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Over 15,000    Five Star reviews are listed on the following 685 pages starting with the most recent to the oldest (25 reviews per page). These reviews have been extracted from the customer reviews on each of the individual LDC driving school owners websites.

Amy Walker's Testimonial
Amy Walker
I found learning to drive harder than I thought it would be. But throughout my driving lessons with Gordon I was able to improve my confidence and with practise was able to pass.
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Ryan Biggar's Testimonial
Ryan Biggar
I found driving lessons with Gordon was very constructive and very well laid out and set out to a very high standard to make you not only be able to pass your driving test but to drive safely on all types of roads which I did 1st time and with NO FAULTS AT ALL.
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Samantha Best's Testimonial
Samantha Best
Gordon is a very good instructor. He built my confidence right up and taught me to not act on my nerves. I came to Gordon after 6 months learning with a different driving instructor and I learned so much more even in the 1st week.Thank you so much Gordon.
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Samantha Foster's Testimonial
Samantha Foster
Learning with Gordon was a great experience. It was done at a good pace and anything i wasn't sure of he went back over. I was made to feel very comfortable during the whole learning process and will be happy to recommend Gordon to friends. Thanks again Gordon!
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Kerry Cochrane's Testimonial
Kerry Cochrane
You did a great job Gordon. I mean I passed! You pushed me to do my best and you made it easier with your many hints and tips. I would recommend you to anyone who would need driving lessons with a professional, learning and fun experience. I wish you all the best and cannot thank you enough for a...
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Leah Drummond 's Testimonial
Leah Drummond
Throughout my lessons Gordon was a very good instructor. He was very patient with me I appreciated and it made learning to drive more fun him.
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Claire Fowler's Testimonial
Claire Fowler
"Gordon is a fantastic instructor with a very positive attitude. Always has a very professional manner and strict (in a good way) when necessary. I was previously with another instructor prior to Gordon and have learned more from Gordon in a much shorter space of time. Would recommend him to anyo...
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Gary Bevis's Testimonial
Gary Bevis
Very good, teaches a lot, good to get along with, top class instructor.
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J Kent's Testimonial
J Kent
I'm glad to have passed my test. Gordon has been really patient and shown me me the correct way to drive safely. He is a great instructor, thanks again Gordon.
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Barrie Cox's Testimonial
Barrie Cox
Gordon Blair what can I say, well I passed 2nd time due to Gordon's great teaching, strict when he has to be but a joy to learn with and would recommend him to everyone I know.
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Sarah McRitchie's Testimonial
Sarah McRitchie
"An amazing instructor. Gordon is kind, calm and very patient. He is very easy to talk to and will explain in detail if you do not understand. Ask any question and he will answer without making you feel stupid".
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Dionne McCabe's Testimonial
Dionne McCabe
I had been with 2 different Instructors before Gordon and failed both tests. When I came with Gordon he taught me things I never knew!! He increased my confidence and was always willing to slot me into his busy schedule to suit me. Just want to say a MASSIVE thanks and Gordon you're a legend!!
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Yasmin Guner 's Testimonial
Yasmin Guner
Gordon is by far the best instructor I have had and I have had about 5. He is patient and has taught me so much. I had been taking lessons for 4 years but passed with Gordon within four months. Thanks for everything Gordon.
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Rhona Shearer's Testimonial
Rhona Shearer
Gordon was very patient and extremely encouraging. His teaching style is very relaxed even when you make mistakes. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone. A truly enjoyable learning experience. thank you Gordon.
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Gavin Wilkie's Testimonial
Gavin Wilkie
"Gordon is a fantastic instructor. Passed first time! Great confidence builder, calm and patient. Don't go anywhere else".
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Darren Stevenson's Testimonial
Darren Stevenson
"I thought that Gordon was a good instructor who has lots of patience and makes you feel relaxed when in lessons. I would like to thank Gordon very much for all his time and patience and I would recommend him to anyone".
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Emma Dixon's Testimonial
Emma Dixon
"I started my driving lessons with no confidence & extreme nerves. Through the course of my tuition however, Gordon motivated & encouraged me & delivered the lessons with amazing patience & calmness. Despite my neves, we still managed to have a laugh. I could never have imagined p...
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Lee Thomson's Testimonial
Lee Thomson
"Gordon is a great instructor and fills you with confidence. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Cheers".
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Scott Bence's Testimonial
Scott Bence
Driving with Gordon has been interesting. He had someting interesting to talk about every lesson. He made sure that I was ale to progress at a level suitable to my ability and I would recommend any driver to give Gordon a phone and arrange lessons.
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Kaitlin Hunter's Testimonial
Kaitlin Hunter
"Gordon - One word - SUPERB. He was very patient and supportive. Made learning fun. One of the friendliest men I have ever met. Thank you Gordon".
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Andy Talbot's Testimonial
Andy Talbot
"Gordon has an excellent manner, polite, provides an excellant service and would recommend him to anyone".
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Tracy Brunton's Testimonial
Tracy Brunton
"Gordon is very patient and puts you totally at ease. I would highly recommend him to anyone".
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Sammie Glendinning's Testimonial
Sammie Glendinning
"Gordon was really patient with me. He's a really good instructor and makes things easier. I enjoyed learning to drive with Gordon".
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Joe Levett's Testimonial
Joe Levett
"Thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive. Gordon is fantastic and incredibly patient. No more busses, thank you very much.
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Viv Drummond's Testimonial
Viv Drummond
"Gordon was a really patient instructor. He is very easy to get along with and talk to".
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