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Semi-intensive Pass Course

(Includes 30 hours of driving lessons, the driving test fee and the LD system DVD/Workbook)

Semi Intensive Pass Course
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We will usually book your driving test to tie in with the last hour of the course (provided you have passed the theory test).

The Semi-intensive Pass Course is spread over two or more weeks to suit you and your instructor's schedule. This is the most popular and successful form of intensive training. It is designed for people who want to pass the test quickly but at a comfortable pace.

The in-car training is 30 hours on a one to one basis. (This includes 2 hours to attend the test).

To find out more please give us a call on free phone 0800 400 777 or if you are using a mobile call 0330 100 2544. Alternatively request a free information pack to be sent by email or post.

The revolutionary LD System

Revolutionary LD System

All LDC driving courses use the incredible LD System of driving tuition, specially designed for intensive learning.

Tom's TestimonialIt worked really well as I passed with just 3 minors I did a semi-intensive driving course over a month, enabling me to pass first time! The LDC training style really suited me as it meant I could have nearly the whole lesson driving due to the pre-lesson videos. James' teaching style also enabled me to save money on lessons.  Tom
George Dees's TestimonialUsing the LDC method I passed first time with only 4 minors Using the LDC method I passed first time with only 4 minors after taking a semi intensive course around my busy work schedule. I found the course interesting and easy to follow. Watching the LDC driving skills DVD and reading the workbook really helped. Many thanks Dawn, I couldn’t have done it without you. George
Raymond George's TestimonialAs a 42 year old who had never driven I was pretty nervous about starting lessons With Iain’s help and the LDC workbook and DVD I was able to pass the test and go on to the Pass Plus which I found essential, the motorway and country road driving really built my confidence up to get out there on my own. Raymond
Katie's TestimonialThank you for getting me passed I chose to take the LDC Semi-intensive Pass course and I passed first time. I am so happy. Thank you so much for a good driving experience. It was easy and comfortable learning to drive with Jules. The Driving Skills Workbook I thought was brilliant. Thank you for getting me passed. Katie
Hayley Mills's TestimonialI passed first time in only 13 days I passed first time in only 13 days. Lee Tolson created a driving plan to suit me personally. I also got a really good LDC workbook and DVD which clears everything up that you might be struggling with. You can literally do as much learning as you want in your spare time - saved me loads of money. Hayley
Helen Luckman's TestimonialThank you so much I  passed my driving test first time following my LDC Semi-intensive course. Your patience and encouragement these last couple of months have been great, so thanks again and best wishes. Helen
Natasha Ward's TestimonialTo my surprise (and to be honest most of my friends and family) I passed first time I passed first time after taking an LDC semi-intensive course with Trevor having had multiple lessons and instructors in the past with little results. The LDC way of learning is very simple.  Natasha
Fred's TestimonialI needed to pass my test quickly I needed to pass my test quickly, so I did the semi intensive course with LDC over 2 weeks, even though I was nervous, I found that after the first week I felt more confident and relaxed driving with Bob. I went on to pass my test 1st time, with only 5 minors. Fred
Lydia's TestimonialKnowing that I could pass my test within 3 months made me highly motivated to learn with Pat's local LDC driving school. I felt that the LDC workbook and DVD were key components in giving me an advantage. Thank you to Pat for making learning to drive so enjoyable.
