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Over 15,000    Five Star reviews are listed on the following 685 pages starting with the most recent to the oldest (25 reviews per page). These reviews have been extracted from the customer reviews on each of the individual LDC driving school owners websites.

Ally Morrison - First time pass's Testimonial
Ally Morrison - First time pass
I took 35 lessons with another driving school and failed. Badly! It was a very offputting experience and I thought that I just wasn't cut out for driving. After much persuasion, I got back behind the wheel and after 15 lessons with Iain I passed! The LDC course is excellent. Each lesson concen...
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Jaclyn Smith's Testimonial
Jaclyn Smith
Iain was a great instructor he always explained everything really clearly and put me at ease. The combination of a friendly face, bad jokes and a relaxed environment allowed me to develop my skills quickly. I found the book and DVD systems helpful as it allowed me to get the most out of each less...
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Linda Robinson's Testimonial
Linda Robinson
Iain was my second instructor,and i found the LDC training methods helped me in-between lessons as i had my lesson workbook to study with lesson quizzes in it, the CD ROM to go over my theory and the DVD to show me the practical test and the lessons so i was prepared fully for each lesson and the...
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Ryan Morrison's Testimonial
Ryan Morrison
The LDC program was a brilliant way to learn to drive! The extra books and DVD were a great way to top up on anything I wasnt totally confident on and reinforced everything in the lessons. Being in the car with Iain was always good fun although i was always getting better in every lesson. Iain...
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Stuart Wilson's Testimonial
Stuart Wilson
I was already experienced in driving and had been with another instructor before Iain. Through the use of the LDC books and DVDs, along with Iain's great teaching ability and his ability to get along with others I passed my test 1st tim.
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Gareth Gilmour's Testimonial
Gareth Gilmour
Learning to drive with LDC made me a more confident driver. My instructor was very supportive, patient and very professional. The DVD and workbook made all the difference in my learning. Being able to study at home was a huge advantage.
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Daryl Ainsworth's Testimonial
Daryl Ainsworth
Hi Iain, the LCD system I can say worked wonders for me. The combination of the DVD and book is pure genius. As an instructor you helped a lot, your patience and personality were amazing. I would recommend you to like everyone.
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Jamie Millard's Testimonial
Jamie Millard
The LD system is great. I had lessons in the past where we seemed to do the same thing every lesson but with the LD system you know where you are at, what you are doing next and what you still have to achieve. Following your own progress keeps you in control of your own learning. As a nervous ...
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Paula Kelly's Testimonial
Paula Kelly
I personally felt the LDC programme was an excellent way to learn to drive. My instructor was very friendly and gave me the confidence boost to help me on my way. I found the workbook & DVD very beneficial to go through at home. I would recommend LDC to friends & family.
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Lynsey Cuthbert's Testimonial
Lynsey Cuthbert
I passed because of Iain's persistence, encouragement & approachable personality. The LDC course is well structured and teaches you skills not just for the test but for life.
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Scott Smith's Testimonial
Scott Smith
I felt really comfortable learning with Iain. If I had any questions or didn't understand anything he was quick enough to help. I passed my theory 1st time round as he was always checking I had done the homework! ha! The LDC system was really clear and easy to use. He is one of those guys who ...
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Mark McConnachie's Testimonial
Mark McConnachie
Thanks Iain for being a good listener and having the patience to make me the driver I am today, considering the way I used to drive. The LDC system was well set out and easy to use. Having the workbook and DVD close to hand to revise with in my spare time really helped my lessons be successful.
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Ben's Testimonial
"I started my driving as a complete beginner and Peter was really friendly and helpful throughout my learning. He is a hard task master but knows his stuff. I would definately recommend Peter and the LDC system in learning to drive and I passed my test 1st time with just 4 minor marks."
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Beth's Testimonial
I had a few unsuccessful lessons with another school and was looking for someone else, my friend Nadine who had already passed with Matt recommended me. Nadine said if I wanted a good instructor who was a laugh while being serious at the same time, then I should give Matt a call. Matt is an extra...
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Liam's Testimonial
Thank you Matt, learning to drive with you was an fun and enjoyable experience. I was nervous behind the wheel to start with but with your help I soon over came my fears. The LD system worked well for me as I could learn the theory side of our lessons at home or at college and then practice in...
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Jack from South Kirkby's Testimonial
Jack from South Kirkby
My driving experience with Gary has been enjoyable throughout my lessons. He is patient and understanding he also uses the LDC system which is easy to understand and use. Thanks Gary nothing more to say other then I PASSED FIRST TIME.
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Adam from Upton's Testimonial
Adam from Upton
"What a top block Gary is, really good at delivering the LDC way of driving and learning. He's a good laugh and I would highly recommend worth every penny. Thanks Gary"
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Gary Luke from South Kirkby's Testimonial
Gary Luke from South Kirkby
"I would recommend Gary to anyone. He is easy to get on with and a very good instructor.
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Gemma - South Kirkby's Testimonial
Gemma - South Kirkby
"Gary was a brilliant instructor. I could easily relax and enjoy driving in his company. He made everything really easy to learn and I will definitely be recommending him to everyone wanting to drive. Thank you Gary.
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Becky from South Kirkby's Testimonial
Becky from South Kirkby
Gary is an absolutely brilliant Driving Instructor, He really helps with anything you struggle with. He is very friendly and helps alot with confidence. I would defiantly recommend to anyone.
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Sachin Kanani's Testimonial
Sachin Kanani
Siobhan helped me pass my driving test and much more. I failed my driving test the first time in London, whilst I am at University of Portsmouth I decided to try again. Siobhan agreed to meet with me to assess my driving skill to see what method of practice would best suit me. After evaluating sh...
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Sian Heard's Testimonial
Sian Heard
Siobhan was literally amazing and I honestly couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor. I, for one, wasn't a lover of driving and lacked confidence, but during my lessons, I gained confidence and started to actually enjoy driving for the first time! Siobhan was always prompt for our les...
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Katie Beauchamp's Testimonial
Katie Beauchamp
After a few lessons with another company 5 years ago I had put off learning to drive and had got more and more nervous as the years went on. But after meeting Siobhan and doing the semi intensive two week course, I now wonder why it took me so long! The course was quite intense with long lesso...
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Josh Rigelsford's Testimonial
Josh Rigelsford
I took weekly lessons with Siobhan and always found her to be a friendly and positive instructor. She would always help me understand any aspect of driving whether it be repeating manoeuvres or answering the simplest of questions. There was always a strong sense that I was being taught with care ...
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Caitlin Arthur's Testimonial
Caitlin Arthur
Siobhan is very friendly and outgoing and she would always be responsive to any concerns I had, constantly making me feel relaxed and comfortable during our lessons. Her patience was invaluable and she always helped both professionally and attentively. She continually went at my pace and I theref...
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