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Weekly driving lessons

Weekly Lessons
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Each driving lesson is 60 minutes long. Please note if you live in an area where your local LDC instructor may need to travel a long distance they may require you to book a 2 hour lesson. Once you are able to concentrate for 2 hours at a time it would be normal to undertake 2 hour lessons. Purchase a block of 10 hours of driving tuition and save money.

The LD System DVD and workbook can be purchased or loaned separately. By using the LD System materials you can prevent the usual problem associated with weekly lessons of forgetting from one week to the next what you did. This can result in the first half of the new lesson being spent trying to get where you were at the end of the last lesson.

To find out more please give us a call on free phone 0800 400 777 or if you are using a mobile call 0330 100 2544. Alternatively request a free information pack to be sent by email or post.

Kayleigh's TestimonialA friend of mine rated LDC and Joanne highly I was very nervous when I first started driving but Joanne’s calm manner and patience made driving an enjoyable experience, especially as she was so easy to talk to. The LDC workbook and the theory test CD proved most effective in helping me pass both my theory and driving test. Kayleigh
Lisa's TestimonialLost my confidence using another school Having lost my confidence using another school, David’s calm approach to teaching me using the LDC system meant I passed first time!! Lisa
Lucy Roberts's TestimonialLDC had been recommended to me Paul from LDC had been recommended to me by some of his previous pupils, and like them, I passed first time! The LDC workbook was very useful and enabled me to read through the forthcoming lesson so I could prepare before getting into the car, which then saved time during the lesson. Lucy
Bob's TestimonialLearning to drive later in life is quite daunting It is quite daunting learning to drive later in life but I would recommend Edgar from LDC to anyone. Calm and re-assuring with a nice easy manner he is an excellent instructor and very good to learn with. The LDC workbook is a clear and invaluable aid to the overall process. Bob
Hattie Wilmot's TestimonialOther schools teaching was abrupt! Before I started with Steve from LDC I had roughly 10 lessons with another school. I found their way of teaching quite abrupt. I felt a lot more relaxed with Steve. The LDC Driving Skills DVD and workbook were also fantastic. Hattie
Sam's TestimonialI can highly recommend Dawn and the LD System Dawn taught me using the LD System, which I can highly recommend. Doing your homework before the lessons means that more time is spent driving and less time spent at the side of the road. I needed lots of driving practice so this method really worked for me. Sam
Leanne Glen's TestimonialThe LD System was easy to follow I thought Gordon was a fantastic instructor and was very patient, calm friendly. The LD System was easy to follow; I enjoyed learning to drive thoroughly. Thanks Leanne
Taha's Testimonial5 hours with LDC was better than 20 elsewhere The five hours I did with Stan from LDC were more beneficial than the 20 lessons I had previously done with another driving school! I learnt so much more in such a short time, and the workbook and DVD really helped me to prepare for what was coming next. Many thanks Stan Taha
Hayleigh Wishart's TestimonialMy experience with LDC has been fantastic Don has been patient, kind and encouraging throughout lessons. His experience and patience allowed me to pass first time keeping me positive and calm. Hayleigh
 Sarah's TestimonialNever in my wildest dreams did I think I could pass LDC are a brilliant driving school and Abdul is the best instructor ever. Abdul is a truly amazing instructor, with fantastic skills and a great passion for what he does. Sarah
Bethany Lapwing's TestimonialThird time lucky with LDC It was absolutely great learning to drive with Keith my local LDC driving school operator.  I had two different driving instructors before Keith, so third time lucky. The LDC workbook and DVD’s really help me understand my lessons. I would love to recommend Keith's LDC driving school to all my friends. Bethany
Maddy's Testimonial100% knew what to expect on test Kev focuses on boosting your confidence and prepares you for not only the road but your theory and practical test and then driving confidently on your own after you pass. I found working on the LDC DVD's great, made my theory and driving test a breeze you're 100% confident you know what to expect. Maddy
Kirsty's TestimonialI had lost all confidence in myself I had previously failed my test a couple of times with another instructor and had lost all confidence in myself. I decided to try again recently with Andy from LDC, he has proved to be a wonderful instructor. He provided me with the LDC driving skills workbook which gave me a valuable insight into driving. Kirsty
