25 Pulling up at the side of the road

Position / stoppingAt various points on the test the examiner will ask you to pull up in a safe, legal and convenient place on the left. You will be required to do this just before undertaking any of the standard test manoeuvres.

What the examiner is looking for
Once the examiner has asked you to pull up on the left he or she will be looking for you to

  1. Use the MSM routine correctly
  2. Select a safe, legal and convenient place to pull up
  3. Steer towards the kerb without striking it or being too wide from the kerb as you use the brake progressively to slow the car down
  4. Use the clutch just as the car stops
  5. Secure the car when stationary.

Driving faults recorded
25 Position/normal stops:

  • Stopping in an unsafe or inconvenient location.
  • Blocking an entrance or driveway when stopping.
  • Causing an obstruction to other road users.
  • Stopping too far away from the pavement.
  • Stopping with one or more wheels on the pavement.
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