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Over 10,000    Five Star reviews are listed on the following 584 pages starting with the most recent to the oldest (25 reviews per page). These reviews have been extracted from the customer reviews on each of the individual LDC driving school owners websites.

Shannon Robinson's Testimonial
Shannon Robinson
Phil is absolutely amazing and I can’t recommend enough, so patient and reassuring. Goes above and beyond to make sure you are where you need to be with theory test / revision and practical tests. Even throughout lockdown I was constantly kept in the loop. After 2 cancelled tests due to COV...
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Sophie Heron's Testimonial
Sophie Heron
Highly recommend Phil as a driving instructor. He is very reliable and patient. He has helped my confidence grow behind the wheel and this has helped me to pass first time!! The LDC workbook and online hub which is included when signing up is one of the main reasons why I learnt stuff quickly aft...
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Jacob's Testimonial
I had booked an Intensive Course through LDC website, for my 17th Birthday to start in April. Carl visited me at home and gave me all of the LD System and he explained everything and how the system would work. Due to the Pandemic my test was rescheduled, Carl kept me updated and supported me thro...
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Cherry Wanderluster's Testimonial
Cherry Wanderluster
I cannot recommend Tracy enough. I went from never driving before in my life to passing my test first time today all within a few weeks. I chose the LDC semi-intensive course and it was suited around my work schedule. Tracy’s teaching approach is superb and I felt at ease from day 1. I lear...
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Aeryn Pickford's Testimonial
Aeryn Pickford
I think Jackie has been an excellent, patient instructor who has helped me gain confidence in my driving ability. The combination of the LDC workbook, videos & theory questions were really helpful for me so that I could go into lessons with base knowledge and work on it practically, and also ...
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Isaac's Testimonial
I liked the LD system of using the workbook and videos - both were very useful. The course has a good structure and allows you to see the progress that you are making. Alex is a good instructor, he is very helpful and always strives to improve your driving ability.
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Euan's Testimonial
The LDC workbook was very useful for tracking my progress and I liked the way the course is broken down into units. The LDC videos helped in providing good basic information on what would be covered in the next lesson. Alex is a really good instructor, he was really helpful in working out where I...
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Mia Brown's Testimonial
Mia Brown
My experience with John was amazing. He helped me set targets using the LD system which really helped my learning. John has a fantastic personality and has made my learning experience the best it could be. Goal setting also really helped and John gave me independence to help improve my driving as...
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Thomas Gibson's Testimonial
Thomas Gibson
Great instructor, always goes the extra mile trying to find prompts which ultimately led to a pass with zero faults. I would recommend Graham to anyone who gets nervous on the roads as he takes time to go back over things later on in lessons with great backup from the LD System.
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Alicia 's Testimonial
After multiple failed driving tests and having been taught to drive by a few instructors over a handful of years, I was ready to give up learning to drive before I started lessons with Dawn. She is patient, accommodating, kind and goes the extra mile for her students. She adapted her style of tea...
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Chloe Elson's Testimonial
Chloe Elson
I could not have asked for a better instructor experience! I have loved every lesson with Siobhan and LDC and felt my confidence grow over time. Siobhan was very supportive and immediately put me at ease. She provided detailed instructions and encouragement when I was unsure, something that I rea...
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Meghan McLean's Testimonial
Meghan McLean
Gary was so patient and positive throughout my lessons and always made me feel like I could pass. I would not have had as much confidence if it wasn't for Gary pushing me to do my best. The LDC workbook really helped with planning my lessons each week. Thank you so much Gary !
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Ann-Marie Hughes's Testimonial
Ann-Marie Hughes
I highly recommend Steve as a driving instructor. He has a good manner and I found I could learn a lot. I feel that I have learnt more with Steve in the past three months than I learnt in the previous 12 months with other instructors. Steve is very calm and collected and I found I learnt quickly ...
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Jack Dagg's Testimonial
Jack Dagg
My experience learning to drive has been brilliant. The lesson targets in the LDC workbook helped me identify and tackle areas of improvement and it was handy to have a reference to look back on. It was great to have a kind and patient instructor like John to help me pass my test.
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Lee Davies's Testimonial
Lee Davies
Patrick has been an excellent Instructor and I found him really easy to learn from. The LD System is very useful and the information is easy to take in.
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Nareece Taff's Testimonial
Nareece Taff
Before starting lessons with Emlyn the thought of driving a car made me so nervous. Every time I got behind the wheel I always went into panic mode. Emlyn was so understanding and patient and after a couple of lessons my confidence began to grow. He made learning driving drive such an enjoyable, ...
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Amy McKee's Testimonial
Amy McKee
I did the LDC semi intensive course with Corrina, and I PASSED first time with her! she is a great instructor who really gave me a lot of confidence and would definitely recommend her to others!
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Ellie Brown's Testimonial
Ellie Brown
Iain is extremely patient and understanding. He made sure I had a full understanding of the car controls and road rules, making sure I was fully confident before booking my test. He took the time I needed to help me with anything I struggled with. The LDC workbook is extremely helpful and detaile...
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Rachel O'Reilly's Testimonial
Rachel O'Reilly
I was a very reluctant and anxious late starter to driving due to previous bad experiences, but starting at 34 years old with Jackie couldn't have gone better. Jackie put me at ease straight away with her calm approach. She gradually pushed me further, building up my confidence. The LDC workb...
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Jasmine White's Testimonial
Jasmine White
Jackie is very helpful and patient. I found the LDC workbook great for revision for the show me/tell me questions and for knowing what to work on and how to improve for lessons. Highly recommend!
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Chloe 's Testimonial
Joe is a very patient and understanding instructor, he never let me give up even when I wanted to. The LDC workbook is amazing and it has everything you need to know about driving. Joe told me to watch some of the lessons on video and they helped me a lot. How Joe explains and talked me through e...
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Jessica F's Testimonial
Jessica F
Despite disruption caused by lockdown, I passed first time after just 24 hours of lessons. Adam is a very good instructor – he answers all questions and makes sure you fully understand all of the driving concepts. The LDC workbook is very useful in preparing for the test, especially with...
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Leon Guajardo's Testimonial
Leon Guajardo
Kenny is a brilliant driving instructor, very patient and relaxed. The lessons felt comfortable and I was able to progress at my own pace. Kenny's car was ideal for learning in and made the experience more enjoyable. I was provided with an LDC driving skills workbook which was also very helpf...
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Kirsty Moir's Testimonial
Kirsty Moir
Gary is a really kind, patient and understanding instructor and is willing to work to your needs. I thought the LDC theory test resources were really good and accurate. The LDC workbook was also really helpful and gave you the opportunity to plan ahead for your lessons. Thank you so much Gary for...
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Olivia wray's Testimonial
Olivia wray
Samantha is very supportive, calm and understanding. The LDC workbook is very helpful and allows you to get ahead on knowledge, making your learning experience easier. The videos available are also great in reinforcing understanding and ability.
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