We passed with an LDC instructor so can you

Over 10,000    Five Star reviews are listed on the following 590 pages starting with the most recent to the oldest (25 reviews per page). These reviews have been extracted from the customer reviews on each of the individual LDC driving school owners websites.

Cally's Testimonial
Congratulations Cally on your first time pass in Slough very early this morning, achieved with just 2 d.f’s. Described by the examiner as a ‘great drive’, the outcome reflects the effort you put in. I look forward to seeing around the local roads in the future.
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Sadie Clac-Mansfield's Testimonial
Sadie Clac-Mansfield
Mik is a brilliant Instructor who is never late to lessons, infant early to them all. He is easy to talk to and has an amazing way of explaining complex manoeuvres. His help at the end of the lessons to reflect and evaluate are extremely beneficial. Mik pushes you to become the very best and was ...
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Alex Millie's Testimonial
Alex Millie
Lee is the most patient driving instructor I know he teaches it in a way that I understand I'm dyslexic and have found lee very calming as i get flustered easy, he lets you try and work it out and will guide you in the situation not shout or gran the wheal and will explain to you what needs t...
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Brooke Fletcher's Testimonial
Brooke Fletcher
When I did my first lesson with Ann she made me feel so comfortable as I had never driven a car before. Ann was always understanding and always answered all the questions I asked her. I would highly recommend lessons with Ann!! Can’t thank her enough for teaching me
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Sarah Bond's Testimonial
Sarah Bond
Can’t speak highly enough of Faz as a driving instructor. Naturally comfortable environment from day one. He is a genuinely nice, calm friendly person and teaches in an easily understandable way. He always made the most out of each lesson and never tried to drag things out longer than neces...
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Olivia's Testimonial
I thought my instructor was great because she really helped cater the lessons specifically for how I was learning and helped hugely with the areas I found more difficult. She was also really good at communicating and gave me plenty of warning if a lesson needed to be changed. I found the LDC work...
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Owen Young's Testimonial
Owen Young
Alan is a brilliant instructor. I took a chance as Alan was a new instructor but I would never look back now! He is amazing the way he teaches you, let’s you take control and never makes you do something unless you are 100% confident. he’s also a great laugh on the lessons when time i...
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Henry's Testimonial
I enjoyed learning with Alex and LDC. The LD system is good in that it allows you to work towards specific targets and the workbook and videos give you an understanding of the topic areas before doing the practical lessons. Alex is thorough in his approach and ensures your driving meets the targe...
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Liam Cook's Testimonial
Liam Cook
Great instructor, very upbeat makes the lessons not feel like a chore. I passed in under 16 hours worth of lessons and first time. Would recommend to everybody if you want a friendly helpful instructor. 👍🏻
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Madison Keane's Testimonial
Madison Keane
Graham is a great driving instructor, really friendly, patient and helpful. He gave lots of useful feedback and really helped build my confidence with driving, especially in the run up to the test and on the day. I would strongly recommend him as a driving instructor! Thank you so much Graham :)
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Alice Goodwin's Testimonial
Alice Goodwin
Jackie has been an incredible instructor during the duration of my lessons. She has kept me calm and boosted my confidence with driving. Prior to lessons with Jackie I had a large fear of driving which has now gone and I am excited for a life full of driving. The online LD System has been extreme...
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Ruby Mogg's Testimonial
Ruby Mogg
Paul has been a fantastic driving instructor from start to finish. He was very thorough with his advice and guidance on how to improve. His kindness and patience has helped me to pass my test. I would definitely recommend Paul as a driving instructor.
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Leah Fay Maddock's Testimonial
Leah Fay Maddock
Ian was a highly professional instructor who listens to their students and provides exceptional feedback and productive lessons. He genuinely cares about his students and wants their confidence to thrive. He also was highly flexible with lessons and puts time aside for students when it comes clos...
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Lucy Standen's Testimonial
Lucy Standen
Siobhan was extremely patient and understanding in all aspects of driving. She made the learning experience in the car very calm, which gave me confidence in my own driving abilities. Siobhan made me feel extremely comfortable, she was able to answer all my questions and gave detailed explanation...
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Beth's Testimonial
Due to Covid I had gone almost a year without any lessons, but as soon as I was back in the car with Karina again all my fears went away, as she makes you feel safe and comfortable, the main thing I want to stress is that Karina goes at your pace rather than hers, if you need an extra few lessons...
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Lilly Knight's Testimonial
Lilly Knight
I can honestly say that Jackie has hands-down been the best instructor I could ask for. Her style of teaching is great and her patience is admirable! I had a different instructor 6 years before, but did not make much progress due to the disjointed teaching style and not have the opportunity to re...
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Grace's Testimonial
I really liked the LDC target system as it was easy to see your progress. The videos were also helpful in respect of understanding topic areas. Alex was a really helpful instructor who ensures you drive to a high standard.
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Maddie Russell's Testimonial
Maddie Russell
Mark is very helpful, he helped me get my confidence up and is very reassuring. Very happy with my lessons and will recommend 😀
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Juliana Torres Esterpa 's Testimonial
Juliana Torres Esterpa
The LD workbook is really helpful to understand the correct and safe way of driving. My instructor was very patient and always helped my to be calm. He explained everything very well from the beginning and taught me good tricks that definitely helped me to pass my test. And will help me to be saf...
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Dylan 's Testimonial
I have really enjoyed my training with Lee my confidence grew with each lesson Lee’s way of teaching really gets you to think of solutions of your own which has only proven to myself that I can drive confident that I can plan and make the right decisions. The LDC Workbook and DVD really put...
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Spencer Hancock's Testimonial
Spencer Hancock
Faz was great from start to finish and I would highly recommend him. I always felt at ease when learning to drive with Faz. He gave the confidence to progress with driving when I thought I couldn’t. Faz helped me Pass first time with only 3 minors. I owe my confidence, ability to pass and m...
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Katherine Swarbrick's Testimonial
Katherine Swarbrick
"I didn't think I would be capable of getting my licence in such a short amount of time, but by doing the 30 hour semi-intensive course with LDC and Dale, every penny I had spent was worth it. Dale is such a calm and helpful instructor and explains and advises you in how to improve your ...
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Charlotte Bright's Testimonial
Charlotte Bright
Learning to drive with Ann was my best decision! I’ve struggled with Anxiety for 7 years and delayed my driving lesson until late last year (2020) Age 23 learning to drive there was a lot of anxiousness about being a failure and letting anxiety beat me! In the middle of an pandemic and lots...
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Rebecca's Testimonial
Here’s Rebecca! Your determination and drive resulted in a first time pass in Pinner, with just three faults. Enjoy the freedom, enjoy driving to college and I will see you on the open road! Who is next to get that winning feeling?
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Becca Baxter's Testimonial
Becca Baxter
Mik has been an amazing instructor. He is very professional, easy to talk to and get along with. This teaching style worked well for me. He always asks/includes you in your learning and planning of lessons. He is always organised and on time and very reliable. The LD workbook also really helped m...
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