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Over 10,000    Five Star reviews are listed on the following 590 pages starting with the most recent to the oldest (25 reviews per page). These reviews have been extracted from the customer reviews on each of the individual LDC driving school owners websites.

Tom Parker's Testimonial
Tom Parker
Absolutely fantastic instructor who made sure I have been able to become the best driver I can be, not least thanks to an excellent system of learning. My driving Journal made sure I knew exactly which stage I was at throughout the whole process, and the mock test helped pull everything together....
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Jess Stone's Testimonial
Jess Stone
David is a very good Driving Instructor and I would recommend him to anyone. The book and DVD helped a lot, and the DVD helped me to do the manoeuvres properly with someone going through each step. This is better because you can see how to them from their point of view. Driving with David is good...
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Shelley's Testimonial
After a lot of research into driving lessons, I was intrigued with the LD system and their approach to learning, so I contacted David. He was very professional and patient throughout my lessons and gradually built up my confidence to a point where I was ready for any eventuality. Learning in a re...
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Danny's Testimonial
I found the LDC style of teaching brilliant due to the large amount of resources that LDC offer. The student centred approach is what appealed to me when choosing who I should learn to drive with and am 100% confident that I made the right decision. LDC allowed me to work at a pace which suited m...
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Mark Bradley's Testimonial
Mark Bradley
I recently passed my driving test at my 1st attempt on 9th March 2012. My driving instructor Mark was excellent: He made me feel comfortable at all times, took the time to explain how and why things were done the way they were. I looked forward to my lessons and think Marks relaxed and friendl...
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Ali's Testimonial
The LDC program was very easy to understand and use. The program made driving look straightforward with its simple diagrams and manageable steps. Mark explains it very well and thorough. He has a lot of skill and knowledge which he has now passed onto me. Mark was never strict yet he was eager fo...
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Steve Hardwick's Testimonial
Steve Hardwick
Started driving lessons with alan and after 2 months passed my driving test 1st time and only 4 minors, LDC system was excellent and Alan was great and friendly to learn with, would highly recommend.
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Elliott Sharp's Testimonial
Elliott Sharp
I had a great time learning with LDC, Alan was a great instructor who really helped me through driving the whole time I was with him. The workbook and DVD really helped as they show you what you have left to learn and what you can improve on. They allowed me to practice easily outside of my lesso...
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Beth Heads's Testimonial
Beth Heads
I thought the LDC way to drive was good. My instructor was very thorough and put me at ease. I would 100% recommended them to anyone.
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Hannah Catchpole's Testimonial
Hannah Catchpole
Would highly recommend Learning with Alan. The DVD and workbook were really helpful and Alan was easy to get along with and built my driving confidence. Couldn't of passed without him! Thank you.
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Lee McKeown's Testimonial
Lee McKeown
I would like to thank LDC and Alan Moss in particular for helping me through my driving test. From start to finish I found it very easy going but also very thorough. Throughout Alan was very helpful and always there if I had any queries. I also thought the DVD and handbook were good reference poi...
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Josh Larsen's Testimonial
Josh Larsen
I would recommend Alan and LDC to anybody, Alan is a great teacher and happy to help anybody of any standard. He made me feel comfortable from day one. Also the LDC booklet and software was very easy to understand and was a great help. I passed my test with 2 minors and this was due to Alan's gre...
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Sam Sharp's Testimonial
Sam Sharp
I really enjoyed my lessons with Alan and would greatly recommend others to go with him. He is an excellent instructor, very patient, friendly and helped boost my confidence driving. I don't think I would be a confident driver if it wasn't for him. I am glad I went with LDC, the workbook and DVD ...
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Mikey Wells's Testimonial
Mikey Wells
I really enjoyed my time learning to drive with LDC. My instructor, Alan Moss, was extremely helpful both in and out of lessons. If I ever had any queries about my driving out of lessons I could always text him and he would help me out. Learning the LDC way helped me develop key driving skills th...
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Matthew Appleby's Testimonial
Matthew Appleby
I passed my test first time with Alan. Using the LDC system was beneficial as it allowed me to prepare for lessons and recap on anything I had forgotten. Alan was relaxed and accommodated the lessons around my lifestyle.
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George Roberts's Testimonial
George Roberts
LDC were very good in allowing me to pass the test. Their DVDs and workbook clearly explained the different skills and manouvres needed and showed them in separate stages to allow clear understanding. My instructor Alan was also very helpful in the lessons, clearly showing me what to do and helpe...
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Josie Barber's Testimonial
Josie Barber
I thought LDC driving lessons have been an amazing help for me to pass my test first time, the prices are good and Alan my instructor was a good teacher, very patient and helpful in lessons! Okay with doing lesson early in the morning depending on your day, I would recommend LDC driving instructo...
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Kashaf Ahmed's Testimonial
Kashaf Ahmed
The LDC workbook was great and allowed me to learn and be more alert whilst driving on the road. The dvd also allowed me to analyse practical driving events and situations which enhanced my confidence but most importantly I was given lessons by a very capable qualified instructor.
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James Curry's Testimonial
James Curry
I really enjoyed myself on these lessons, Alan always made sure I knew what I was doing and why. The DVDs and work books also really helped outside of lessons and helped me. Recommended to all.
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Laura Malone's Testimonial
Laura Malone
I really enjoyed my driving lessons with Alan, they were very structured and he always ensured I was comfortable with what I had to do. I found the DVDs and workbook really useful, (especially the theory DVD) and they all helped me pass my practical and theory tests first time.
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Jamie Thompson's Testimonial
Jamie Thompson
Car was good comfortable, easy to drve. The LDC course was thorough and easy to follow and allowed me to learn easily and to a good level and the main reason I managed to pass first time.
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Charlie Moss's Testimonial
Charlie Moss
Alan was a great help with my driving lessons, times where flexible and tuition was second to none. Also the DVD and Workbook complimented practical lessons well.
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Elliot Robinson's Testimonial
Elliot Robinson
I passed my test first time with alan moss and LDC. Alan was a fantastic instructor, calm, relaxed, professional and the LDC method of learning was thorough, enjoyable and covered every aspect necessary for me to pass with flying colours. I would definitely recommend alan and LDC to others who wa...
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Dan Dunning's Testimonial
Dan Dunning
I would like to thank Alan Moss for helping me pass my test a great instructor I also found the LDC videos and books complimented Alan's lessons would recommend to anyone.
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Josh Boston's Testimonial
Josh Boston
I thought learning with LDC was very good, the car I learnt in was excellent and easy to drive, my instructor was very good and made it very easy to learn how to drive, the books and DVD to go alongside this were very helpful and the information was very good throughout.
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