challenged but not overwhelmed, this meant that each lesson was fun and enjoyable but also developed my driving skills. The LDC website and Workbook wer...
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Ethan Tasker-Taylor's Testimonial
Ethan Tasker-Taylor
When I first started lessons, I was really nervous about getting in the car and driving about. However after a few weeks I was no longer nervous but excited to be out driving. Jackie was very patient and kind with me which helped with my nerves. She would always tell me what to improve on and wha...
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Emily's Testimonial
I recently just passed my driving test with Mark from LDC. I highly recommend him as he was always so calm and patient with me. The help he provided was fantastic.  The LDC workbook was extremely helpful and it was a simple but effective step to step guide on driving. The app helps so much w...
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Cornelius Ng's Testimonial
Cornelius Ng
I have been lucky to have Ben as my driving instructor. I started to approach Ben in July as my international license was going to expire. Ben was so kind to offer me a test drive session out of his extremely packed schedule. After the session, he managed to identify my areas for improvement and ...
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Samuel Miles's Testimonial
Samuel Miles
The instructor (Graeme) was really excellent at helping me get confident operating the vehicle and really good at helping me with the manoeuvres. I give all credit to him. The resources I was given were good and helped me understand what examiners expectations are on tests. The LD system was good...
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Kai B's Testimonial
Kai B
I started my lessons with Adam in a manual car but decided to swap to automatic when he started offering both. I found the LDC system to be very helpful. The LDC workbook and videos were very useful in my preparation for lessons and the test.
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Patrick Edmonds 's Testimonial
Patrick Edmonds
Graeme is a fantastic instructor. Very patient, encouraging you to think independently and plan ahead. Graeme is very friendly and a good laugh putting you at ease. The LDC programme is well structured, enabling the learner to reflect and take ownership of learning. The LDC workbook is useful for...
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Eilish O's Testimonial
Eilish O
Adam is a fantastic instructor who helped me to learn and pass my test in a very short time. The LDC workbook and videos also helped me to learn, even when I wasn't driving.
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Libby Taylor-Jones's Testimonial
Libby Taylor-Jones
Ant has been very helpful and patient. I received advice at every opportunity and was given little sayings to remember, i.e. "less space, less pace". I felt very confident driving from very early on and was constantly pushed to sort my theory test, revision and practical test! The LDC w...
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Shaun Sykes's Testimonial
Shaun Sykes
Emile is an excellent instructor, calm, patient, and very knowledgeable. He emphasises the safety aspects brilliantly. He uses an excellent method with easy to follow learning method, broken down very well for easy understanding and progression. The LDC workbook was a great accompaniment to the p...
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Charlie Thornton's Testimonial
Charlie Thornton
Andy was a really great instructor - he was always able to keep calm (not the easiest thing to do at some points.. ) and was always engaging. With regards to the LD System, I found the LDC workbook’s content quite useful, both for preparing for lessons and measuring my progress using the ta...
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Lloyd Kershaw's Testimonial
Lloyd Kershaw
Lloyd — The LDC system is perfect for someone who wants to take control of their learning. It is very reflective and the support you get is incredible. Clare is an absolute credit to LDC and is a brilliant instructor. Clare is calm and thorough. I have been with two previous instructors but...
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Jess Booth's Testimonial
Jess Booth
Jess - I found all the lessons helpful and the online LDC portal helped me set goals and understand what I was working towards. In lessons I was able to gain confidence whilst also cleaning up my driving. Clare helped me feel comfortable behind the wheel and I never felt uneasy whilst driving wit...
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Mursal 's Testimonial
I would highly recommend Emile to anyone learning to drive. He has been so patient, kind, and supportive during my lessons. He has really stressed the importance on M.S.P.S.L. as well as safe and legal driving. Thus helped me to focus on these two things whilst driving. The student centred learni...
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Ben Hall's Testimonial
Ben Hall
Thanks to Jenny and LDC, I have passed my driving test first time. The LDC workbook has helped me to see what I needed to work towards, as well as helping me to remember the 'show me, tell me' questions. A massive thank you to my instructor, Jenny, as she helped me every step of the way. ...
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Charlotte's Testimonial
I couldn’t recommend shelly enough. She made me feel confident and comfortable during my lessons. The LDC driving skills workbook provided helped me plan each lesson meaning I could work on little bits allowing me to improve my driving faster. I passed first time thank you for your help. I ...
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Alina's Testimonial
The LDC Driving Skills workbook was really helpful - with goals for each lesson which motivated me. Graeme is a really good instructor. He helped me get through the anxiety about driving. His teaching style is organised and takes every opportunity to teach a new skill.
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