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Over 15,000    Five Star reviews are listed on the following 685 pages starting with the most recent to the oldest (25 reviews per page). These reviews have been extracted from the customer reviews on each of the individual LDC driving school owners websites.

Amy's Testimonial
CONGRATULATIONS I was very nervous about learning to drive but with Clive's patience, I really enjoyed every lesson, thank you for being a great teacher and getting me passed first time. I would recommend Clive to anyone who wants to learn to drive he really tailors the lessons to the indivi...
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Richard Harris's Testimonial
Richard Harris
I would highly recommended Clive to any learners out there if they want irreplaceable knowledge, advice and support. I never felt awkward or silly for asking any question regarding my learning process. I feel learning off someone of Clive's calibre and knowledge within the motor industry was such...
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Andy's Testimonial
Cheers for everything Clive you're a patient man and I never doubted my driving when I was learning with you. I will recommend you. Thanks ever so much mate.
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Gavin's Testimonial
Passed at the second attempt.....better than the national average, and had this to say....... After having lessons previously, I was unsure whether I would have to start from ground zero as sometimes instructors do. However upon first meeting Clive, it was always centred on what I wanted to do,...
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Sara Wigin's Testimonial
Sara Wigin
Clive is a very kind, patient and amiable instructor who really know his stuff. I have had two other driving instructors and can honestly say that Clive was the most helpful. He tailors the lessons and methods effectively to the individual; he also provides good motivation. Regardless of ho...
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Daniel's Testimonial
Learning to drive with Clive was brilliant, he's very down to earth, made me feel comfortable and relaxed, he has a great sense of humour. Clive is easy to get along with I would defiantly recommend him to who ever is wanting to learn and drive, don't miss out on a opportunity to learn with him. ...
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Courtney Savage's Testimonial
Courtney Savage
I wanted to learn to drive quite quickly so I had a semi-intensive driving course with Clive. I couldn't of asked for a better instructor. He was always patient and explained everything very well, thanks Clive.
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Daniel Eddies's Testimonial
Daniel Eddies
I work unpredictable hours so was struggling to fit in drivin lessons so I decided on an intensive course. I looked around and found Clive and the LDC which looked great. As soon as I met Clive he was really accommodating to fit me in and helped me develop from having no driving experience at all...
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Dawran's Testimonial
Hi Mr Clive thank you a lot for your co operation and instruction about how to drive that was useful and co operative. I am really happy to pass my driving test today. Again I can say thanks a lot to LDC specially from Clive and his useful instruction.
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Ben Smith's Testimonial
Ben Smith
I searched for driving schools and wanted to get through to my test as soon as possible. I found LDC and spoke to Clive who was my closest instructor. He was able to accommodate my needs and work at a suitable pace to do everything at my level of learning. He helped to remove my bad habits and I ...
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Jon Walker's Testimonial
Jon Walker
I'd heard good things about LDC and I am very glad I went with them! My instructor, Clive Turner, was a really good teacher; friendly, understanding and motivating. He tailored the lessons exactly to suit my requirement to pass in the shortest time possible whilst targeting my weaknesses and ways...
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Paige's Testimonial
I can highly recommend Clive at LDC. He listens to you, addresses your individual needs and requirements to get you through your practical test. Clive was a pleasure to be with he helped and guided me where I needed it. Thank you Clive kindest regards Jayne and Paige.
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Adrian's Testimonial
A number of years ago I had tried to learn to drive with a local instructor. The lessons were long, dull and endless repetitions of driving round set circuits and reversing around a corner ten or fifteen times. He was grumpy and moaned at me endlessly. After failing miserably for the second time ...
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Penny's Testimonial
I would definitely recommend Clive as a driving instructor. He taught me to drive in 52days, and I passed my test first time! People thought it impossible for me to learn so quickly, even bet against it, but Clive's dedication meant I was confident throughout my test. He was understanding of how ...
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Graeme Hind's Testimonial
Graeme Hind
Passed his practical driving test first time, BrilliantThe LDC system worked well for me as I was able to look up anything i needed as i progressed, being able to use theory test pro helped massively. Callum is an excellent instructor whose method changed well to respond to my progression. Highly...
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Vikki's Testimonial
Passed her practical driving test, well done fantastic work.
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Paul Davidson's Testimonial
Paul Davidson
Passed his practical driving test. LDC system and book was good for when I was lost on what to do. Callum was amazing to work with and I thank him for his time.
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Charly Cussick's Testimonial
Charly Cussick
Passing her practical driving test. Only 2 minor faults brilliant!!. LDC system was a big help being able to read up on previous lessons that I didn't understand was perfect. Callum was a great instructor and I will recommend him to family and friends.
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James's Testimonial
Passed his practical driving test first time only 3 minors, well done brilliant effort.
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Greg's Testimonial
I had failed a previous test with another instructor but with Callum and LDC system he helped me pass and help me towards my goal of being a firefighter! I'd tell anyone to choose Callum to help them pass.
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Jordan's Testimonial
With the LDC system it helped me to learn and understand the skills required to drive safely. Callum is a laid back easy instructor to learn from and will help you in anyway he can, I would recommend Callum 100%.
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Nicole's Testimonial
I felt the LDC approach worked well for me. I completed a block of lessons 5 years ago but hadn't driven since. My confidence was very low but my instructor Callum has been brilliant in helping me with this. He was patient and made me feel relaxed due to his chatty personality and humour. I would...
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Carla's Testimonial
Passed her practical driving test
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Linda's Testimonial
Passed her practical driving test
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Liam's Testimonial
Passed his practical driving test
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