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Over 10,000    Five Star reviews are listed on the following 590 pages starting with the most recent to the oldest (25 reviews per page). These reviews have been extracted from the customer reviews on each of the individual LDC driving school owners websites.

Guy's Testimonial
I really enjoyed my lessons with Paul, highly recommended with an approachable teach style that helped me to achieve a pass whilst putting safety first.
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Holly's Testimonial
Paul not only taught me how to drive but also how to deal with stressful situations in a calm and collected manner which was something I was worried about. He put all my nerves at ease and was really helpful and understanding when I had any questions or couldn’t quite grasp something. I wou...
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Sasha's Testimonial
Sasha, huge congratulations on passing your test at the first attempt with just one driving fault. Your hard work has paid off. I shall no doubt see you when I am passing with new students at the start of their journey. Safe driving.
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Holly's Testimonial
Congratulations to Holly on your first time pass in Pinner. You overcame your nerves and got the result you deserved. I will keep a look out for your little red car around the area and see you on the West End Stage in the future! YOU COULD BE LIKE HOLLY AND PASS YOUR TEST SOON!
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Tracey Cooke 's Testimonial
Tracey Cooke
Samantha is an amazing instructor! She is calm and very professional. She went the extra mile to get my lessons booked in and she always communicated clearly regarding arranging lessons and what to expect on my test. I always felt relaxed on lessons and she is a very patient instructor - I wish I...
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Elisabeth Hargreaves's Testimonial
Elisabeth Hargreaves
Of the three driving instructors I have had Stuart Burton has definitely helped me the most. His calm and patient attitude really put me at ease and helped me not only learn how to drive but how to be safe while on the road. The LD System Driving Skills workbook was very helpful for preparing for...
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Amy Piercy's Testimonial
Amy Piercy
My instructor Samantha has been fantastic - always supportive and encouraging! The LDC workbook has been really helpful when I needed to brush my knowledge up and I could get extra help from my instructor whenever I needed.
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Macy's Testimonial
Driving did not come easily to me by any means, but Dawn's patience, kindness and open communication boosted my confidence greatly. I enjoyed how the learning was thorough yet structured, and Dawn always takes the time to untangle any difficulties and ensure you have understood. She is incred...
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Charlotte Coull's Testimonial
Charlotte Coull
Gary is exceptionally patient and constantly provided me with support and understanding, his methods helped me become a safe and responsible driver while allowing me to prepare for independent driving. The LD workbooks allowed me to plan my own lessons and helped me understand what I needed to wo...
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Dumitru Ungureanu's Testimonial
Dumitru Ungureanu
I think Patrick is one of the best Instructor. He is a very friendly, caring personality and makes you drive fairly quickly and at a pace to best suit my needs. I would definitely recommend him. The LDC Workbook and videos helped a lot in learning and preparing me to become a good driver.
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Ben's Testimonial
Judith has been an absolutely lovely instructor. Very supportive, friendly and reliable. It's been a great experience learning to drive with her. The LD system has been super useful to help me pass my theory test and keep me on track with my lessons. Been a great journey! I would highly recom...
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Samuel Perkins's Testimonial
Samuel Perkins
Steve is a great instructor. He is excellent at explaining the processes and techniques required to pass the practical test, but he also gives more in-depth information that will help you to drive after having passed. I used the LD system frequently prior to the theory test and the workbook was a...
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Olivia's Testimonial
Massive congratulations to Olivia for passing her driving test. Olivia was new to the area due to studying at the local university. She had previously failed her test but immediately demonstrated to me she was a very competent driver. A test booster set of lessons was agreed and Olivia smashed it...
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Eleftherios's Testimonial
Eleftherios took the LDC semi-intensive 30 hour course starting from scratch and passing 1st time within 3 weeks. Darren is a fantastic driving instructor providing excellent teaching, always calm, supportive, positive and reassuring with great help and tips during the course. I am so glad I chos...
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Ernie Shannon's Testimonial
Ernie Shannon
“I had a great time learning with Paul, he is very calm in all situations and he also manages to inject some humour in the process. I was not only very grateful for all the practice routes he took me on, but also the psychological preparation just before the exam, both of which I am su...
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Emma Gough Cooper's Testimonial
Emma Gough Cooper
"I couldn't have asked for a better instructor than Paul. I had full confidence from the start that, with his patience and diligence, Paul was going to set me up for a lifetime of safe driving. He made me feel at ease which is why I thoroughly enjoyed our lessons together. Paul gave me l...
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Jennifer Smith's Testimonial
Jennifer Smith
Graeme is ever such a calming influence in the car. Very friendly but assertive. He teaches well, giving clear instructions and directions and intervenes only when necessary for everyone’s safety. Graeme explains things well, is always punctual and ready and a good price. First time pass wi...
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James Ward's Testimonial
James Ward
My instructor was friendly and easy to understand. She had a calm approach towards our lessons. Jackie gave good, clear instructions and explanations that I could follow. The LD workbook was helpful and gave me a lot of information on what the examiners were looking for such as 'show me tell ...
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Chloe Day's Testimonial
Chloe Day
Chris helped me through my lessons, and helped me with any concerns I had. The LDC Driving Skills workbook helped me through any questions I had. I also used the theory test preparation to help me pass my theory. I have had a great experience learning with LDC, and it has been a great learning cu...
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FINLEY's Testimonial
Congratulations to Finley for passing his driving test with just three faults. Due to Covid and lockdowns, it has taken a while but the end result has been worthwhile. Enjoy your freedom and I will see you around. YOU COULD NEXT!!
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Sophie Butler's Testimonial
Sophie Butler
Graeme was an excellent instructor, really good at calming my nerves and helping me progress with my driving. Using the LDC resources really helped me with my theory and preparing for the next driving lesson.
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Alice Burbridge's Testimonial
Alice Burbridge
I would highly recommend Jonathan, he's a brilliant instructor who is very calming and patient. Doing the LDC One Week Pass Course with him has been lots of fun, and getting the extra resources of the book and DVD has helped prepare me before I started and also helped throughout the week. Tha...
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Milli Yule's Testimonial
Milli Yule
Thank you so much Kenny! A great teacher who made me feel very comfortable driving and prepared for my test!
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Maggie Gayes's Testimonial
Maggie Gayes
Super friendly & helpful instructor 😊 Plenty of resources - LD workbook to keep track of progress and with lesson outlines and Highway Code etc great for between lessons. Website was most helpful for theory practice, especially the hazard perception section. I feel a lot more confident than w...
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Holly Robinson 's Testimonial
Holly Robinson
I can’t put into words how amazing Sarah is, she put me at ease every lesson and built my confidence in driving so much and so quickly. She is so understanding and will fit around you for every lesson. She will go above and beyond to help you! Thank you for everything you have done for me, ...
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