Laura's TestimonialI learnt to drive in 3 weeks I needed to learn to drive in a short space of time and loved the idea of the LDC system with the workbook and DVDs. It really helped me to be able to see what I was doing in the next lesson and therefore be more confident about doing it. In the end I passed my test first time thanks to Dave! Laura
Gemma's TestimonialThe LDC Workbook & DVD system is great I signed up for a Semi-Intensive course with Phil and passed my test 1st time. Phil is a fantastic instructor. The LDC Workbook & DVD system is great - the lessons are broken down for you so you know exactly what to expect on your lesson. The more time you spend on them the quicker you progress! Gemma
Becky Clarkson-Bramley's TestimonialCame highly recommended by a family friend I chose the LDC semi-intensive course option, and passed first time after only 5 weeks with just one minor. I hadn't driven for over a year, but Paul's friendly and reassuring approach meant I soon had my confidence back behind the wheel. Becky
Antony's TestimonialThanks for helping me pass first time After having lessons before a few years ago (but stopped due to me losing interest) I decided to start again and chose to do an LDC semi-intensive course with Laura. What a great choice!. After a few lessons Laura could see that I was progressing quickly and thought I wouldn’t need all 30 hours. In the end I only needed 24 hours and she gave me the money back!! Antony
Chanice's TestimonialI would definitely recommend this anyone who wants to learn to drive I did a 30 hour intensive using the LDC system, which helped a great deal. Angela is helpful, friendly and very patient. Chanice
Katie Beauchamp's TestimonialThe course was quite intense with long lessons but for anyone who is slightly nervous I would definitely recommend it, as I feel you progress daily and really feel you can achieve your goal. The course is set up with a really simple but affective workbook to follow before and after each lesson and also a DVD to assist you with helpful hints, tips and what to expect on the day of your test. Learning to drive with Siobhan was a delight!
Jordan Pleyer's TestimonialI had a great time learning to drive I did the Semi-Intensive course and found the LDC workbook and DVD training aids complimented Paul's relaxed teaching style. Both my brother and his girlfriend also passed first time doing this course. Jordan
Jacque's TestimonialMy drivers’ license has opened endless opportunities for me Originally I chose to do the One Week 30 hour intensive course. However, John my LDC instructor advised I break it up a bit and do it over the four weeks whilst waiting for my test date. It was the best advice ever as I had at least six hours per week leading up to the test and I PASSED first time. Jacque
Janna Doherty's TestimonialI am over the moon - I passed first time!! To be honest, I never imagined actually being a fully-fledged driver. But now I have a young child, I really need to be driving. I liked the look of the LDC Semi Intensive Course with the workbook and DVDs. Karen has been a great instructor enabling me to overcome my driving anxieties. Janna
Hayley's TestimonialI have never laughed so much Wow, what a 2 weeks it has been on the LDC semi-intensive course! I have never laughed so much in my life to be precise :) Now I’ve passed, here comes the gin racer in me! Ha ha just kidding! Thanks for everything Phil, you’re the best! Hayley
Alex's TestimonialGlenn is a really nice guy and a fantastic driving instructor After contacting Glenn through his website I decided to take the 30 hour LDC Semi-intensive Pass course. Having never driven before Glenn provided me with essential driving skills which helped to ensure that I passed my driving test. Alex
Jason 's TestimonialBest thing since sliced bread! What can I say, Phil and the LD System of learning are the best thing since sliced bread! I did a semi-intensive course over two weeks and passed with just 5 minors. The two weeks were some of the best times I’ve had with my clothes on! In some ways I wish I hadn’t passed. Jason
Matt Williams's TestimonialPassed 1st time with LDC Semi-Intensive Course after two of my friends gave glowing recommendations of Trevor and the LD system of learning.  I had never even sat in the driver's seat before my first lesson but Trevor's approach and style of teaching means I knew exactly what I was supposed to be doing. Every minute of the lessons was valuable, and it was great fun seeing all these things I’d been taught come together.  My advice is to do your homework; the LD system gave me a head start on every lesson, and combined with Trevor’s brilliant teaching, meant that I was confident in my ability when the time came to take my test.
