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Over 15,000    Five Star reviews are listed on the following 685 pages starting with the most recent to the oldest (25 reviews per page). These reviews have been extracted from the customer reviews on each of the individual LDC driving school owners websites.

Keeley Jones's Testimonial
Keeley Jones
Siobhan is polite, friendly and calm. She was always on time for my lessons and organised with a plan of what to do and where to go. I loved learning with Siobhan she is so easy to get along with and will do anything to help you achieve your goal! The lessons were really well planned out and alon...
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Tom Walker's Testimonial
Tom Walker
Siobhan was extremely calm and patient. We went through the syllabus at my own pace so that I felt confident and safe out on the road on my own. She would explain why, what and how to do everything before we did them and she always made sure I was working on the right aspect of driving to improve...
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Katie Bromback's Testimonial
Katie Bromback
I originally took the semi-intensive pass course and then block booked in extra lessons for some more experience as I wasn't ready to take my test at the end of the course. Siobhan is very friendly and always put me at ease the moment I got into the car. She is always on time and her car is al...
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Rachel Woods's Testimonial
Rachel Woods
I found the targets in the workbook useful, but if I didn't understand I asked Siobhan. I previously took a test 18 years ago and failed. I didn't enjoy driving then, as I was talked into having lessons by my parents. This time round was different as I wanted to drive and I enjoyed it. I was v...
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Mike Haycock's Testimonial
Mike Haycock
I was over the moon when the driving examiner said, "Well Michael I am pleased to tell you, you have passed". After starting on Saturday with next to no driving experience, coming home on the Friday with a certificate that said I could legally drive. The One Week Pass course is prett...
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Liz Todd's Testimonial
Liz Todd
After having a few bad experiences with previous driving instructors, I was nervous to get back on the road with another new instructor. I found Siobhan by googling female driving instructors in my area and sent her an email requesting more details; she was very quick at getting back to me and ar...
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Hannah Tuck's Testimonial
Hannah Tuck
Siobhan is a great teacher - she is friendly, encouraging and really clear in her explanations. I had regular lessons and she was always prompt. Originally, I was worried about learning to drive, but Siobhan really helped to build my confidence and taught me to become a safe driver. The LDC me...
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Samantha Rowe's Testimonial
Samantha Rowe
With previous instructors I didn't enjoy lessons and tried to avoid them, but with Siobhan I looked forward to my lessons. She was very patient, friendly and enthusiastic, which helped very much! I would definitely recommend her to anybody looking to take driving lessons.
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Tony Johnson's Testimonial
Tony Johnson
LDC was the third school I have tried and the course was by far the better structured, most professional and enjoyable way to learn to drive. Learning to drive changed from being something daunting and frustrating, into a great way to constantly be improving my skills, where I would take more ...
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Flavion - NW10's Testimonial
Flavion - NW10
Neill is a calm, patient and friendly instructor. Having taken 35 hours with him, my confidence increased each lesson. I passed first time with only 1 minor, despite failing each mock test I did. The LDC handbook was really useful in keeping track of my progress and what had to be improved. I am ...
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Laura - NW2's Testimonial
Laura - NW2
Like most people I had taken a few driving lessons when I was 17/18 but my confidence was knocked by an over anxious instructor. I didn't feel like a 'natural driver' and didn't enjoy my weekly lessons, in fact, I dreaded them. So, naturally I pushed driving to the back of my mind and agenda. Twe...
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Rebecca Greengrass's Testimonial
Rebecca Greengrass
I passed my test - first time - after doing a semi-intensive course (over two weeks) with LDC. James was my instructor and despite my initial nerves, he put me at ease right away with his natural friendliness and sense of humour. The first lesson was a pleasant surprise to me, probably due to ...
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Emily Brettle's Testimonial
Emily Brettle
I would recommend James as a driving instructor to anybody, he's calm & encouraging and made me feel at ease every single lesson. He made sure every aspect was covered and corrected any faults with a good explanation. The LDC Workbook & DVD was beneficial to me too as i could track my own...
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Caspar - N5's Testimonial
Caspar - N5
Many thanks to Neill for teaching me in a very short time period of 20 lessons to a level where I passed first time with 2 minors. He was very understanding of the limited time I had due to university and knew exactly the approach needed. He provided a very useful LDC handbook so I could read up ...
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Heidi Hutchinson's Testimonial
Heidi Hutchinson
Would like to say a big thank you James for teaching me to drive and helping me to pass my test, I've really enjoyed having my lessons with you and always felt you were happy to help me and always making me feel comfortable when learning, I will miss having my lessons and seeing you all the time....
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Suree - NW3's Testimonial
Suree - NW3
I passed first time when I was 35 week pregnant with only 4 minors! I felt more and more clumsy and with slower reactions as I approached the end of my pregnancy! But Neill's confidence in me definitely helped, big time. It only took 14 hours of lessons in 3 weeks with him to meet the required hi...
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Luc Chignell's Testimonial
Luc Chignell
I've really enjoyed learning to drive with James; in fact the worst bit about passing my test is that I won't be able to carry on doing it anymore! He is always patient and reassuring and made me feel comfortable during lessons - I felt happy to ask him about anything I was having trouble with an...
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Debra - NW1's Testimonial
Debra - NW1
Many thanks to Neill for getting me to a standard to pass my test first time. I only had a very short time to do the test and managed to get a cancelation at very short notice. Neill was fantastic as an instructor but also he has my gratitude for fitting me in with enough practice lessons before ...
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Zeynep - NW3's Testimonial
Zeynep - NW3
Being a university student, I had a very tight schedule. I therefore opted in doing a one week intensive crash course with Neill. The combination of both the LDC working book/DVD plus the fantastic practical skills that Neill gave were excellent especially in the limited time I had to learn. With...
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Danielle Parkes's Testimonial
Danielle Parkes
I don't think I would be even driving now if it wasn't for James, he made me feel comfortable from day one. He's extremely patient due to taking me ages to get the hang of it in the beginning. I have found it not only achieving but it has been a fun experience and its only taken me four months wi...
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Roxanne Evans's Testimonial
Roxanne Evans
I was really worried about learning to drive but James put me at ease from day 1. He is really patient, even with my endless and repetitive questions, and always explained everything carefully. You get a LDC workbook and DVD with the course which is really helpful as you can see what you will be ...
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Veronica - W10's Testimonial
Veronica - W10
After failing 2 driving tests with 2 different driving schools and more than 65hrs of lessons, I became very depressed and was on the verge of giving up. I took a 3 month break from driving and whilst scouring the internet for solutions, i stumbled upon Neill's website and gave him a call straigh...
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Peter's Testimonial
Having first opted to do a crash course I decided to have lessons over a longer period of time. Despite my initial incompetence, Neill was very patient and progression was smooth and consistent, but also enjoyable. Scheduling lessons was very easy despite my studies. I would highly recommend Neil...
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Fernanda's Testimonial
I cannot recommend Neill and the LDC system highly enough. I just passed my test first time with 5 minors and really feel confident about being a safe London driver. The LDC system works by concentrating on the basics that make you a safe, steady driver. I've tried a few driving instructors ov...
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Eileih's Testimonial
Growing up I had no interest in cars or driving at all and so when it came to learning to drive even the basics weren't common knowledge to me! However, after learning with the LDC books and DVD, and the fantastic teaching from Neill, I managed to pass first time with only 2 minors! I really s...
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