Viraj's TestimonialPassed my test first time with hardly any minors Want a friendly, patient and reliable Instructor then Peter my local LDC operator is your man!! He has, with the help of the LD System workbook, helped me understand the fundamentals of being a safe and efficient driver, which resulted in me passing my test first time with hardly any minors. Viraj
Daniel's TestimonialIt was made easy using the LDC system Learning to drive with Gordon was fun. It was made easy using the LDC system as I always knew what I was going to do next and he made you feel very confident that I was always going to pass. Daniel
Asma Khan's TestimonialFailed 4 times with famous driving school This not only caused financial set-back but also had negative impact on my ability to drive again. Because of Paul’s unique style of teaching, it made the whole learning experience more relaxed and enjoyable on the road. I passed my test and now I highly recommend LDC and Paul to my friend's, family and colleagues. Asma
Rebecca Bowman's TestimonialLearning with LDC was the perfect choice And learning with Paul only exaggerated this decision. The high quality service was friendly yet very professional and I gained confidence and experience behind the wheel that enabled me to pass my test first time. Rebecca
Anastasia's TestimonialI passed my test FIRST TIME!! Jenni taught me with the LD System which is an absolutely fantastic system to follow as it is a structured way of learning. Thanks to the LDC learning method and Jenni's great teaching skills I passed my test FIRST TIME!! I would highly recommend Jenni to anyone.. Anastasia
Dee's TestimonialI have had numerous instructors in the past I have had numerous instructors and numerous lessons in the past, but all to no avail. I contacted Phil from LDC almost as my last hope and it was the best decision I have ever made! Using the LDC workbook and DVD system was great for me. Phil really is one in a million. Dee
Jessica's TestimonialLessons with Claire from LDC were very enjoyable Learning to drive is always a daunting experience but I found having lessons with Claire from LDC very enjoyable. The lessons were well planned and done at my speed of learning so I didn’t feel rushed or pressured. A huge thank you to Claire for helping me to pass my driving test! Jessica
Danny's TestimonialI found the LDC style of teaching brilliant The student centred approach is what appealed to me. The workbook gave me the opportunity to enhance my knowledge even when I wasn't on the road. Thanks so much David for sticking with me when I was stubborn and grumpy! Danny
Debbie Campbell's TestimonialThe LDC course really worked for me I found the work book and DVD extremely helpful as I could prepare for each lesson in advance. Having these helpful tools also meant that I could look back over anything I was having difficulty with. Iain is friendly, reliable and always very supportive. I can’t sing Iain’s praises highly enough. Debbie 
Craig's TestimonialI passed first time with 4 minor driving faults I would definitely recommend LDC and Ian to anyone. The LD system and driving skills workbook is a structured and really good guide to follow. Ian is patient and if I was finding anything hard would pull me over and we would discuss how we could improve.  Craig
Jon Sealy's TestimonialGreat value for money Paul provided excellent tuition which was aided by the excellent LDC Workbook and DVD resources. Paul was an absolute joy to learn with and great value for money. I would definitely recommend Paul. Jon
Veronica 's TestimonialI was on the verge of giving up After failing 2 driving tests with 2 different driving schools and more than 65 hours of lessons, I became very depressed. All my previous instructors had told me I was a slow learner. I also did wonder if I had a neurological problem which was holding me back. I decided to have a final try with Neill from LDC and it was the best decision I had easily made. The LDC workbook was great and it gave me the chance to approach each lesson with confidence. I did 10 hours with Neill and passed first time. Veronica
Jay's TestimonialI think the LD System is awesome I think the LD System is awesome as you can learn so much from the workbook and DVD and then put it into practice on your next lesson. This has definitely helped me save money on my lessons. It only took me 20 hours to pass. Cannot believe I passed with only 2 minors. Jay
Goff's TestimonialAmazingly I passed my test after just 25 hours At first I did not want to drive a manual car at all. I thought it would be too complicated and take me a long time to pass my test. I tried auto lessons with another instructor but I did not feel happy with him. Nick however was ecellent. Goff