Roxanne Evans's TestimonialI would recommend the semi-intensive course to anyone You get a LDC workbook and DVD with the course which is really helpful as you can see what you will be doing beforehand and can have any questions ready before the lesson even begins. I would recommend the semi-intensive course to anyone as it is a set amount of hours but with a flexible time frame. Thanks James you're a star. Roxanne
Jade's TestimonialPassed first time after 2 weeks Learning to drive with Barrie from LDC was a real pleasure. Doing an LDC semi-intensive course over 2 weeks was hard work but with the LDC materials which are provided, the help and flexibility from Barrie I found myself learning very quickly. I felt I was having fun on my lessons as well as learning. Jade
Ian Price's TestimonialAll in all IT WAS GREAT! I decided to go for an LDC semi intensive course and was placed with Glenn. With his help and brilliant teaching method I became a safe and competent driver in next to no time. I would recommend both LDC and Glenn to anybody who wants to learn in a fun and informal environment. Ian
Megan's TestimonialI did an LDC semi-intensive course and passed 1st time! hanks to Angela for being helpful and supportive and taught me a lifetime skill, I would recommend anyone to her as she also makes you feel calm and relaxed while being professional, thank you!!! Megan
Mohamed Eisa's TestimonialSpread the word! I had been told about intensive driving courses, but I was unsure whether it was really possible to learn to drive in such a short space of time. Using the provided course workbook and DVD enabled me to be well prepared in advance of each lesson. Phil has a real talent for teaching, relaxed, friendly and calm.. Mohamed
Chris Wharton's TestimonialI passed in 3 and a half weeks with only 4 minors I thoroughly enjoyed my driving experience with Ben - the course structured itself for my every need. Ben was very helpful, and provided more of a coaching style rather than straight teaching which benefited me greatly. Chris
Danny Milne's TestimonialI passed first time I took a 30 hour intensive course with James using the LD system and passed first time. James used great teaching points and used techniques to help me overcome any task. Many thanks James. Danny
 Dee Ambrose's TestimonialThe LDC system is brilliant it's very clear and straight forward Immediately after finding John's webpage I plucked up the courage to book a semi intensive course. After each lesson I was given a couple of sections to study over and answer questions about. There's also a DVD to watch, to remind myself of things we have done during lessons. John knows how to have a good laugh and be a great teacher at the same time. Dee
Claire's TestimonialRecommend to anyone wanting to learn to drive I took the Semi-intensive Course (30 hours) spread over 4 weeks and passed first time! Thanks to Rob's friendly style along with the LD System it was easier than I expected and I was able to save 6 hours of the course to go towards completing the Pass Plus. Claire
Chloe Chapman's TestimonialI never would have thought I would pass my test first time Having had lessons with other instructors before, I decided to book an LDC semi intensive course with Ruth. I'm glad I chose her as my instructor as she understood that everyone learns at different paces and in different ways and didn’t rush me into anything I wasn't ready for, and as a result I learnt better. I never would have thought I would pass my test first time but thanks to Ruth I’m proud to say I did. Chloe
Sara R's TestimonialI now absolutely love driving I genuinely did not anticipate enjoying the LDC semi-intensive driving course as much as I did (I did not think I would enjoy it at all, in fact), but Trevor turned a daunting prospect into a fun, positive and exciting challenge, and passing first time rapidly became an inevitability rather than an impossibility. Sara
Lauren's TestimonialI was very keen on passing quickly I chose an LDC semi intensive course with Paul, as I was very keen on passing as quickly as I could yet at a comfortable pace. With his structured lessons, he got me fully prepared for my test, which I passed first time after just 6 weeks. Lauren
Milo's TestimonialThe LD System was very good as it was easy to understand Jon my local LDC driving school owner came to my house for a home visit which was great as I got to discuss the Semi-Intensive course with him before I started. All of my lessons were great and Jon is a brilliant driving instructor. Milo
Tamsin Gordon's TestimonialPassed first time with 30 hour semi intensive course with LDC. Trevor was an excellent instructor. He adapted quickly to my nervous personality and created a teaching style which managed to increase my confidence and pass in just two weeks. Trevor's experienced instructing coupled with LDC's at home study workbook and DVD were a great combination. I would fully recommend Trevor to any friends and family. Thanks again for all your help - I am thrilled to have passed :)
Alannah's TestimonialPassed within 8 weeks Nigel was a great instructor who provided me with the ability to pass my test the first time within 8 weeks of learning. The LDC programme was easy to follow with help from the workbook and DVD. The lessons were enjoyable with a clear objective and any questions were quickly answered. Alannah
