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Driving Test Marking System

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Making ProgressDriving well below the speed limit can be as dangerous as driving above it. Particularly if this causes frustration amongst other road users who may feel the need to overtake you when it is unsafe to do so.

Similarly being hesitant at junctions or when approaching hazards or when other road users are clearly giving way can result in dangers as you unexpectedly stop or unnecessarily slow down.

What your examiner is looking for

The examiner is expecting you to

  1. Drive up to the speed limit if road, weather and traffic conditions permit or at a realistic speed if not
  2. Approach hazards at a safe controlled speed without being over cautious or interfering with the progress of other traffic
  3. Emerge from junctions without stopping at give way lines if it is safe to do so or emerge at the first safe opportunity to proceed.

Driving faults recorded
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Appropriate speed:

Undue hesitancy:

Following at a safe distance Junctions