Precautions before starting the engine

Driving Test Marking System

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11 Precautions before starting the engine

Precautions Before engine startBefore you start the engine to move away you should

What the examiner is looking for
Before starting your engine the examiner is checking to see if you have:

  1. Noted whether all the doors are closed and particularly whether you have properly closed your door
  2. Checked that you can safely operate all the main controls of the car (i.e. the steering wheel and each of the foot controls)
  3. Checked your mirrors to make sure they are properly adjusted
  4. Fastened your seatbelt and that it is not twisted
  5. Checked the handbrake to see if it is on
  6. Checked the gear lever to see if it is in neutral or if driving an automatic to see if the gear lever is in park (P) or neutral (N) position.

Driving faults recorded
11 Precautions:

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