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Over 15,000    Five Star reviews are listed on the following 685 pages starting with the most recent to the oldest (25 reviews per page). These reviews have been extracted from the customer reviews on each of the individual LDC driving school owners websites.

Jordan Cownie's Testimonial
Jordan Cownie
Passed my driving test on June 28th. Awesome feeling. Thanks so much Nicki.
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Steven Cusack's Testimonial
Steven Cusack
Can't actually believe I have passed my driving test. Absolutely awesome!! Thanks so much nicki. Excellent instructor.
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Roslyn's Testimonial
I passed my driving test today with Nicki. What an amazing and patient instructor. Taught to a very high standard. Cheers babe xxx
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Erin Thomson's Testimonial
Erin Thomson
I passed my driving test with Nicki. Only one minor! I would recommend Nicki as an instructor. She had great patience with me, especially since I found some parts of driving quite a struggle. Thanks so much Nicki. We had some great lessons together! So happy to have passed.
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Joe Trevaskis's Testimonial
Joe Trevaskis
I passed my test with Nicki 1ST TIME!!. I feel that Nicki took the time with me to get me to an excellent standard, and had a lot of patience with me when I struggled with manoeuvres. Couldn't have done it with anyone else. Will certainly be recommending Nicki to anyone who asks. Amazing instruct...
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Chris's Testimonial
Passed my test today!! What a great feeling. Would recommend Nicki to anyone, very calm and thorough instructor. Cheers!!!!
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Suzanne Johnstone's Testimonial
Suzanne Johnstone
I passed my driving test today with Nicki, 1st time with only 1 minor!!!! Cant believe it. I did a semi intensive course with Nicki and started 6th Feb and passed today!!!! <23rd May> Brilliant, amazing instructor, couldnt have done it with anyone else!! looking forward to doing PASS PLUS s...
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Lois Bruce's Testimonial
Lois Bruce
I passed with Nicki first time. Previously I had another instructor but Nicki was recommended to me by one of my friends, so I decided to change and am so glad I did as I passed my test in 4 months. Nicki excels in her job and helps in every way she can to get you thru your test. She explains the...
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Emma Proctor's Testimonial
Emma Proctor
I started learning to drive with Nicki on the 18th of December last year and passed my test 1st time on the 29th of February with 2 minors, I was so pleased and couldnt have done it with anyone else. I feel that I was taught to a very high standard by Nicki and really enjoyed learning to drive!
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Jacob Grandfield's Testimonial
Jacob Grandfield
Paul just want to say a massive thank you for everything, not making me have more lessons than I need, been flexible with your lessons, and also just been a top instructor! Thanks alot Paul, I'm going to pass your number on to as many people as I can! Thank you again!!
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James Walker's Testimonial
James Walker
Thanks very much Paul, enjoyed your lessons and past in to time!! I passed with no minor marks.
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Sam's Testimonial
Having Chris as my driving instructor worked out very well for myself. He's a very good teacher. With myself being employed in the Navy at short notice my schedule can change and Chris is good at understanding the demands around work and tailoring the lessons to suit the person learning. My drivi...
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Kelly's Testimonial
What a great driving instructor! Chris is a calm, patient and a considerate instructor. I was a very nervous learner and now I'm proud say that with Chris' support I'm now a qualified driver. I would recommend Chris to anyone. Many thanks x BEEP BEEP
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Paige's Testimonial
Over the period of time I've been learning to drive, I've been quite nervous and panicky yet Chris has always been patient and clear on what I needed to do which is very helpful. Although my nerves didn't allow me to pass first time, Chris didn't give up on me and I carried on having lessons that...
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Amy's Testimonial
From my very 1st lesson to the very last I felt comfortable and at ease with learning to drive with chris. He is an amazing instructor with a wicked sense of humour. He has the patience of a saint and I couldn't of asked for a better instructor.
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Michelle's Testimonial
Chris is a great driving instructor! I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a good driving instructor. His personality and commitment helped me pass my driving test as he knew exactly what I had to work on and what my weak points were. Now I feel more confident while driving.
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Frank Tonjes's Testimonial
Frank Tonjes
When I realised that I needed to get my driver's license and started looking for an instructor, I was worried that the level of instruction would be for beginners only. As I did a lot of driving in the military as well as in the countries I lived in before arriving in the UK 11 years ago I had qu...
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Joanne R - Burradon's Testimonial
Joanne R - Burradon
"Phil Charleton is an excellent driving instructor and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone thinking of learning to drive. He was always calm and professional and provided encouragement which helped to build my confidence. He believed in me even when I had doubts about my abilities....
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Emily S - Whitley Bay's Testimonial
Emily S - Whitley Bay
"Phil is friendly to be in the car with, which puts you at your ease and he manages to remain calm no matter how many times you attempt to write off his car. He gives clear and precise instructions and considers the needs of each individual pupil. After I passed my test I went on to do Pass Plus ...
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Becca's Testimonial
I would highly recommend to anyone, made my lessons enjoyable and help me to become confident behind the wheel, he is patient and encouraging at all times while Instructing.
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Peter's Testimonial
Having recently passed my test, I would highly recommend Chris as a driving instructor. He is very patient, and really encouraging and gave me confidence that I could drive and pass the test. He highlighted the areas that I needed to improve on and helped me think about how I was going to develop...
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Demi's Testimonial
I'm so glad that I chose to learn to drive with Chris. On my first lesson I was extremely nervous but he reassured me and helped me become a confident driver and pass within 3 months of learning. He has a lot of patience and the learner's best interests at heart. Thanks to the way he teaches his ...
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Jacob's Testimonial
Chris was by far a excellent driving instructor, his patience, friendliness and all round teaching method made learning with him enjoyable. I had a previous driving instructor that made me feel uncomfortable and on edge but Chris made me feel relaxed in the car making learning a whole lot easier....
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Danielle's Testimonial
Thanks to Chris I passed my test second time in just under 4-months! Chris is an absolutely fantastic driving instructor, and I am so glad that I chose him! Not only is Chris an exceptional teacher, but he is kind, patient, professional, supportive and hilarious! I looked forward to every lesson ...
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Scott A, Chopwell's Testimonial
Scott A, Chopwell
Before starting a 20-hour course with me, Scott completed an off-road driving course to teach him the basics about driving. This, with his experience of go-kart racing, gave him a very good start and he was very pleased to pass first time. Scott is a pupil at the Royal Grammar School in Jesmond, ...
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