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Midway Pass Course

(Includes 20 hours of driving lessons, the driving test fee and the LD system DVD/Workbook)

Midway Pass Course
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We will usually book your driving test to tie in with the last hour of the course (provided you have passed the theory test).

The Midway Pass Course is ideal for those who have already learned the basic control skills of driving. The course can be completed in a week or spread over several depending upon your needs and your instructors schedule.

The in-car training provided is 20 hours on a one to one basis. (This includes 2 hours for attending the driving test).

To find out more please give us a call on free phone 0800 400 777 or if you are using a mobile call 0330 100 2544. Alternatively request a free information pack to be sent by email or post.

Liliana's TestimonialI can honestly recommend Iain. The LDC workbook and CDs were very helpful and even though they are not for free it's worth it as it saves you money on the lessons. You actually learn how to drive and not listen for 20 minutes instructor's explanation about particular topic. Iain is a good listener and for foreign people he has an easy accent to understand. He taught me to drive, the way I actually thought was right and safe unlike those other driving instructors. Liliana
Andrew's TestimonialIt gave me a lot of confidence going into my driving test I took the intensive driving - midway pass course, which covered all areas of driving from manoeuvres, to roundabouts, clutch control and dual carriageways. I passed first time and this was down to the LDC programme and having a good driving instructor in Jon. Andrew
Amanda's TestimonialI was amazed at how quickly my test was booked I can’t believe I passed my test!! I had spent so long worrying about it and had tried a few different driving schools before I went to Graham from LDC. I really enjoyed my lessons and was amazed at how quickly my test was booked. I found the workbook and DVD very helpful. Amanda
Kate's TestimonialI never realised I'd find driving so enjoyable! I took the Midway (20hr) Pass Course and thanks to Rob managed to pass first time! I never realised I'd find driving so enjoyable! I definitely recommend learning to drive with Rob from LDC. Rob's teaching style and friendly personality makes the lessons fun. Kate
Bukola Leoso's TestimonialI am so happy I finally got my driving license I chose the 20 hour Midway Pass course which was delivered over 2 weeks and I passed. I am so happy I finally got my driving license through LDC. My instructor Jeet was very patient and helped me to overcome my nervousness and boosted my confidence. LDC were there for me every inch of the way. Bukola
Simon Black's TestimonialI felt confident I would pass and I did I did the Midway Pass Course, I found the LDC workbook and DVDs very handy, Tony was approachable and friendly throughout. The car had a relaxing atmosphere and it was a pleasant experience to drive with him. Simon
Samanther 's TestimonialThis has really helped me with my life style as a busy mum. I began learning to drive a while ago but wasn't making progress. I passed my test first time on a Midway Pass Course. I can't believe it. Marie and LDC have been fantastic. I can honestly say it was the best decision of my life (after my baby of course). Samanther
Nathan's TestimonialPassed my test with ease I took a midway pass course with James and passed my test with ease! It was my first time getting behind the wheel of a car in 2 years and as such I was very nervous. The LDC training system was a great aid in learning to drive. Nathan
Jessica's TestimonialI did a mid-way pass course and passed first time Jon always went the extra mile to ensure that we made the most use out of the time we had which was useful, as I was on a mid-way pass intensive course. The LDC DVD and Workbook were both invaluable. One of the DVD's also showed a real test situation which was particularly useful. Jessica
Lea Ann Robinson's TestimonialHappily driving everyday since! After not enjoying lessons elsewhere I found the Midway Pass Course. Within 20 hours over a week, Nick took me from not wanting to drive and lacking confidence to passing my test 1st time with only 4 minor points. Lea
Sam's TestimonialLDC really are head and shoulders above the competition Although I wasn't entirely dissatisfied with the other driving schools I had used, I decided to use LDC as they were recommended by a friend. I noticed the difference immediately, LDC really are head and shoulders above the competition. Sam
Kai Green's TestimonialI would definitely recommend the LDC Midway Pass Course Karen’s feedback at the end of each lesson was always clear and useful, and made the ‘intensive’ element of the Course hugely less ‘intense!.  The LDC training materials and structured approach were perfect. Karen was an utter delight. Kai
David's TestimonialI passed first time on an LDC Midway Pass course Mike was patient and helped me understand what I had to do. David
David's TestimonialPassed after 20 days 20hrs, 20 days from my birthday, a First Time Pass with 4 driving faults, Wow. Thanks Rob for the LD System. David
Chris's TestimonialI could do lots of preparation at home and study between lessons, recapping what I had learned Iain was very nice and friendly when he helped me pass my test. The LDC DVD and workbook helped a lot by letting me know what to expect on the test and see what it would be like. Passplus really helped me understand how the motorway system works and has made my overall driving more positive. Chris
Lucy's TestimonialI still can't believe I actually passed with only 1 minor After having failed 4 driving tests a couple of years ago with other driving schools, my confidence was completely knocked but the inconvenience of not being able to drive spurred me on to start again. After my first lesson with Jon from LDC I felt completely different about driving.  It has changed my life. Lucy
Nicky's TestimonialI passed with only 6 minors I got to the point where I'd lost all confidence before I started driving with Dave from LDC. The DVD and workbook was an extra help, I took a 20 hour midway pass course, so anything I couldn't quite get I'd revise that night and be fresh with it in mind for the day after. Nicky
Safiano Zakari's TestimonialI wasn't really making any progress so I decided to switch to LDC I had a number of lessons with another instructor but felt I wasn't really making any progress. I did a Midway Pass course of 20 hours with Jon. Jon taught me to be a better driver and with his help I passed first time. Safiano
Steven Hickens's TestimonialI still can’t believe how quick I got to test standard Thanks to Dave from LDC I passed with only 3 minors :) With my previous instructor I failed my test twice and just gave up. Then I came across LDC and I was really impressed with their Midway Pass course and the DVD which comes free, which helped me a lot.  Steven
Agata Musialak's TestimonialThe LDC programme was just perfect for me. I was afraid at the beginning that I would have some language difficulties because English is not my primary language, but Iain always had time to explain any doubts. The workbook and DVDs contained everything I needed. Thanks to Iain I passed 1st time using the Midway Pass course. Agata
Freddie Kynaston-Evans's TestimonialPassed after 20 hours Thanks to my instructor, Paul Ford, and the LD system I've passed my driving test first time after just 20 hours of lessons. The LD workbook and DVD meant I could re-cap what I'd done and plan the next lesson too. Learning to drive with Paul was a real fun experience. Freddie Kynaston-Evans  
Jamie's TestimonialThe LD System is great I had lessons in the past where we seemed to do the same thing every lesson but with the LD System you know where you are at, what you are doing next and what you still have to achieve. As a nervous learner getting back into driving after 3 years I needed a lot of help and Iain provided it. Jamie

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