Laxmi's TestimonialI have enjoyed every minute of learning I passed my driving test. Many thanks to Marie at LDC. I have enjoyed every minute of learning and the workbook and DVD's are really useful. I'm over the moon with everything. Can't believe I did it. I'm so happy. Thank you Marie and LDC. Laxmi
Keeley Jones's TestimonialAfter 3 months I passed first time I loved learning with Siobhan she is so easy to get along with and will do anything to help you achieve your goal! The lessons were really well planned out and along with the LDC Driving Skills Workbook/DVD I couldn't have asked for more! Keely
Isabel Guy's TestimonialI have really enjoyed learning to drive... ..with Keith, supported by the LDC workbook and DVD’s, which have really consolidated what we covered in lessons.  I’m delighted to have passed with only two minors and would definitely recommend Keith's LDC driving school to other learner drivers. Isabel
Mikey Wells's TestimonialI passed first time with only 1 minor Learning the LDC way helped me develop key driving skills that not only helped me in my test, but that I now use in everyday driving. I really enjoyed my time learning to drive with LDC and my instructor, Alan Moss. Mikey Wells
Alex Mcgregor's TestimonialThe LD system worked for me The workbook and DVD were really useful for getting to grip with the basics even before getting in the car. I found Paul to be a first class instructor, being very thorough with the lessons and making sure I understood everything that was required and how to do it. I passed first time. Alex
Aaron's TestimonialLearning to drive for three years with no luck I had been learning to drive for three years with no luck on getting to my test then I met John from LDC a fantastic man, funny and with a very relaxed teaching style. I would recommend him to anyone - working with John and the LD System you're sure to do well. Aaron
Phoebe's TestimonialSaved me lots of time and helped with my confidence The LDC Driving Skills workbook and DVD’s saved me lots of time and helped with my confidence as I was well prepared before my lesson’s, they can also be used for revision. Keith helped me pass my test first time with only 4 minor faults. He is an amazing teacher. Phoebe
Katie's TestimonialI've had a fantastic time learning with LDC Ian was great and really supportive and I truly enjoyed all my lessons. Thank You. Katie
Ross's TestimonialI wouldn't recommend intensive courses in Blackpool I had previously taken one and it was poor. However the LDC method of driving made things really clear. Reading the workbook really helped me to focus on every little aspect of my driving, and then with Mike's tuition, well I passed in 8 lessons. Ross
Fernanda's TestimonialI cannot recommend Neill and the LD System highly enough I just passed my test first time and really feel confident about being a safe London driver. The LD System works by concentrating on the basics that make you a safe, steady driver. I've tried a few driving instructors over the years but they didn't compare. Fernanda
Jen's TestimonialI loved the LDC workbook Having the book to refer to when I was unsure was brilliant. I passed my test first time with only two minor faults which is testament in itself to how great Chris and the LDC method are, Jen
Olivia's TestimonialValue for money was excellent I started with weekly lessons of 3 hours which I found a huge help rather than hours here and there. I loved the style of teaching it helped me a lot. Value for money was excellent, the best I found, I have already recommended Neil and LDC to other people. Olivia
Barrie Setchfield's TestimonialAll in all 10/10 The whole course was excellent. Henry was always on time and very professional.I am sending my son to him when he is back from the ship he is on. Barrie Setchfield
Charlotte's TestimonialLDC is really fantastic LDC is really fantastic since they do their best to give you all the tools to pass both your theory and practical driving test. The DVDs really did save me from feeling like I didn't know what to do. I'm thrilled to have passed my driving test.  I'd recommend Mark my driving instructor to anyone without hesitation. Charlotte  
Michael Ward's TestimonialWonderful My experience with Stan and the LD system can be summed up in one word - Wonderful Micheal
Emma Jones's TestimonialChoosing LDC was a brilliant choice After just looking online at driving schools I came across Paul and the LD system. It worked really well with me. I was able to go back over the lessons on the DVD. Paul's approach allowed me to relax and build up confidence. Emma Jones
Sara's TestimonialI couldn't have passed first time so easily Joanne's unique teaching methods were tailored to meet my needs and combined with the LDC workbook, gave me the ability to drive with confidence. I couldn't have passed first time so easily without her, thank you! Sara