Abby's TestimonialI am so pleased to have passed first time I booked an LDC semi-intensive course of 30 hours as I had no previous driving experience. I was quite nervous at the first lesson, but Peter soon put me at ease, and the following lessons were great.The LD System Workbook and DVD's were also great in helping me prepare for each lesson. Abby
Hannah's TestimonialThe teaching progressed quickly I took a semi intensive driving course with Neil, the workbook and DVD were easy to learn from and the teaching was good and thorough. I passed on my second attempt after an extra 4 hours. Hannah
Lizzie Atkinson's TestimonialI am looking forward to many years of driving! I had a semi-intensive driving course with Mark, which I found was a lot better than 1 hour a week. The training I received was of very high quality and I found myself continually improving. The LDC workbook and DVDs that I used were excellent. I am now a confident and safe driver. Lizzie
Natalie's TestimonialThe LD system is a great way to learn It is so simple and well structured. I would just like to say a big thank you to Martin for helping me to pass my driving test first time in only 3 months! I will definitely be recommending him to all of my friends. Natalie  
Lucy's TestimonialIt felt like no time was wasted in my lessons Having never sat behind the wheel of a car before, within 2 quite intensive weeks I had passed my test on the first attempt! I used the LDC driving skills workbook and DVD so from the word go I was getting on. Dave gave me confidence, I left my test feeling confident that I can now drive safely. Lucy
Dani's TestimonialPassed in just 5 weeks Took a semi intensive course with Rob, my local LDC instructor, over 5 weeks and passed first time! The lessons were really fun and I always learnt something new each time. Dani
Becky's TestimonialGetting back behind the wheel after 15 years was a little daunting I chose the LDC semi-intensive courses as I was moving house and would need a car to get around. Dave my instructor was excellent in accommodating this and the course was brilliant value. I felt that I was learning at my pace and the workbook and DVD really helped. Becky
Laura Cade's TestimonialI booked 30 hours with Neil from LDC and passed first time All lessons were brilliant as each one was different. I used the LDC workbook which helped me understand what was expected in my test. Laura
Taisy's TestimonialPassed in only 8 weeks Graham is a fantastic instructor I loved every one of my lessons. Working through the workbook meant that I knew exactly what I had covered, and what was to come. Plus, with only 8 weeks I had to be pushed, but I had such a laugh in the lessons that the 4 hours never felt as long as that. Taisy
Abigail's TestimonialI arranged a semi-intensive course just after my 17th birthday I found having a 2 hour session twice a week really helped to get my confidence up as I was very nervous at the start. The LDC Driving Skills DVD and workbook helped to start the lessons as I knew what I’d be doing and roughly how to do it. Abigail
Claire's TestimonialPassed first time after 10 day intensive course I recently took a 10 day intensive course with James and passed my test first time! Really happy with the whole experience. I would recommend James to anyone. I would also like to mention that the LDC training system works well and was a great tool in my learning to drive. Claire
Tabatha Wright's TestimonialAfter the first lesson I was already able to drive home I did an LDC semi-intensive 30 hour course with Paul. After the first lesson I was already able to drive home. Tabatha Wright
Daniel's TestimonialI booked the LDC Semi Intensive course with Richard and it was the best thing I’ve every done Richard delivered the workbook before we started so I could get a head start and it really helped reading the book first. His teaching methods really suited me. I can’t believe that after 30 hours of tuition I have my driving licence. Daniel
Dan's TestimonialI passed the test first time with only one minor fault With Sevan's excellent teaching I passed the test first time with only one minor fault. I learnt on and off for a couple of months and then a bit more intensively for 2 weeks. The LD System and Sevan's teaching was efficient and very organised and I progressed well. Dan
Martin's TestimonialPassed first time Took an LDC 30 hour intensive course with Wayne and feel great. Thanks a lot Wayne, the training was great and my daughter will be coming to you for lessons. Martin
David Bestley's TestimonialI got a job and needed to learn asap. Trevor had taught me and given me the confidence to pass my test first time. David Bestley
Peter's TestimonialI would highly recommend Neill and the LDC system Having first opted to do a crash course I decided to have lessons over a longer period of time on a semi-intensive basis. Scheduling lessons was very easy despite my studies. Peter
Chloe's TestimonialI opted for the semi intensive course using the LD system and found it to be a great help and passed my test with only 4 minor faults. I am really happy now that I can drive on my own.
