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Over 10,000    Five Star reviews are listed on the following 584 pages starting with the most recent to the oldest (25 reviews per page). These reviews have been extracted from the customer reviews on each of the individual LDC driving school owners websites.

Raja Sawar's Testimonial
Raja Sawar
Thanks for going that little more than other driving instructors. Due to my own busy work timetable, you made yourself available at very short notice. Patient, professional and delivering a driving package which best suited my style of learning. The LDC Test Booster course you taught enabled m...
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Chris's Testimonial
I spent many years avoiding learning to drive, until a friend of mine mentioned she knew an Instructor at LDC called Martin. I gave him a call and before I knew it I was getting on with Lessons and Theory Test. I had a renewed enthusiasm learning to drive and found Martin very understanding. Less...
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Alex's Testimonial
I took a semi-intensive course with LDC. The course was great value for money and they provided me with DVD's and a workbook to track my progress which really helped. My instructor Martin Firth got me to test standard within a week, he was very patient and understood my learning ability from ...
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Gareth's Testimonial
I had already passed my test a year and a half ago but after letting my driving standards go I ended up with a ban of two years, Lesson learned I had to retake my Theory and an extended driving test which lasted over an hour, Martin showed me a different way of improving my driving skill some of ...
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Martha's Testimonial
With my first instructor I always felt very nervous behind the wheel. But that all changed when I chose to drive with Helen; She is a great instructor who is patient, motivating, calm and friendly. The workbook helped a lot too, with its structured lesson plans so I always knew what I had to prac...
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Maria Griss's Testimonial
Maria Griss
I really enjoyed my time with my LDC instructor, Helen. She didn't just teach me to how pass my test, but taught me how to become a safe and confident driver. My progress was always logged, so the both of us could see what was going well and what improvements I needed to make. I have now passed m...
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Carla F Bragg's Testimonial
Carla F Bragg
Studying the LDC syllabus with Helen has been incredibly rewarding. Having the ability to progress at my pace, with a structured workbook to refer to outside of the lesson has been so much help. Helen has been a true inspiration, her motivation and patience has been the driving force to my succes...
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Danny Milne's Testimonial
Danny Milne
I took a 30 hour intensive course with James using The LDC system and passed first time. James used great teaching points and used techniques to help me overcome any task. Many thanks James.
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Hannah Dewar's Testimonial
Hannah Dewar
I passed first time with LDC with a lot of great help from my instructor James. Thank you!
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Jemima Coleman - Chiddingstone's Testimonial
Jemima Coleman - Chiddingstone
Having taught her older sister last year Jemima's mum contacted me a few weeks before her birthday to book some lessons. As Jemima was at boarding school she had a few lessons with another instructor leading up to Xmas then booked a block of 20hrs over the holidays. She was one of the first pe...
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Joanne Wilkinson - Dormansland's Testimonial
Joanne Wilkinson - Dormansland
I thoroughly enjoyed my 30 hour semi-intensive driving course lessons, they were a brilliant experience for me! I was pro-active and studied my LD Workbook and watched the DVD before each lesson, which prepared me and built up my confidence. Graham and I discussed each completed lesson, what I fe...
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Taisy Duncan-King - Caterham's Testimonial
Taisy Duncan-King - Caterham
Taisy's mum, an old school friend who I hadn't seen since I was about 15, contacted me via Facebook to see if I covered Caterham & if so would I teach her daughter to drive. After a coffee to catch up on old times & to drop off the LD Workbook & DVD, we booked a 30hr semi intensive co...
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Amanda Arpino - Caterham - Passed 1st Time's Testimonial
Amanda Arpino - Caterham - Passed 1st Time
Amanda's husband contacted me after a recommendation from his brother who passed 1st Time with me last February. She had just had her 2nd child & decided 2 children on public transport was not a good idea. Amanda had been having lessons before her maternity leave but now wanted to book an int...
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Susannah George - South Godstone - Passed 1st Time - 3 minors's Testimonial
Susannah George - South Godstone - Passed 1st Time - 3 minors
Susannah's mum contacted me after looking at several companies as she liked the look of the LD system. A free home visit soon confirmed her initial thoughts & she booked a 30hr Semi-Intensive course to make full use of DVD & Workbook. Susannah also had a car to practice in & along wit...
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Fatima's Testimonial
Abdul is a brilliant instructor. I made a lot of progress with Abdul in such a short space of time. I wouldn't have passed if I had stayed with my previous instructor. With Abdul I became more and more confident after every lesson. He has such a calm demeanor, and makes every lesson enjoyable. He...
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Faizan's Testimonial
I am very pleased to have passed my driving test with Abdul in only two Months.Abdul is an easy going and friendly driving instructor who is experience helped me to pass my test first time.Abdul is always ready to answer any question that you may have regarding theory and practical tests. I wo...
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Goff's Testimonial
At first I did not want to drive a manual car at all. I thought it would be too complicated and take me a long time to pass my test. I tried auto lessons with another instructor but I did not feel happy with him. The initial trial with Nick at LDC was excellent value and with his encouragement an...
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Josh Constable's Testimonial
Josh Constable
I was really happy that i passed my test first time. I was really nervous about starting my lessons and couldn't find the right person to start with. I went with Nick because of his excellent feed back. When I first met nick I was nervous as hell and I wasn't confidant after 3 or so lessons I was...
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Priya's Testimonial
I am very happy to have passed my driving test. During my driving lessons, I did not have much confidence in myself but Nick really boosted my confidence. He was extremely patient throughout the course and was always on time for lessons. He was professional and also friendly and I found him easy ...
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Kasun's Testimonial
Nick factor, was definitely helped me to get through the practical driving test in the very first attempt. Nick always goes beyond the mile to achieve the goals. His best qualities were being realistic and understandable in all time. I think Nick's professional teaching strategies along with LDC ...
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Lee Keefe's Testimonial
Lee Keefe
I had a 30 hour course but within ten hours nick had me ready to take my test he is a fantastic instructor and I would recommend him to anyone the LDC course work was also extreamly helpful. LDC and Nick are a great team to learn with. Thankyou Nick.
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Lea Ann Robinson 's Testimonial
Lea Ann Robinson
After having lessons here and there for over a year and not enjoying them I realised I needed to find something more intense. I found the Midway Pass Course; 20 hours of driving lessons, the driving test and the LD DVD/Workbook. I was then looking for a patient, calm and professional driving inst...
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James Cairns's Testimonial
James Cairns
Having failed my test 8 years ago and having never got back behind the wheel since, I was very nervous and thought I couldn't do it. Though through doing the 30 hour intensive course, Nick was not only able to give me the skills I needed to pass my test but also helped me to get my confidence bac...
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Savo - Reading's Testimonial
Savo - Reading
I passed my driving test first time, and honestly don't think I could have done it without LDC well-structured lessons approach. Barrie engineered everything in a friendly and professional way that learning to drive was an amusing experience to me. Thank you very much for all your contributio...
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Jade's Testimonial
Learning to drive with Barrie from LDC was a real pleasure. Doing an LDC semi-intensive course over 2 weeks was hard work but with the LDC materials which are provided, the help and flexibility from Barrie I found myself learning very quickly and positively. It's nice to have someone to put your ...
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