18 Use of speed

Use of SpeedDriving no faster than the speed limit permits is the minimum you should consider when on the driving test.

Always travel at a speed that enables you to stop within the distance you can see to be clear ahead and are certain would remain clear in the time it would take you to stop.

Remember that weather conditions can significantly affect what this stopping distance would need to be.

What the examiner is looking for
The examiner is assessing your ability to

  1. Approach junctions and hazards at the correct speed
  2. Use speed to maintain a safe gap between you and other vehicles
  3. Always drive at a speed sufficient to stop well within in the distance you can see to be clear.

Driving faults recorded
18 Use of speed:

  • Drives in excess of the speed limit.
  • Drives at a speed, which is too fast for the road, traffic or weather conditions.
  • Drives too fast on the approach to certain hazards.
  • Drives too fast on the approach to junctions.
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