13 Moving Off

Moving OffOn the driving test you will be required to move away on the flat, from behind a stationary vehicle and where possible on an up hill gradient. If the latter is not possible the examiner may choose a road with a high camber on which to do the turn in the road exercise.

What the examiner is looking for

The examiner is looking for you to move off safely and under control by

  1. Using your mirrors correctly
  2. Observing all traffic and other road users before moving away
  3. Signalling when necessary
  4. Checking your blind spot(s) accordingly
  5. Showing good co-ordination of the accelerator, clutch, brake and steering
  6. Selecting the appropriate gear to move away.

Driving faults recorded
13 Move off


  • No attempt to look around.
  • Lack of observation ahead and to the rear.
  • Moves away when unsafe.

Under control:

  • Stalls the engine.
  • Moving away at too high a speed.
  • Rolls back.
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