Jill Smith's TestimonialWith the LDC system I passed my test with only two minor faults I previously took lessons a few years ago with a different instructor, but gave up because I felt I wasn't making any real progress. I decided to give driving another try and gave the LDC system of driving a go with John. Instantly I began to see the benefit; with every lesson I felt like I was making real progress. Jill
Emma Barrett's TestimonialHaving just turned the big 40 I thought it was about time I was driving So I looked into the LDC system and liked the fact that you learn each lesson at home through the workbook before hand and have little tests after each section, rather than spending time in the car using up valuable time. As soon as I met Mark I knew I was going to be fine, so I went ahead and booked a semi intensive course over 6 weeks. I passed first time with 2 minors. My only regret is not doing this years ago. Emma
Tony's TestimonialHaving a structured course and Mike was excellent I used the LDC Semi-Intensive course (30 hours) but spread it over a few weeks as I didn't want it too intensive. Having a structured teaching method and Mike coaching me through the course was excellent and I'm sure I learnt a lot quicker. I think the fact that I only got 2 faults says an awful lot about the way Mike teaches. Tony
Rebecca's TestimonialI passed my test - first time - after doing a semi-intensive course (over two weeks) with LDC James was my instructor and despite my initial nerves, he put me at ease right away. The lessons were also a pleasant surprise to me as there was none of the usual talking for half an hour by the roadside that I had come to expect from driving lessons with other schools. Rebecca
Ali's TestimonialI passed first time after 36 hours I really enjoyed learning to drive with Neill and the LD system. I did a semi-intensive course and have just passed my test on the first attempt after 36 hours of lessons. The LD system breaks learning to drive into manageable chunks and gives each lesson a clear objective. Ali
Vicki's TestimonialPassed 2 months after my 17th birthday Really pleased having passed on my first attempt with only two minors. I chose LDC for their system of tuition and their semi-intensive course together with their competitive pricing. As a young inexperienced female I could not have wished for a better instructor than Kev. Vicki
Jamie Maunder's TestimonialNailed my test first time After holding off doing my test for 10 years, I built up the guts to do an LDC semi-intensive course. I have had a few instructors in my past but Keith definitely gave me the knowledge and confidence to nail my test first time with only one minor! Keith is a great instructor and he uses a great way of teaching. Jamie
Matthew Rowe's TestimonialI passed first time on my intensive course Joanne is an amazing instructor! With her help and the impressive LDC DVD and workbook, I passed first time on my intensive course. Joanne was patient, supportive and friendly. Matthew
Jen Hardman   's TestimonialI lacked in confidence and thought I would never be able to pass my test After previously undergoing driving lessons with three instructors I lacked in confidence. My boyfriend had passed with LDC and enjoyed the programme they had so I decided to do an intensive course with them. After 3 weeks of hard work Dave assured me I was ready for my driving test and I went for it. I managed to pass with only 2 faults. Jen
Abbie's TestimonialThe LDC system is great Kev went through it at a comfortable pace which was suited to me. I may have been the most negative person about my abilities, yet Kev kept confidence in me. I will truly miss my driving lessons, they were great fun and we always had a laugh. Abbie
Chloe Partington's TestimonialI took a semi-intensive course and passed first time! The LDC workbook and DVD’s were amazing!! I would love to thank Ian for helping me pass. LDC is just AMAZING!! Chloe
Josh Green's TestimonialI passed first time on an LDC semi-intensive course The calm environment created in the car by Karen was very helpful when learning and this made the whole process much easier and more enjoyable. The LDC workbook will probably be useful to me for years to come and the DVD was incredibly useful to show you exactly what to do. Josh
Lucie Courtney's TestimonialI benefited from the Semi-intensive course as it allowed me to learn quickly Trevor is a brilliant teacher. Being recommended by my older brother (who passed first time with him). The LDC workbook was beneficial as I kept up to date with it and figured out what I found challenging as well as keeping my mind fresh and prepared for each lesson. Trevor helped me to be in control and independent which is essential for driving. Lucie
Stephen James's TestimonialI booked a semi-intensive course with LDC and learnt with Dan. The LD system worked really well. All in all, the course was brilliant and I'm over the moon with my pass!
