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Driving Instructor Training with LDC

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Trainee Licence Scheme

Trainee Licence BadgeAfter you have passed Part 2 of the ADI examination (and undertaken the necessary training to be able to do the job) you can potentially start to earn money as a trainee driving instructor. In this way you can start to earn money earlier then you might otherwise and you also get the opportunity to gain some real on-the-job experience to help you pass the third and final part of the ADI examination.

To obtain a trainee licence you have to be sponsored by, and work with, an established driving school such as LDC. Please note not every driving school supports the trainee licence scheme, for example, this option is not available with the AA driving school. Also be aware that some schools charge a much higher weekly franchise if you join them on a trainee licence. This is not the case with LDC.

Because LDC's instructor training course is so comprehensive it is not essential to have a licence in order to prepare for the part 3 examination, but it is an option that is available to assist in preparing for the examination.

Unlike some driving schools, at LDC, trainee driving instructors are treated exactly the same as fully qualified driving instructors and are not charged extra or receive less for the services they provide to the public. However, it is not uncommon for LDC trainee driving instructors to give pupils a little extra lesson time to reflect the fact that they are still learning the job or to offer special introductory discounts for lessons. Any such actions are solely at the discretion of the trainee driving instructor.

Conditions of a trainee licence
The conditions under which a licence is granted by the DVSA are:

You must also abide by one of the following conditions:

Condition 1

Condition 2

Displaying the trainee licence
When instruction is being given the licence must be displayed in the bottom left hand corner of the front windscreen. The use of the licence is your own responsibility. No refunds will be given for any period when the licence is not used.

If you cannot make full use of your licence and you have to stop giving tuition, return it to the issuing office immediately. If your trainee licence is lost or stolen you should report it to the Police and to the DVSA straight away.