6 Turn in the road

Driving Test Turn in the RoadIn areas where it is not possible to do a hill start you may find that this manoeuvre is done on a road with a steep camber. The examiner will ask you to pull up on a quiet road to undertake this exercise.

What the examiner is looking for
The examiner is checking that you

  1. Make all round observations before starting the manoeuvre
  2. Complete the manoeuvre in no more than five forward/reverse movements
  3. Rapidly apply the full steering lock as appropriate as you start each movement and then apply opposite lock just before stopping
  4. Make the car safe between each movement
  5. Take good observations through the rear window as the car moves backwards
  6. Use clutch control to maintain a slow speed and to pause when taking all round observations
  7. Make all round observations as necessary during the exercise and especially before each movement forwards or backwards
  8. Keep the car within the boundaries of the road and do not overhang the kerb
  9. Deal correctly with other road users and pedestrians
  10. Fasten your seat belt before moving off (if you unfastened it at the start of the exercise).

Driving faults recorded
6 Turn in the road

Under control:

  • Poor clutch control.
  • Stalls the engine.
  • Excessive acceleration.
  • Harsh use of footbrake.
  • Not applying the handbrake properly.
  • Strikes or mounts kerbs with front or rear wheels.
  • Unable to complete exercise within five moves.
  • Turns the steering wheel in the wrong direction.


  • Lack of all round observation before moving.
  • Moves forwards or backwards when unsafe to do so.
  • Only looks back over one shoulder while reversing.
  • Lack of all round observation during each movement.
  • Continues with movement, does not give way to passing traffic.
  • Does not allow pedestrians to proceed safely on the pavements.
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