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Over 10,000    Five Star reviews are listed on the following 584 pages starting with the most recent to the oldest (25 reviews per page). These reviews have been extracted from the customer reviews on each of the individual LDC driving school owners websites.

Joe Hovey's Testimonial
Joe Hovey
From the first meeting, Siobhan made me feel comfortable. She explained everything clearly before we started the lessons. During the lessons, Siobhan was very professional and helpful with improving my driving. At the end of the lesson she gave constructive feedback, which helped to move forward ...
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Holly M's Testimonial
Holly M
The student-centred LD System worked amazingly and helped me learn quickly. The LDC Workbook was extremely helpful, especially in the run up to the test when we had to cram in lots of lessons because of the November lockdown. Adam was extremely helpful after the lockdown. My test was only 5 days ...
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Saiyed Ahmed's Testimonial
Saiyed Ahmed
Gary was excellent! He was very easy to work with and never rushed anything. He always made sure I was comfortable before doing anything. I would recommend him to everyone. Also the LDC workbook was very useful and gave me a lot of detailed information. Thank you Gary!
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Jack McCormick's Testimonial
Jack McCormick
Alan is a great driving instructor who was very easy to learn with. On my lessons I always felt comfortable and at ease with everything we were doing. Alan explains things very clearly and had me confidence and fully prepared for when my test came. Alan is not only a great instructor and teacher,...
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Chawanangwa Lupafyn 's Testimonial
Chawanangwa Lupafyn
As an international student I was not sure if I would find the right driving instructor and enjoy driving lessons. Thankfully I got the correct instructor and really enjoyed driving lessons. The LDC Driving Skills Workbook really helped as I was able plan my own lessons as well as reflect on what...
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Latisha Kusay's Testimonial
Latisha Kusay
Passed my test first time and in such a short amount of time on an LDC semi intensive course. My instructor Graham was very calm and gave me the confidence to complete my lessons and test. I would recommend Graham as he is calm, patient and a confidence builder he will discuss your progress with ...
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Miro's Testimonial
Tony is a great instructor with an amazing and caring personality. I found him calm in every situation and he finds the techniques to suit your needs. The car was spotless inside and out and communication was spot on. I liked that the LDC workbook helps with your understanding. A great teacher an...
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Ashley Rennie's Testimonial
Ashley Rennie
Patrick is fantastic! Very patient, he thought of every aspect of my learning and tailored lessons to my requirements. He is very friendly and easy to talk to. Very knowledgable and can give great advice on how to handle situations while driving. The LD System is very useful, easy to follow, info...
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Katy Young's Testimonial
Katy Young
I had switched over to Alan from a different driving school and I realised that I was doing some things wrong. Alan explained to me how to do them properly and worked with me to improve my driving. I am now a confident driver since passing my test. Alan also gave me the LDC Driving Skills workboo...
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Keiran S's Testimonial
Keiran S
Adam was always helpful in the learning process, always willing to go the extra mile in order to make sure I passed my test at the first attempt. The LDC theory app was extremely useful and covered all of the essentials.
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Jodi Bretman's Testimonial
Jodi Bretman
Susan was extremely patient and helpful in explaining everything. She has always had faith in me and believed I could pass! I would recommend Susan to anyone. She is an amazing teacher and very approachable. The LDC workbook and videos were extremely helpful and helped you get a good understandin...
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Eleanor lee's Testimonial
Eleanor lee
Sam is an amazing instructor, she helps you learn at your own pace but also encourages you to push yourself if you're too comfortable. Sam is a great teacher and really good at explaining everything! The LD System is really good to learn. All the online learning resources were so helpful when...
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Mubarak Adam's Testimonial
Mubarak Adam
First of all, let me say thank you to Patrick for being a very good driving instructor to teach me to drive, and I would highly recommend him. I found the LDC YouTube channel very helpful.
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Tyrone Carson's Testimonial
Tyrone Carson
I liked the way that the LD System allowed me to get through the lessons as quickly as possible, while also making sure my driving was up to the standard to pass my test. This meant that as little money as possible was spent and I got my test done as fast as possible, but I am still a safe driver...
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Danielle Hayes's Testimonial
Danielle Hayes
After many years of not having enough confidence to learn to drive, the LD System worked for me. The LDC workbook made it easy to know what I had done, and what was to come. The DVD was a brilliant way to refresh at home. Most importantly, my driving instructor Alan Moss has an amazing way of tea...
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Ellie Parr's Testimonial
Ellie Parr
Siobhan was calm and patient as I gained confidence. Her instructions were clear and every step of my lessons was well explained. Siobhan dealt with my nerves and got me to my test in 20 hours of lessons, for which I am very grateful. The LDC workbook was helpful when preparing for my test, for b...
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Madeline Jones's Testimonial
Madeline Jones
Daniel is an amazing instructor. He is patient, knowledgeable and very clear. He tailors his approach to his students and is such a great teacher. The LDC workbook is also very useful.
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Billy Hough's Testimonial
Billy Hough
Louise provided a calm and safe learning environment which allowed me to advance quickly and well. Throughout the recent COVID restrictions she supported me, allowing me to keep up the skills required to pass my test. The LDC workbook helped me prepare, organise and consolidate my learning. The h...
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Yasmin Stuart's Testimonial
Yasmin Stuart
Having Hazel as my driving instructor has been a great experience as I have managed to better my confidence issues with driving, thus making me a licensed driver who is both safe and certain. She has made my learner driver experience enjoyable through creating a comfortable atmosphere whilst teac...
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Sarah Ashe's Testimonial
Sarah Ashe
Absolutely Amazing! From my initial meeting with Jackie to my pass today everything has been exceptional. I’ve felt supported throughout and have loved the LDC approach to learning. My lessons have always been supported and I enjoyed the planning & reflective way of learning. At times w...
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Emma Woodhead's Testimonial
Emma Woodhead
Steve is a brilliant instructor – talkative, friendly and supportive as well as being relaxed, calm and clear when giving instructions. The LD System is amazing! The learning resources are very details and easy to understand. I will be strongly recommending Steve and LDC to friends and fami...
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Lizzie 's Testimonial
Karina is an amazing instructor. She has not only helped me with driving, but also my overall confidence. Karina always explained things clearly and made sure I felt safe whilst driving. Instead of giving me direct instructions. She asked me questions about what was going on around me, helping me...
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Kai's Testimonial
Great course, very concise and easy to follow. Highly recommend.
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Alix Smith's Testimonial
Alix Smith
Gary was very good and supportive with my whole training process. The LD System was very helpful, the workbook really does help you with lesson preparation.
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Sasha H's Testimonial
Sasha H
Adam has been excellent! Despite my nerves, difficult circumstances (living away at uni) and lockdown, he has always been accommodating and supportive. He always ensured that the lessons were directed and suited to what I wanted to cover, and supported me in building my confidence. I found the LD...
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