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Over 15,000    Five Star reviews are listed on the following 685 pages starting with the most recent to the oldest (25 reviews per page). These reviews have been extracted from the customer reviews on each of the individual LDC driving school owners websites.

Linda's Testimonial
Passed her practical driving test
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Liam's Testimonial
Passed his practical driving test
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Janis's Testimonial
Passed his practical driving test
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Carron's Testimonial
Just want to say a massive thank you to Martin for all his patience and expertise. Fantastic driving instructor I would highly recommend!
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Michael Pilsbury's Testimonial
Michael Pilsbury
My time learning with Martin was an enjoyable one. He was patient and understanding, having never driven before he made me feel at ease straight away. Giving clear instruction and guidance when needed. With his help I passed first time, I would recommend him to anyone. My brother is currently tak...
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Carl's Testimonial
I can't thank Martin enough for all his help and encouragement over the past few months. I passed first time and Martin's relaxed and helpful teaching really made the difference. Come my test day I felt totally relaxed and confident which is testament to how knowledgeable and patient he is. I've ...
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Stuart's Testimonial
I'm 51 years old and decided to drive. I contacted Martin of LDC. I was very nervous at first but Martin put me at ease. Martin was very patient and helped me control my nervousness.After passing my test I wish I had learned years ago. Thank you Martin.
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Nicole's Testimonial
My dad was taking lessons with Martin and as my first instructor let me down many times my dad recommended Martin as he was getting on well with him.I did four months with Martin and passed my test with only 4 minors. Martin was patient, understanding and knowledgeable. I would recommend Martin t...
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Raj's Testimonial
I have passed my driving test on first attempt with few minors. Martin is an absolutely amazing instructor and always made me feel confident and relaxed. I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone who wanted to become a safe driver and pass on first attempt with well controlled nerves.
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Patrick's Testimonial
My driving learning experience, was really great with Martins. He is laid back, encouraging and uplifts learner confidence. He totally increased my confidence and made me take charge of the road while being extra careful with full observations and awareness of my environment while driving. I woul...
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Matthew's Testimonial
Martin's calm and good natured approach really made all the difference. A genuinely nice guy with a desire to ‎see me pass safely, I really looked forward to the lessons and noticing steady improvement. I felt it was OK to make a mistake when learning with Martin, it is just part of learning ...
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Jamie Shelton's Testimonial
Jamie Shelton
I found John while I was browsing the internet and decided to contact him. He was very polite and informed me on everything that would happen. At first I was very nervous as I had previously had two instructors and it didn't turn out great but after ten minutes with John he made me feel really co...
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Bobbie McVey's Testimonial
Bobbie McVey
John helped me pass my test. He is a very calm and understanding instructor and will be flexible and go out of his way to help ensuring success.
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Nadine Ramsey's Testimonial
Nadine Ramsey
I've been trying to pass for 3 years so I changed Instructor to John and passed 1st time. I can't believe I did it. John helped me so much he is such a good instructor, he is so patient and doesn't make you feel uncomfortable at all. I would definitely recommend him 100%. GO JOHN.
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Troy Rutt's Testimonial
Troy Rutt
My feedback on my experience with John. Well structured program of study, clear goals, sound reflective process, useful resources to continue study at home, step by step clear processes and instills confidence in students.
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Lauren Franklin's Testimonial
Lauren Franklin
John was a great help to me passing my test. I felt like I learnt a lot from every single lesson he helped to build confidence and would recommend to anyone who wants to learn to drive.
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Ian Smith's Testimonial
Ian Smith
I am very happy with LDC but John in particular was very professional and friendly. I changed Driving Instructor and the lessons were fun and I learnt lots and John helped to put me at ease. I passed first time. I will recommend John to everyone.
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Courteney Hawkins Fowler's Testimonial
Courteney Hawkins Fowler
During my time as a learner driver John has been an amazing coach and support. I have no regrets choosing LDC as my learning company. John has made the experience of learning fun and relaxing, even at times that were stressful. Thank you John for your patience and support.
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Mark Potter's Testimonial
Mark Potter
Fantastic Instructor made me feel totally relaxed. Made learning fun and simple. Totally recommend John. He is patient and always looks to help you improve in every area. LDC learning really is the way to go.
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Sebastian Goss's Testimonial
Sebastian Goss
Who new learning could be such fun?! I found John via my Dad who saw his car on the street he lived on, the introductory rate was really enticing and John sounded like a good man on the phone so I booked my first lessons. Upon starting with John and LDC it struck me how different the teaching st...
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Ryan's Testimonial
I found the LD System very useful and very effective and was really happy with John my choice of instructor. His method was very effective and helped me to only get 2 minor faults. Very happy and pleased with the results. Thank you very much I really appreciate it.
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Tracey Hillary's Testimonial
Tracey Hillary
I found the LD system really useful. John made me feel at ease and helped me get to the correct standard for passing. Highly recommended.
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Karla Carney's Testimonial
Karla Carney
I found out about LDC and John outside the local theatre as his car was parked there. I really enjoyed Johns style of teaching as he always has your best interest! Really relaxed lessons, which helped on bad days. He is very supportive and doesn't get annoyed when you make mistakes. All in all I ...
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Dianna's Testimonial
I found John on Facebook. He is really patient and knows how to find the right way to every learner. He explains every difficulty that you have. The LD System that he uses is very helpful and easy to understand. He is a really good instructor with whom to learn how to drive safely and confidently...
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Charlie Bratt's Testimonial
Charlie Bratt
I found John on the website and we gave him a call to find out more. The first time I met John he was welcoming and honest in his approach. He asked me what I was looking for on top of learning to drive and tailored my lessons to that. John was adamant on teaching me how to be a safe driver and h...
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