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Over 15,000    Five Star reviews are listed on the following 660 pages starting with the most recent to the oldest (25 reviews per page). These reviews have been extracted from the customer reviews on each of the individual LDC driving school owners websites.

Leo Willcock's Testimonial
Leo Willcock
Charlotte has been so helpful and reassuring and I improved my driving skills every single lesson. The LDC workbook was also really helpful as it's structured and it allowed me to clearly see my progression 😀
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Elma 's Testimonial
I have been very lucky to have worked with my instructor Rosie which has helped me to achieve my goal and pass the driving test. She has been very patient and helpful during the lessons and I have improved my driving skills. Also, I was given the LDC workbook which helped me understand the rules ...
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Elle Fuller's Testimonial
Elle Fuller
The LD System makes driving easy and safe. Ant is a great Instructor who explains things in a manner easy to understand and makes lessons enjoyable. He always asks students what they prefer to work on in lessons. He made them go very quick. Thank you Ant!
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Elliott Kimm's Testimonial
Elliott Kimm
After doing lessons a few years ago there was some worry it would take a while to get ready for test again. However, Jane quickly got me back to and much better than I was previously. She is easygoing and very flexible with times which is great when working/at university. The LDC materials was gr...
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Sophie Wicks's Testimonial
Sophie Wicks
I have really enjoyed my driving lessons with Ant. It was fun while learning which allowed me to have confidence during my test. The LDC theory test preparation was very helpful, better than other apps you can try. The LDC workbook was very useful as I always knew what to expect on each lesson wh...
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Hannah's Testimonial
Craig is a friendly, professional instructor who really helped grow my confidence in the car at a pace which meant I successfully passed my test. He is a motivating teacher who would bespoke time in the car to my individual needs. Having the LD training system workbook and understanding the techn...
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Joe Bacon's Testimonial
Joe Bacon
My Instructor is brilliant! He is very supportive and knowledgeable, very encouraging and aware of mistakes and how to fix them. The LDC System has also been very helpful with its breakdown and presentation of manoeuvres. The progression through the skills is good too.
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Lucy Baxter's Testimonial
Lucy Baxter
The first day I met Siobhan she was warm and friendly, she put my mind at ease straight away. She was a brilliant teacher, I always felt safe with her instructing me. I really enjoyed my lessons right from the start, and would recommend her to any of my friends who want to drive. The workbook was...
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Helen Hodgson's Testimonial
Helen Hodgson
Really helpful throughout. Ensured that he took his time explaining each step. Supportive and calm when situations maybe stressful. Referencing to the LDC Workbook helped gain understanding and terms used on test.
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Maisie Lloyd's Testimonial
Maisie Lloyd
The LDC workbook helped me to understand what I needed to work on and what I already knew. I always felt safe and comfortable throughout my lessons and we revisited areas of uncertainty so that I was certain in what I was doing. Doing mock tests help me to gauge and understand a real test situati...
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Laura Mace's Testimonial
Laura Mace
Jackie is very professional and thorough. She has got me from never getting behind the wheel of a car to a high test standard, with a first time pass. The LDC online login for the learning materials is very helpful between lessons and for the theory test preparation to a high standard too. I like...
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Zara Hepworth's Testimonial
Zara Hepworth
I was put in the position of having to find a new instructor half way through learning which was initially very daunting. Rich instantly put me at ease. My lessons were all enjoyable and helpful, and Rich really helped me with my confidence as initially I was a very nervous driver. I found the LD...
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Brianna 's Testimonial
Sheila is an amazing instructor. From the beginning she made me feel at ease, she is very friendly and so easy to talk to which makes lessons even more enjoyable. She has been so encouraging, supportive and patient throughout my experience. Sheila helped me plan my lessons each week and we used t...
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Ruth Hill's Testimonial
Ruth Hill
I found Iain really helpful in learning to drive. He was always reliable and on time. I found the LDC workbook really helpful when looking for information about driving.
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Georgie Parsons's Testimonial
Georgie Parsons
"Learning to drive with Paul has been a very enjoyable one. He designed me a well thought through timetable which had been planned to ensure I had developed all the skills and was completely prepared and ready to take the test. Paul’s instructing techniques are very easy to understand ...
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Amani Howe's Testimonial
Amani Howe
Graeme has been a great driving instructor. He is very friendly and easy to get along with. Since l've had lessons with him I have learnt so many more skills in driving and useful tips. The LD system is really useful and I think using the workbook to write about your lesson is also very helpf...
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Marianne Davies's Testimonial
Marianne Davies
I can't speak highly enough of Hazel my driving instructor. Before learning with her, driving lessons filled me with terror. I loved being a passenger in a car but when I sat behind the wheel I felt like I was in a metal murder machine! It felt impossible to steer, operate the gears, pedals a...
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Molly Lawley 's Testimonial
Molly Lawley
I think Mark is a good instructor helped me a lot, he was very patient With me and he also Made the lessons fun and exciting. He was always so calm when Talking me through everything.
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Alex Nicholson's Testimonial
Alex Nicholson
The LDC resources and system were great and worked well for me. Ant was an amazing Instructor and really helped me, very informative & friendly. Thank you!
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Yuki's Testimonial
Got a pass on my first driving test today. Wouldn’t have done this without William’s intensive course! I feel really lucky and grateful to have found such a patient, cheerful and supportive instructor! The Training material from LDC was so helpful and with William helping me understan...
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James Drummond's Testimonial
James Drummond
William is a great teacher very patient and helped me pass first time can’t thank him enough for the time he took with me highly recommend. He taught me using the LDC client centred way of teaching. As a result I picked it up straight away and only took me 20 lessons with William to get tes...
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Henry - Crossway Green's Testimonial
Henry - Crossway Green
Glyn is an excellent instructor, very patient with my driving and my questions. He teaches the course well in an easy to understand approach. The LDC workbook that he uses is very handy as you have a checklist within it along with easy to read diagrams for each scenario, as well as space for your...
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Bethan 's Testimonial
My weekly lessons with Andy helped me gain much more confidence with driving and his constant feedback throughout the lessons helped me to pass my test with no faults. The LD system helped me to consolidate what I had learnt in the lessons, helping me to progress quicker.
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Daniel Marlow's Testimonial
Daniel Marlow
I really enjoyed my lessons with Laura. She was there to offer support whenever I needed it, whether this was over the phone or during my lessons she was always keen to help. We followed the lesson plan in the LDC workbook and this made it a lot easier to follow because I could read about a topic...
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Demi's Testimonial
Can’t thank Gayle enough for taking the time each week to help me learn to drive. She was so patient, friendly and always made me feel so relaxed! She explained everything in detail and took the time to discuss situations when I made a mistake so I understood where I went wrong and how to f...
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