8 Forward Park

Driving Test Eyesight TestOn this specific exercise the examiner is checking that you:

  1. Pull forward into the required parking bay making sure the car is straight and central within the lines.
  2. Select reverse gear and make all round observations before starting the reverse phase.
  3. Take good observations through the rear window as the car moves backwards.
  4. Use clutch control to maintain a very slow speed and to pause when necessary to take all round observations.
  5. Take all round observations as necessary during the reverse and in particular before steering to move out of a parking bay making sure it is safe to continue.
  6. Position the vehicle to safely drive away after reversing out of the bay.
  7. Deal correctly with other road users and pedestrians.
  8. Fasten your seat belt before moving off (if you unfastened at the start of the reverse).

Common reasons for recording faults
Under control:

  • Poor clutch control.
  • Stalls the engine.
  • Excessive acceleration.
  • Insufficient or excessive steering.
  • Harsh use of footbrake.
  • Not within the parking bay lines after entering the bay to park and makes no attempt to correct this or is unsuccessful in this quest.
  • Not in a suitable position to safely drive away after completing the reverse phase.


  • Does not follow MSM routine on approach to the bay
  • Does not take all round observation before starting the reverse phase.
  • Does not look out of rear window while reversing.
  • Relies on door mirrors to observe while reversing.
  • Ignores passing traffic and does not give way.
  • Reverses with pedestrians/vehicles passing by at the rear.
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