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Over 15,000    Five Star reviews are listed on the following 685 pages starting with the most recent to the oldest (25 reviews per page). These reviews have been extracted from the customer reviews on each of the individual LDC driving school owners websites.

Owen Harrison's Testimonial
Owen Harrison
Andy was super friendly and supportive for the whole experience of learning to drive. We went at a pace that was challenging but also doable. The LDC workbook used when learning to drive was very useful and gave useful pointers and learning opportunities. Overall, my experience of learning to dri...
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Megan's Testimonial
I couldn’t have asked for a better driving instructor than Ruth. She is so patient and calm and made learning to drive much easier and enjoyable. Ruth also has a very friendly nature and is very understanding which made me feel so comfortable in the car. Ruth explained reflections she had s...
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Archie's Testimonial
My experience learning to drive with Mark has been both educational and personalised, allowing me to feel comfortable when out driving whilst confident in my knowledge of the road and the car I’m driving. I found the online LDC resources invaluable in helping me prepare for both aspect...
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Will's Testimonial
Very enjoyable experience with Adam. Extremely patient with me. The LD System, especially the workbook, helps progress your learning faster and contributes to a positive experience.
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Daniel Morris's Testimonial
Daniel Morris
Sam was very helpful and supportive and took me on after my old instructor was messing me about, the student centred LD system was also very helpful and helped me learn everything to help me pass 1st time.
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Hannah 's Testimonial
Helen is a great teacher with really useful techniques and teaching styles that helped me pass my driving test on my first attempt. In particular, the techniques Helen taught me for manoeuvres such as reverse bay parking have proved really useful. The LDC hub was invaluable in helping me pas...
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Mia Bruce's Testimonial
Mia Bruce
The LDC workbook was really helpful when preparing for the driving test and learning the ‘Show Me/Tell Me’ questions. Iain was a good instructor and I never felt under any pressure or stress during lessons.
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Conor Gibb's Testimonial
Conor Gibb
Thank you so much for being my instructor. Every lesson was well planned and structured. You were very friendly and made me feel relaxed in the car when I first started. The LDC workbook was very useful for me when I wanted to look over stuff in my own time. You were very understanding of my time...
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Bridget Pedley's Testimonial
Bridget Pedley
The LDC workbook and app where helpful at times. The lessons were good the questions Clare asked helped me to learn what I needed to know. If I didn’t understand something Clare would break it down and explain it to me.
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Laura Tekoriute's Testimonial
Laura Tekoriute
From the very first lesson, Ben made me feel at ease and got me believing in myself. He got out of his ways and tailored an entire learning process around what worked best for me. The LDC system and the workbook have been extremely helpful in supporting me throughout this journey to become a safe...
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Harry's Testimonial
I was very pleased with my lessons with Mark. I came to him having already had some driving experience in the past and he was able to Mold the lessons and teaching around this, which made getting into the lessons themselves quick and easy. He was very descriptive with how and why certain things h...
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Ruby Dawson's Testimonial
Ruby Dawson
The LDC hub definitely did help, I didn’t use the LDC workbook too much apart from the test questions at the back but it’s definitely useful! The lessons worked great for me, specifically when i started having them every week!
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James Dean's Testimonial
James Dean
I found Helen Matthews from LDC Driving School a great driving instructor. Her lessons were concise and engaging, I learnt a lot thanks to Helen. The LDC workbook was very handy. The information inside the workbook corresponded with the lessons nicely and I was able to help my parents understand ...
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Allan Weston's Testimonial
Allan Weston
Learning to drive with Gordon was excellent. He was great from day one and he made me feel relaxed and confident. The practical driving was so good, getting to pick which manoeuvres I would like more practice on or leave ones I didn’t want until the next lesson. The LDC workbook helped lots...
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Billy Rogerson's Testimonial
Billy Rogerson
Sally really has been a 5 star instructor from day one, she provided all the driving information and rules of the road to make sure I passed my test and become a confident and competent driver, taking time to explain things so I understood them and then asking loads of questions to check I knew w...
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Erin's Testimonial
All resources provided for the lesson was very useful. I enjoyed the online LDC videosand the driving skills workbook provided to me on the first lesson. My driving instructor (Leigh) made an anxious thought of learning to drive a relaxing and enjoyable experience overall. The overall learning an...
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Harrison Ward's Testimonial
Harrison Ward
Andy has been really friendly, welcoming, praising and offering really structured, informative lessons. I really found the LDC workbook useful. I was able to go away after lessons and recap what I had done. Overall, I really good experience throughout.
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Ashley Carter's Testimonial
Ashley Carter
I passed first time with Bob, who throughout my learning was an excellent instructor. Bob was always professional, patient and looked to maximise the learnings from each session by properly understanding where I was struggling or felt I needed to improve. Bob’s continued emphasis on safety ...
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Astin Grace 's Testimonial
Astin Grace
I was provided a LDC workbook to track progress and learn independently. Graeme was on time for every lesson and on my test day. He was flexible with my lesson hours. He also helped me to swap tests when mine was cancelled.
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Belle Bodger's Testimonial
Belle Bodger
Thank you Ben, the experience my daughter has had while learning to drive with you has been excellent. As a parent, your communication and information given was perfect. The LDC online learning system provided an excellent theory learning experience. I would recommend Ben 100%. My advice would be...
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Thomas Hayden's Testimonial
Thomas Hayden
A massive thank you to Ben for all his help and support. The LDC system has been great from the first stage with theory mock tests all the way to the end showing progress after every lesson. Would highly recommend Ben.
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Katerina's Testimonial
Nick Haxton is a very nice person and a wonderful driving instructor. I gave him a difficult time, because I didn't trust myself enough. I was a very nervous driver and wanted to give up a few times. Nick never let me. He trusted me from the beginning. It's been a long journey and I'm...
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Emily Padgham's Testimonial
Emily Padgham
Jackie has been fantastic. She has been very supportive and understanding whilst I've built my confidence to learn to drive. She is very professional and knowledgeable and knows the local area well. I especially liked the printed resources and satellite views she uses as teaching tools as thi...
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Jack's Testimonial
Leigh has been a great teacher and has made the difference in me sticking with learning this time. Her knowledge and patience in conjunction with LDC materials have allowed me to tailor the structure of my learning to what needed. The LDC workbook and videos have enabled me to continue working at...
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Scarlet Hopes's Testimonial
Scarlet Hopes
Couldn't be happier with my choice of instructor!!! Sally goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and i'm so pleased to have had the pleasure of being her student :) LDC have excellent resources and provided additional help to get me through my learning journey. I would 100% re...
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