Lizzie's TestimonialI thought I would throw myself in at the deep end I thought I would throw myself in at the deep end and decided to book a 2 week semi-intensive course. I'd never heard of the LD System before but was attracted by the value for money  which turned out to be brilliant. My instructor Abbie was friendly, enthusiastic, encouraging and funny. Lizzie  
James Penney's TestimonialThe LD System was simple to understand and follow I took a semi-intensive course with Jenni. Jenni uses a brilliant system (the LD System) to learn by, it was simple to understand and follow. I've passed feeling like I am ready to go out on the road and that's thanks to her great teaching. James
Stuart King's TestimonialI passed first time after a break of 10 years After a 10 year break in lessons I decided to take up driving again. I wanted to pass quickly and so did 30 hours semi-intensively, starting with 1 or 2 lessons per week followed by 20 hours in 5 days. The LD System has a good structure so I felt like there was a clear plan and focus for each lesson. Stuart
Sean Nathan's TestimonialI am so pleased to have passed I am so pleased to have passed my test first time and so it's a BIG THANK YOU to Peter and LDC for that. With no previous driving experience I booked a 30 hour semi intensive course and passed first time. The workbook was a great way to prepare for each lesson. So it's off to University now. Sean
Anna's TestimonialI'm chuffed to bits Each lesson was carefully thought about and planned and I felt that Glyn personalised the lessons to meet my needs and ultimately pass my driving test. Anna
Vikki Gruber's TestimonialI opted for the semi-intensive course with Mark I was extremely nervous but, thanks to Mark, I passed first time with seven minors!From the minute I met Mark I knew he would be the instructor for me. His organised and methodical approach to teaching with the LDC workbook and DVD, meant the lessons were structured and the time spent in the car maximised. Mark had the great knack in making me feel comfortable and safe, but at the same time made the lessons enjoyable and fun! Vikki
Dot's TestimonialI was rewarded by passing my test first time! LDC was the right choice for me. I booked a semi- intensive course and with the LDC workbook and DVD it meant I could study prior to the lesson and ask any questions whilst on it. My instructor Ruth was fantastic; she was informative, encouraging and endlessly patient. Dot  
Chris Soar's TestimonialMy lessons were enjoyable and easy to understand I got in contact with Glenn through his website and arranged a home visit where I booked the LDC 30 hour semi intensive course. I found that the LD system home study was good to use along with the practical lessons. I would recommend using Glenn as I passed first time, and his training was very good and easy to follow. Chris
Karl's TestimonialI would recommend this course to any one I chose the semi-intensive driving course over a two-week period and I would recommend this course to anyone wishing to take driving lessons over a short period of time. The LDC Driving Skills workbook and DVD was a great help to me and together with Greg’s instructing I passed my test first time. Karl

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