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Over 15,000    Five Star reviews are listed on the following 660 pages starting with the most recent to the oldest (25 reviews per page). These reviews have been extracted from the customer reviews on each of the individual LDC driving school owners websites.

Greg Rhodes's Testimonial
Greg Rhodes
Patrick is a great driving Instructor. He is patient, firm and encouraging in his teaching/instructing. Operating off a step by step process, driving progression felt balanced across all lessons and I never felt held back. It was a delight being Patrick's student in learning to drive and the ...
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Jamie Thompson's Testimonial
Jamie Thompson
Patrick was very patient and understanding. He was reliable and professional during my time with him. He was always very helpful and couldn't recommend him enough. The LDC Driving Skills Workbook and accompanying videos I found were helpful in preparation for lessons and the useful informatio...
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Cesar Sanchez's Testimonial
Cesar Sanchez
In my personal case I had a great time learning with Andy as he taught me a very systematic way of driving to pass my test. He guided me every step of the way and it really felt like a very fresh learning method. I didn't get to use the online LD system much but I did find the LDC workbook as...
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Curtis Seymour's Testimonial
Curtis Seymour
Really nice guy and easy to talk too while driving, making it a comfortable and easy experience driving where you need. The LDC workbook given on the first lesson was really useful to keep progress for yourself after each lesson and lessons coming up, with Ant's help debriefing after each les...
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Rebecca Robertson's Testimonial
Rebecca Robertson
Having put off learning to drive for some time, I came to Mik as a fairly nervous and anxious pupil. He put me right at ease with his professional yet relaxed approach to teaching. I soon found that I was looking forward to my lessons rather than being nervous about them. I have found that Mik&rs...
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Paul's Testimonial
Jamie provides a really thorough and enjoyable driving experience, A teacher, confidant and buddy I am going to miss. Jamie's personality, care and respect shines through in every lesson. He really puts you at ease while driving. These qualities made the course feel more like a hobby instead ...
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Prabjeet Kaur Singh's Testimonial
Prabjeet Kaur Singh
I cannot thank my instructor Kirstie Kingston enough because she is very down to earth, understanding and she does not rush you into doing the next lesson topic if your not confident with the previous ...... I have been let down several times with other instructors but with Kirstie I have never b...
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Keri O'Neill's Testimonial
Keri O'Neill
Kirstie was an excellent instructor. I found Kirstie online after having a few bad instructors before and was looking for someone who could be firm yet encouraging, friendly and qualified. Kirstie is all those things. As for the LDC workbook, it was helpful as well when it came to learning the qu...
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Chloe Fish's Testimonial
Chloe Fish
Mark is an amazing instructor ! Always very chatty and willing to answer any questions and give advice. The LDC workbook given is a great help and a wonderful resource to have. I highly recommend Mark, Thank you. Examiner comments: the best drive I have seen in a long time, congratulations.
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Amelia's Testimonial
Jamie is the best instructor. I started my lessons being an incredibly nervous driver but Jamie was so understanding and motivated me to be more confident in my ability to drive. I seriously wouldn't recommend anyone else if you're wanting to learn to drive. The LDC workbook was very usef...
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Lottie's Testimonial
My instructor was great. Didn't shout at me or tell me off ever and he constantly asked questions so I would keep alert which was really good. Felt really confident going in to my test. The LDC workbook was really helpful particularly when practicing on my own.
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Ellie's Testimonial
My instructor was patient and explained everything clearly so that it was easy to understand. The LDC workbooks provided gave me a good understanding of everything before trying it out for myself in the car which meant I was more confident and able to understand what I needed to do clearly.
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Evie Lawton 's Testimonial
Evie Lawton
Sam is very patient and takes everything steady. No rushing into things. The LDC workbook really helped. Helpful when thinking I couldn't do it. Very organised. Great driving instructor.
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Jack Field's Testimonial
Jack Field
My instructor was very good at teaching me and matching how fast I wanted to learn. She also allowed me to decide what most of my lessons would cover, allowing me to benefit the most out of my lessons, as I could work on the things I was least comfortable with. I found the LDC workbook to be very...
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Damian Galt's Testimonial
Damian Galt
“Throughout my learning experience I have enjoyed driving largely due to Louise’s attitude and motivation. She is always happy to have a laugh (especially when I was nervous) calming my nerves. The LDC workbook and hub really helped set a foundation and understanding for me helping me...
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Aryn's Testimonial
I really enjoyed my time with Trev, the learning style worked well for me and the LDC workbook provided a great resource for out of lesson practice. The in-lesson resources were easy and intuitive to understand, which meant more time was spent on the road, getting real practice. Would definitely ...
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Tallulah Stanmore's Testimonial
Tallulah Stanmore
Charlotte has been a brilliant teacher. I can't recommend her enough. Having the right driving instructor really makes a huge difference whilst learning and she's been absolutely wonderful, always encouraging and she goes out of her way to help you 😊. I really enjoyed learning with the LD...
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Jenni's Testimonial
Karl was faultless. His teaching method was straightforward and to the point. Karl is patient and calm, so perfect for anxious learners or those with low confidence. His bubbly persona instantly puts you at ease, making you feel as safe as possible to what may seem a daunting environment. Karl is...
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Ethan Mann's Testimonial
Ethan Mann
A fantastic driving instructor he supports his students all the way through the experience. He is great for learning the basics using the LDC workbook and going through the list of targets, preparing you for various road conditions etc. He also helps you find the best and most effective technique...
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Danny Pearce's Testimonial
Danny Pearce
Paul is a great instructor as he trains to a high standard. He made me a better driver every lesson I had with him which allowed me to make great improvements to my driving skills. Paul was also a great guy and I got on with him very well. I couldn't recommend him any higher for a new learnin...
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Stuart Stevenson's Testimonial
Stuart Stevenson
Paul is a brilliant driving instructor and an all round great guy. I was not very confident getting behind the wheel again after a long spell out. I undertook an LDC intensive course with Paul who brought me back up to speed in a short time. With guidance from Paul and the LDC workbook he provide...
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Andree Navarrete's Testimonial
Andree Navarrete
Paul has been a very good instructor. He's very calm in teaching which wouldn't cause panic during sessions. The LDC workbook provided was helpful too.
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Maureen Burrows's Testimonial
Maureen Burrows
Andy is a very patient and understanding instructor. He's very knowledgeable, knows what he's doing. He is very informative and good at his craft. I passed 1st time. Thank you Andy. Also the LDC workbook helped prepare me on what to expect on my driving lessons and the test.
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Isaac Oyarzabal's Testimonial
Isaac Oyarzabal
Jackie was extremely helpful and informative during lessons and if there was anything I struggled with she quickly offered alternatives to help me progress. In addition, the LDC workbook was very useful for going back through anything covered in lessons and especially useful for information about...
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Amy Park's Testimonial
Amy Park
Very patient, kind and not too serious or strict. My instructor (Iain) made learning to drive stress free and enjoyable and a very comfortable and safe environment. I used the LDC workbook for my ‘Show Me/Tell Me’ questions and that helped a great deal.
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