Using the Mirrors

Driving Test Marking System

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14 Using the Mirrors

Using the MirrorsYou need to use your mirrors effectively to keep up with what is happening behind you at all times throughout the test.

What the examiner is looking for

The examiner will check to see that you use your mirrors in good time, in the most appropriate order and act accordingly before

  1. Opening any car door
  2. Moving away
  3. Signalling
  4. Changing direction (junctions-changing lanes- overtaking)
  5. Changing speed (either slowing down, stopping or speeding up).

The examiner will also check to see that you use your mirrors frequently. How frequently will depend upon the road and traffic conditions at the time.

Driving faults recorded
14 Use of Mirrors


Change direction:

Change speed:

Does not consult mirrors before stopping.

Moving off Signals