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Over 15,000    Five Star reviews are listed on the following 685 pages starting with the most recent to the oldest (25 reviews per page). These reviews have been extracted from the customer reviews on each of the individual LDC driving school owners websites.

Jacob Ambrose 's Testimonial
Jacob Ambrose
Samantha has been absolutely excellent, she has been patient and a really good instructor going over all aspects of test and learning. LDC is a very helpful system that has given me confidence to pass.
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Lewis G's Testimonial
Lewis G
I found the LDC Workbook very useful for mid week revision and looking at the techniques. My Instructor’s teaching style is very good and suited me well!
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Jude Murphy's Testimonial
Jude Murphy
My Driving Instructor Ant was very helpful every lesson, pushing me to work hard and to do my best on the road safely. He has given me valuable information for the future when driving and was a very good instructor. It was a pleasure to be taught by Ant and pushed me to get my theory done, and pr...
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Heidi 's Testimonial
I have just passed first time with Andy. He was a very conscientious instructor and took time to listen and adapt to my communication styles. He was good at knowing when to push and knowing when to step back. He has a good knowledge of the LDC system and was confident using the visual teaching ai...
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Gemma Denton's Testimonial
Gemma Denton
I was so nervous when I started my first lessons, I had never before driven a car, and would never of thought I’d be driving, Andy Horn was fantastic and put me at ease straight away, Andy also had so much patience when I had a meltdown or got upset, Andy always knew what to do to cheer me ...
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Lea-anne Derry's Testimonial
Lea-anne Derry
Dennis is amazing. I was very nervous, he is very calm and very patient. He taught me all the manoeuvres, and along with the LDC workbook made sure I fully understand everything. I can not thank him enough. Excellent Teacher. Massive 5 stars!
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Danielle Boughton's Testimonial
Danielle Boughton
Dennis has been fantastic. He is very patient and made me feel at ease straight away.He is very knowledgeable and along with the LDC workbook and other teaching aides, gave me all the information needed to be able to pass my test.
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Erin Roberts's Testimonial
Erin Roberts
Stella was extremely helpful and patient with me. She took things slow and helped me with my needs i.e using google maps when achieving complicated things, such as multi lane roundabouts. I found the LDC learning videos really helpful as it made it easier for my upcoming lessons. Stella was also ...
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Inaki Leitch's Testimonial
Inaki Leitch
My instructor Bobby, was excellent, he is a great teacher with lots of patience and has great advice. He is extremely reliable and is excellent at communicating. It was a joy to learn with him as my instructor. LDC workbook and theory test preparation were also very useful. The workbook helped lo...
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Theo Hoorntje-fisher's Testimonial
Theo Hoorntje-fisher
Ant knows what he is doing and very resourceful. A great teacher and explainer, understanding and great to have a casual chat with which helps with nerves. I passed the theory and driving tests first time which is due to Ant. Thank you! LDC is a great company and the LDC workbook and online hub i...
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Scott Taylor's Testimonial
Scott Taylor
Bob was an excellent instructor who catered perfectly for my needs. I felt hugely supported during my time with Bob: he clearly knew lots about driving but was able to make the content easy to understand for a novice. When test day came I was confident that I had the skills I needed to be a safe ...
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Reuben Solly's Testimonial
Reuben Solly
Ant and LDC offered an outstanding course which enabled me to pass on my first attempt. My instructor Ant was highly patient, calm and understanding of the learning curve involved in driving, during which I was provided with brilliant advice and guidance leading me to become a more competent and ...
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Malaaika Zulqurnain's Testimonial
Malaaika Zulqurnain
Ged is amazing, hand down the best instructor I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a few instructors. I had done 2 other tests previously and lost all my confidence, but Ged built it all back up and made me the driver I am. I had the benefit of 2hr lessons which I could not recommend more, it ...
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Lauren Dodson's Testimonial
Lauren Dodson
Esther has been amazing from start to finish Her patience and positivity helped massively when I had knocks in my confidence and driving ability The driving videos she would send through were also a big help in brushing up on things I needed extra lessons on. The LDC resources were also very good.
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Joanne's Testimonial
Mark has been an amazing instructor! He always asked great questions to help me progress and I felt comfortable and relaxed in every lesson. The LDC online materials were also a great help and easy to navigate! Thanks to Mark, I've had a very smooth driving journey, I would definitely re...
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Amelia Hill's Testimonial
Amelia Hill
Andy is really patient, kind, funny and overall amazing. He creates a really welcoming and relaxed environment, and he is overall the best teacher anyone could wish for! The LDC workbook and app provided is also very helpful.
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Lawrence Whitmarsh's Testimonial
Lawrence Whitmarsh
Patrick is a great Instructor, What I liked most was that during the process of me making an error he didn't jump straight in to correct it, he left it until I realised the error myself which I felt for me was great because he allowed me to realise my own mistakes so I can then get it right t...
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Mykyta Kryvenko's Testimonial
Mykyta Kryvenko
Jackie is a great instructor, she give information in Clear and simple form, straight forward and strict when needed. LDC workbook and website are great and really helped me with preparation.
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Emilia Oates's Testimonial
Emilia Oates
Patrick was extremely supportive and encouraging, creating a safe space in which I could make mistakes and learn. I would definitely recommend him as an Instructor, especially to those who may be anxious or need more support. I mainly used the LDC workbook alongside my lessons as I did my theory ...
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Aaron Appleby's Testimonial
Aaron Appleby
Patrick was brilliant from the very start of my journey as I struggled with my concentration. He persevered with me every step of the way and explained things in a clear way that I could understand. Also, very accommodating around my work rota. Excellent!! I could not recommend Patrick enough, gr...
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Sashka's Testimonial
I really enjoy my driving lessons as Leigh is always enthusiastic and motivating. She creates fun analogies to help when I drive and we always have a laugh. The LDC workbook helped me visualise manoeuvres and test my knowledge. Overall my experience with Leigh has been extremely positive and I&rs...
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Oliver Smith's Testimonial
Oliver Smith
The LDC workbook was very helpful with all aspects of driving especially for the show me, tell me questions. LDC’s learning techniques were great – would recommend the videos as they are great to watch before each lesson as it teaches you the technique first, so you know for the lesso...
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Solomon Whelan's Testimonial
Solomon Whelan
Siobhan was very helpful and calm in the car. She very much let me take the lead in the lessons on what I wanted to do, practise to improve skills or try something new. For example, if I wanted to give forward parking a go without help, Siobhan would let me ‘have a go’ but would help ...
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Sam Oliver's Testimonial
Sam Oliver
I looked forward to every lesson and thoroughly enjoyed being behind the wheel. I really liked using the LDC workbook to keep track of my progress, it also helped at home to give me a chance to revise before lessons. The lessons went at a good pace, with a variety of things to do in each. Every l...
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Ben Reason's Testimonial
Ben Reason
Throughout my life I never thought I was going to take up driving, however, I ended up finding myself in a position where obtaining a licence was a requirement to advance my career. With previous instructors, I struggled to get a grip with driving due to anxiety. Jackie has been truly outstanding...
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