3-4 Reversing around a corner to the left/right

Reversing around a cornerThe reverse around the corner is an optional test manoeuvre and for car drivers would usually be to the left rather than to the right.

What the examiner is looking for

The examiner is checking that you

  1. Pull up in a suitable position two car lengths beyond the side road you are required to reverse into and about half a metre from the side of the road
  2. Select reverse gear and make all round observations before starting the manoeuvre
  3. Take good observations through the rear window as the car moves backwards
  4. Use clutch control to maintain a slow speed and to pause when taking all round observations
  5. Make all round observations as necessary during the reverse and in particular before steering to negotiate the corner and before straightening the wheels to reverse down the side road
  6. Keep reasonably close to the kerb (well within a metre) throughout the exercise and avoid crossing the centre of the side road
  7. Reverse for a reasonable distance into the side road in a straight line before stopping (2-3 car lengths)
  8. Deal correctly with other road users and pedestrians
  9. Fasten your seat belt before moving off (if you unfastened it at the start of the exercise)

Driving faults recorded
3 or 4 Reverse left/right


  • Poor clutch control.
  • Stalls the engine.
  • Excessive acceleration.
  • Footbrake not used when required.
  • Erratic use of steering.
  • Touches kerb.
  • Mounts pavement.
  • Moves over the centre of the side road.
  • Too far from kerb at completion.
  • Car not parallel to the kerb.


  • Does not look out of rear window.
  • Does not take all round observation at the start or throughout the manoeuvre.
  • Relies on door mirrors for main observations.
  • Does not observe other road users.
  • Does not give way to other road users.
  • Does not pull forwards to allow vehicle to emerge from the side road when necessary.
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