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Over 15,000    Five Star reviews are listed on the following 685 pages starting with the most recent to the oldest (25 reviews per page). These reviews have been extracted from the customer reviews on each of the individual LDC driving school owners websites.

Josh Boston's Testimonial
Josh Boston
I thought learning with LDC was very good, the car I learnt in was excellent and easy to drive, my instructor was very good and made it very easy to learn how to drive, the books and DVD to go alongside this were very helpful and the information was very good throughout.
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Chris Milbourne's Testimonial
Chris Milbourne
My experience with LDC was highly enjoyable, and very professional. The workbook and DVD prepared me well for my lessons, and my theory test. Would recommend LDC to anyone.
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Matty Water's Testimonial
Matty Water
Very pleased with LDC system as it helped me progress very quickly. I also felt very comfortable with my driving as my learning was made very easy by the systems information on how to do things. Would highly recommend.
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Ben Hall's Testimonial
Ben Hall
Passed with 0 minors, book and dvd work great to compliment practical lessons, overall a good experience.
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Will Corden's Testimonial
Will Corden
I've thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with Tony. All lessons are relaxed and the LDC driving skills book is very helpful, especially for the first few lessons, it is useful to know what you will be doing in each lesson. The workbook is also handy to refer to leading up to the driving test. I ...
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Frankie's Testimonial
With a combination of the workbook, the DVD & Ruth, learning to drive was such an enjoyable experience. The lessons were clear and structured well to gain the most out of the time that we were in the car. Ruth is easy to get along with and such a friendly instructor who was flexible to accomm...
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Helen's Testimonial
The day I passed my practical driving test I couldn't stop grinnng. Learning to drive has been one of the hardest things I have ever done. The only way to pass is to actually be able to drive, no way to cheat or talk your way around it. Ruth enabled me to learn to drive and pass the practical tes...
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Chloe Chapman's Testimonial
Chloe Chapman
Having had lessons with other instructors before, I decided to book an LDC semi intensive course with Ruth as I had read good things on her website. I'm glad I chose her as my instructor as she understood that everyone learns at different paces and in different ways and didn't rush me into anythi...
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Merryn James's Testimonial
Merryn James
I learnt with Ruth Gray through her LDC driving school and passed my test within 4 months!! The course structure was easy to follow and Ruth made sure I was ready on each subject and happy and confident with it before moving on instead of rushing through. The DVD and CD roms where informative and...
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Dot Beaumont's Testimonial
Dot Beaumont
LDC was the right choice for me. I booked an intensive course and with the workbook and DVD it meant I could study prior to the lesson and ask any questions whilst on it. My instructor was fantastic, she was informative, encouraging and endlessly patient. Ruth gave me the confidence and skills to...
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Jenny's Testimonial
I passed 1st time thanks to Ruth at LDC. I never thought I would pass but Ruth gave me the confidence to carry on. Ruth was very patient, pleasant and understanding and would recommend Ruth to anyone who wants to learn to drive. The LDC workbook and DVD do help at home, as you can have a general ...
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Corri Allan's Testimonial
Corri Allan
I really enjoyed learning to drive with Gordon. I enjoyed using the LDC System with the workbook as it helped me to understand what I was doing. Gordon is a calm and considerate person who explains things and makes things clear and would recommend Gordon to everyone.
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Lauren Thomas's Testimonial
Lauren Thomas
I passed first time with Gordon. I think the way he taught me was perfect, not too tough but not too easy either!! The LDC system is really an effective way of learning to drive as I always knew what I was going to be doing on my next lesson. I always knew what I was doing wrong and he showed me ...
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Stewart Parker's Testimonial
Stewart Parker
Gordon made learning to drive very easy. It was made easy by using the LD System which was broken down into easy to understand segments and has made me a competent driver.He is an excellent instructor who I'll definitely recommend to my friends and family.
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Leanne Laing's Testimonial
Leanne Laing
Gordon helped me so much. He was very patient and gave me lots of reassurance which I needed. Without his guidance and the use of and Gordon's knowledge of the LD System along with the DVD's which were great it would have taken me many more hours and I wouldn't have passed 1st time. The LDC Syste...
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Ronald McAllister 's Testimonial
Ronald McAllister
I would like to thank Gordon for his patience, knowledge and time spent on things that I took a little longer to grasp but he always very patient and treated me as an adult, not made me look stupid just because i wasn't getting it. His knowledge and the ease of use of the LDC System helped enormo...
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Emily Mathews's Testimonial
Emily Mathews
I really enjoyed learning to drive with Gordon. He was very patient with me.. I like the LDC System as you always knew what you were going to do next and the workbooks are good as well. I will definitely recommend Gordon to friends and family wanting to drive.
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James Kirk's Testimonial
James Kirk
Gordon was amazing, he was very patient, calm and knowlegeable about the LDC System. I really enjoyed learning to drive with him and would recommend him to everyone.
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Leanne Glen's Testimonial
Leanne Glen
I thought Gordon was a fantastic instructor and was very patient, calm friendly. The LDC system was easy to follow, I enjoyed learning to drive thoroughly. Thanks.
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Daniel Robertson's Testimonial
Daniel Robertson
Learning to drive with Gordon was fun. It was made easy using the LDC system as I always knew what I was going to to next and he made you feel very confident that I was always going to pass.
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Shannon Wotherspoon's Testimonial
Shannon Wotherspoon
I found that Gordon's way of teaching me how to drive easy to understandthrought the use of his LDC system and it also helped me pick things up quickly. I thought when driving with Gordon he was very understanding and patient with me and pushed me to be above the standard needed to pass.
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Gillian Adams's Testimonial
Gillian Adams
Gordon is a really friendly instructor, puts you at ease and make learning fun and enjoyable.
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Helen Britton - Pickering's Testimonial
Helen Britton - Pickering
Having already learnt with 2 instructors previously, I found Paul was friendly and supportive and really helpful in getting me to test standard in a short space of time. The LD workbook was great to back up the practical skills learnt in my lessons; it was especially useful for recapping the mano...
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Carey Boyter's Testimonial
Carey Boyter
Passing her practical test I found the LDC system excellent, really helped a lot having the book to read and also dvd to watch.Callum was excellent! Felt very at ease, comfortable and relaxed. Great teacher would recommend him to family and friends anyone who's wanting to learn to drive. I am a ...
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Connor's Testimonial
The LDC System helped me as the learning never stopped, I received a workbook which was highly detailed and helped me reflect on the lesson just done,.I have been with 1 previous instructor and Callum taught me more in 2 weeks than he did in 3 months, callum kept me calm reassured me of my abilit...
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