Lydia's TestimonialLDC training with Steve was a great way to learn to drive I found the LDC workbook made so useful with keeping up to date with what I was going to learn next lesson and consolidating what I had already learnt. Steve is a great instructor. And I passed first time!! Lydia
Bo Su's TestimonialDriving to me was always like a nightmare Having had a major car accident and unsatisfactory experience with five driving instructors before Trevor from LDC, I felt that to put me behind the wheel was like to send me to Afghanistan to fight. But Trevor was a wizard, he taught me this lifelong skill so well I passed. Bo Su
Emma Hadlow's TestimonialI started with TopClass but I didn't feel I was getting anywhere So I decided to move on and look for someone else to drive with and John's LDC driving school was recommended frequently. Therefore, I chose him. The LD System is just excellent. This is because it is very helpful yet very simple.  I will truly miss driving with such a great instructor . Emma
Darren's TestimonialEverything is taught in a logical and methodical order A big thumbs up to Paul, really good driving instructor he makes everything easy to understand.Really competitive prices and the LDC book is a brilliant guide. Darren
Annie Greenaway's TestimonialMy confidence grew with every lesson Andy was a great driving instructor, he is very patient and laid back which made my experience in learning to drive that much more enjoyable. He put me at ease from the very first time I went driving and my confidence grew in every lesson. The LDC workbook was incredibly useful.  Annie
Eileih's TestimonialI had no interest in cars or driving Growing up I had no interest in cars or driving at all and so when it came to learning to drive even the basics weren’t common knowledge to me! However, after learning with the LDC books and DVD, and the fantastic teaching from Neill, I managed to pass first time with only 2 minors! Eileih
Frankie's TestimonialLearning to drive was such an enjoyable experience With a combination of the workbook, the DVD and Ruth. The lessons were clear and structured well to gain the most out of the time that we were in the car. Ruth is easy to get along with and such a friendly instructor who was flexible to accommodate my lessons and courteous during my lessons Frankie
Hugo's TestimonialThe LD System was amazing I would like to thanks Kev for teaching me to drive. He is a very good instructor. He is funny, calm and never gets angry. I feel happy and enjoyable to learn with Kev and would highly recommend him to anyone.  It only took me 25 hours to pass the driving test in first time. Kev + LD System are a perfect match. Hugo
Tom's TestimonialI passed after only 22 hours of tuition I passed my test at the first go after only 22 hours of tuition. This was due to the LDC system of learning , the DVDs are super, coupled with Kev giving your lessons you will enjoy learning. Tom
Demi Carmichael's TestimonialBest instructor ever. LD system great Don was my second instructor. He is brilliant and patient. My experience has been amazing, I passed second time. Don was so encouraging and built my confidence back up after a near-pass on the first test. Demi Carmichael
Krista's TestimonialI had a bad experience with another school So I decided to search on Google 'Best driving schools' and found LDC. I had no confidence because of my last instructor. When I met Sevan he was truthfully patient and calm and made me feel at ease and comfortable. Thank you so much Sevan. Krista
Shelley's TestimonialI was intrigued with the LD System and it's learning approach Learning in a relaxed environment using the LD system really worked for me, and I definitely benefited from the workbook and DVD. I passed first time with 1 minor and strongly recommend David and LDC. Shelley
Emilie Walker's TestimonialFrom day one I never looked back I started learning to drive with Learner Driving Centres from day one and never looked back! It is so important to have a helpful, patient and caring driving instructor, and I found all of those qualities in Don Adams. I truly enjoyed my lessons with Don and have recommended him too many of my friends. Emilie
Gareth Brown's TestimonialI'd been putting off for years I was drawn to the LD system, and in particular Paul after reading the great testimonials on his site. Paul gave me the confidence to drive through his patience and helpful manner in his teaching. I passed first time with no faults, what better testimonial could there be.
George Smith's TestimonialMy learning experience with Andy was absolutely brilliant Each lesson was different and enjoyable. I always knew what stage I was at due to the brilliant and insightful workbook I received from LDC. I would recommend Andy to anyone wishing to begin driving. George

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