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Test Booster Course

(Includes 15 hours of driving lessons, the driving test fee and the LD system DVD/Workbook)

Test Booster Course
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We will usually book your driving test to tie in with the last hour of the course (provided you have passed the theory test).

The Test Booster Course is ideal for learners who are near test standard and just need a short burst of lessons prior to the test. It is also great for those who have taken a test before or have come up to test standard in the past but have not had any lessons recently.

The in-car training provided is 15 hours on a one to one basis. (This includes 2 hours for attending the driving test).

To find out more please give us a call on free phone 0800 400 777 or if you are using a mobile call 0330 100 2544. Alternatively request a free information pack to be sent by email or post.

Bethany's TestimonialI passed first time I recently purchased the test booster course from LDC and I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST FIRST TIME! Abdul was a brilliant driving instructor! Calm and teaches you in the way that fits you! Bethany
Suree's TestimonialI passed first time when I was 35 week pregnant It only took 14 hours of lessons in 3 weeks with Neill to meet the required high standard of driving skill (I was driving before but 13 years ago and in a different country).  His high professional skills and efficient way of teaching using the LDC workbook mean you get the best out of him in the shortest time possible. Suree
Raja Sawar's TestimonialTailored to my specific needs The LDC Test Booster course enabled me to pass my test in 15 lessons and now I am driving safely and with confidence. I strongly recommend Trevor’s LDC driving school as he tailors a driving course according to your specific needs and style of learning. Raja
Luke's TestimonialOn the day of the test I felt calm and fully prepared After doing an assessment he recommended the LDC test booster course which was very effective and got me up to test standard very quickly. Neill made learning to drive fun, and I always looked forward to our next lesson! Luke
Stuart Phillips 's TestimonialAfter failing my test four times After failing my test four times, I decided to change to LDC and do a crash course. What a good decision that was! I would definitely recommend Steve and LDC Stuart Phillips
Amy's TestimonialIt is a great course I would thoroughly recommend the test booster course. My Instructor Graham quickly identified my weakness so we could work on them before the test. It is great course if you just need a confidence boost before your test. I passed first time. Amy
James Stevens's TestimonialRecommend to anyone who wants to pass quickly and easily I would like to say how I passed my test FIRST time. I found the driving skills DVD and workbook extremely helpful, especially the DVD which takes you through everything lesson step by step. I would recommend Steve and this course to anyone. James
Neil's TestimonialA work colleague recommendation I took the LDC test booster course as I had some driving experience and with Greg’s help was able to pass first time with 3 minor errors. It was a great relief for me, as I required a driving licence in my work capacity. The LDC workbook was very helpful in preparing me for my lessons with Greg. Neil
Grace's TestimonialAfter 2 weeks I passed with only 3 minors I needed a quick and easy way to pass my test in time for starting a new job that required me to travel. I had tried to learn in the past but failed. LDC was recommended to me and I chose the 15 hour test booster course and Sharon was my instructor. After 2 weeks I took my first test in 3 years and passed. Grace
Katherine's TestimonialI went on to pass 1st time with only 6 minors I booked the LDC Booster course, but Bob popped up and gave me a free assessment just to make sure it was the right course for me. It was and I went on to pass 1st time with only 6 minors. Well pleased with Bob, I found him to be reassuring, calm and relaxed. Katerine
Linda Holmes 's TestimonialThe 15 hour Test Booster was perfect for me Having failed my test over 30 years ago, I decided at 59 years young I would give it another go. After assessing my driving skill’s (or lack of them) he arranged the perfect package for me, a 15 hour Booster course. The LDC CDs & DVDs were brilliant.  I would recommend Trevor to anyone who wants to learn to be a good/safe driver. Linda  
Annabelle's TestimonialI failed my test with other instructors Had other instructors and failed my test. Did an LDC test booster course with Wayne and passed. Thanks a lot Wayne. Annabelle
Daniel Crockford's TestimonialThis time I booked an LDC Test Booster course I had taken my test twice before and failed. This time I booked an LDC Test Booster course of 15 hours. The block driving was a great help as you immerse yourself in driving. The LDC DVD and workbook were a great help taking you through the lesson bit by bit. Steve’s style of teaching was also great. Daniel
Charles's TestimonialPassed after a 3 day course I was over the moon when I passed my driving test first time after a 3 day 15 hour LDC Test Booster course. The guy (Trevor) knows his stuff; he is patient and definitely has an ability to make learners understand in an easy way. I highly recommend Trevor to anyone who’s serious about driving. Charles
Danielle's TestimonialLDC was so amazing I found that LDC Driving School was so amazing, I only had 15 hours of driving and passed my test 1st time with my driving Instructor Peter, I would recommend this school to anyone thanks to Peter he done a wonderful job!!! Danielle
Kirsty's TestimonialI liked the stepped approach I liked the stepped approach of the LDC learning system. Being able to see my progress written down was a big confidence booster for me. Kirsty
Katie's TestimonialI passed my test with no faults The LDC Test Booster course included a DVD and workbook which enabled me to prepare for each lesson, this meant I could gain a very good understanding whilst passing in the quickest possible time. After learning to drive with Dave I passed my test with no faults. Katie
Mark's TestimonialPassed first time with 3 minors I did a Test Booster Course and I managed to pass first time with 3 minors. I found that the LDC System really helped me in getting ready for my test. My instructor was Peter and I found he really helped me get to grips with how to drive. Mark
Sonia Gale's TestimonialThe best course for me After having been close to my test twice in the past I felt ready to get on with my driving again. I looked into various driving schools in order to find the right course for me and the LDC network of driving instructors couldn't have offered me a more suitable package. I passed first time thanks to Jon. Sonia

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