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Over 15,000    Five Star reviews are listed on the following 685 pages starting with the most recent to the oldest (25 reviews per page). These reviews have been extracted from the customer reviews on each of the individual LDC driving school owners websites.

Alice Clements's Testimonial
Alice Clements
Learning to drive with Laura Fewtrell from LDC gave me enough confidence and experience to pass my test first time round. I had previous experience with another driving school which taught well but made me very nervous. I had lessons with them for around 6 months before moving to LDC. Laura was...
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Julija's Testimonial
As I was searching for a driving school, I came across a new learning system where you would read and watch the driving videos, and I thought what a great idea that was. My instructor Mick has been amazing! I am so glad I made the right choice. He has always been very supportive, encouraging and ...
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Josh's Testimonial
Came to Mick from another instructor and stuck with him. He was highly dedicated and flexible finding the time for me between highly unpredictable working hours. Cheers Mick
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Katie's Testimonial
I learnt with Mick from the start and he put me at ease and was incredibly patient with me. I wouldn't have wanted to learn with anyone else. Thanks Mick!
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Annabel's Testimonial
Mick was really patient and calm from the start. He's been kind and encouraging from the first lesson and I have really enjoyed my driving experience with him. He has been a great teacher and I would recom mend him to anyone. Thank you so much!
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Setthawit's Testimonial
I learned to drive with Mick and was glad I did. He taught me well and was very patient making it easier for me to learn. I only had 30 hours of lessons and passed my test first time. Thanks very much Mick.
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Katharine's Testimonial
I started really timid and scared of hitting a pot hole or something. Mick was really patient making sure I understood each lesson as we moved on. Now I am really confident and really enjoy driving. I'll really miss Mick now I have passed and have become a fabulous driver thanks to his marvellous...
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Stacey Portbury's Testimonial
Stacey Portbury
I had 2 instructors before Mike and I have to say Mike was by far the most dedicated and committed instructor. I would recommend him because he is thorough and he aims for perfections and gets you driving safely, competently and gives you the correct skills to start your learning driving experien...
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Luke's Testimonial
I learned to drive with Mick and passed first time with just 2 minors. I was with different instructors prior to Mick but he told and showed me things that I hadn't been taught previously. I am so glad I went with Mick and would highly recommend him to anyone. Thank you so much Mick, you have cha...
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Catherine Askew's Testimonial
Catherine Askew
Mike is an incredibly patient and positive instructor, which is exactly what you need when learning to drive. He teaches you to drive WELL, not just to be good enough to pass a test. I'm so grateful to him for his dedication, and for finally managing to convince me that I can indeed drive!
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Scott's Testimonial
I have just passed my test first time with Mick. I felt comfortable with Mick the entire time that I was learning. He had a calming influence throughout and was very patient when correcting my errors and enthusiasm. I would definitely recommend Mick to anyone who wants to learn to drive.
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Chris's Testimonial
I am really glad I chose to learn to drive with Mick; he was continually very patient and helpful. I passed first time so extremely pleased and I will recommend Mick to my friends and family that are looking to learn to drive. Cheers for all your help Mick.
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Naime Hussein's Testimonial
Naime Hussein
Having mike make me to believe my self and increase my confidence. He was helpful and easy to understand. Mike helped me to believe that I may actually be a good driver, and he corrected all my mistakes. Thank you Mike for all patients. You're the best teacher I have ever had.
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Humphrey's Testimonial
Hi to everyone who wants to pass their driving test the first time, not a guarantee but 95% chance to pass the first time. Before I met Mick my confidence level was nearly zero having recently failed my first driving test with another driving school. After only one week with Mick my confidence le...
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Mark Gilmour's Testimonial
Mark Gilmour
Just passed my driving test with Mike at the first attempt, found Mike to be a really laid back instructor who was really good at explaining all the different aspects of driving from start to finish, I would hugely recommend Mike to anyone and will do so. It also helped that Mike is a really nice...
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Jamie Slevin's Testimonial
Jamie Slevin
Mike was extremely patient and ensures he instills safe driving habits at an early stage whilst making it a good laugh along the way.
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Qudos Ozigi's Testimonial
Qudos Ozigi
I passed my driving test first time because Mike was very supportive and pushed for perfection during my driving lessons. Mike was very good at identifying my weaknesses and bad habits and developed ways of fixing them. Mike was also very good at explaining things I didn't understand and helped b...
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Ray Godwin's Testimonial
Ray Godwin
Mike is a brilliant instructor. Very pleased to be driving at last, especially as a new job depended on it.
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Carl Malcolm's Testimonial
Carl Malcolm
Michael is a patient, thorough instructor and learning with him was a pleasure. He puts a lot of thought and planning into his lessons which shows in his pass rate. I passed first time with three minors and I know I would have struggled to do this without Michael's attention to detail. I wouldn't...
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Mike Burke's Testimonial
Mike Burke
This man is genius, has the patience of a Saint and is definitely the instructor to get you through your test! Don't waste your money elsewhere, buy into Mikes theory and you will achieve you goal!
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Ellen McCann's Testimonial
Ellen McCann
After having six different instructors over a period of six years on and off, I would definitely recommend Mike. Mike really pays attention to detail and aims to perfect all the skills you need to pass the test which I finally did thanks to him!
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Gemma's Testimonial
Today I passed my driving test with Mick. I have felt very relaxed with Mick and passing the test has changed my life. I live in the middle of the countryside nowhere near a main road or a bus route with a long walk to get my children to school or to their school bus. I can now sort them and don'...
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Amy's Testimonial
Today I passed my driving test thanks to my Instructor Mick. He has been a fantastic instructor, very patient with helping you learn. He has been flexible fitting into my work shift routine which changes every week. All the lessons were tailored to the areas I needed to work on ensuring problems ...
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George's Testimonial
Mick is an excellent driving instructor, not only is he very patient when making mistakes but he makes sure you understand where you went wrong, the safety implications involved and ensures that you improve and rise above them. My last driving instructor stopped instructing and I failed to find a...
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Rebecca Moseley's Testimonial
Rebecca Moseley
Mike is a fantastic driving instructor. Mike dealt with my low confidence levels which was very low. Mike gets to know your personality and adopts his teaching to suit your needs. I would recommend mike to other people.
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