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Over 10,000    Five Star reviews are listed on the following 584 pages starting with the most recent to the oldest (25 reviews per page). These reviews have been extracted from the customer reviews on each of the individual LDC driving school owners websites.

Ayse Erdogan's Testimonial
Ayse Erdogan
Thank you Susan. I passed today. You taught me to drive, not only to pass my driving test but for the future. I have learnt so much from you in a short period of time. The LDC workbook and videos have been really helpful also especially for my manoeuvres. Thank you and I will recommend you to ...
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Jenna Bryden's Testimonial
Jenna Bryden
Well Susan what a day we have had!! Thank You, Thank You for all your hard work, patience and flexibility, especially around my baby son. I was discouraged after a long drawn out course of lessons and came to LDC and met you. LDC was a great road for me and I have loved the whole experience. I wi...
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Fiona Gooding's Testimonial
Fiona Gooding
Susan, Thank you so so much for helping me pass my test. You are an outstanding instructor with the patience of a saint. The LDC workbook and DVD are a fantastic help. Thanks again!!
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Matt - Worcester's Testimonial
Matt - Worcester
Very impressed with the way Glyn teaches, very friendly and notices everything! I passed first time!!! I would recommend Glyn for driving lessons to anybody that ever asks me in the future! Thank you Glyn!
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Andre - Bromsgrove's Testimonial
Andre - Bromsgrove
Glyn is a well mannered, highly intelligent, very patient gent who is 100% focused on his job and getting his students safely on the road; he talks driving and you do driving! Even though I had driven before many years ago I found following the LDC driving skills course very thorough and clear to...
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Steph - Hagley's Testimonial
Steph - Hagley
Glyn is the perfect instructor to learn to drive with, his calm, humorous and intelligent manner suited my personality perfectly. His skilled guidance and persistence helped me to learn to drive in 18 lessons, and I now feel I am a confident, informed and progressed driver. The LDC system really ...
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Praj - Warndon's Testimonial
Praj - Warndon
I passed my test in India and needed to take the UK driving test - that's when I realised I had not 'learnt to drive' actually! Glyn soon sorted that out and I 'learnt to drive' resulting in my first attempt to pass the UK test.
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Billy - Droitwich Spa's Testimonial
Billy - Droitwich Spa
As someone who has never driven before the thought of learning to drive was very daunting. Any worries I had disappeared the moment I met Glyn to organise a lesson package suitable to me around my erratic work schedule. Throughout my lessons I found Glyn's polite and calming attitude very reassur...
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Bruce - Pershore's Testimonial
Bruce - Pershore
I was really pleased with the tuition I had from Glyn - relaxed, humorous, but at the same time always pushing me to do better and improve the things I was not so confident at. The LDC book and dvd were a big help in the early stages when trying to master things like roundabouts. Both Glyn and th...
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Josh - Droitwich Spa's Testimonial
Josh - Droitwich Spa
I recently utilised the LDC driving course under Glyn Williams as it appealed to me more than using a generic driving scheme. There is little time pressure with no rush to complete tasks and no set amount of time before tests, thats' purely down to you putting you under no added pressure. LDC's b...
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Emma - Harvington's Testimonial
Emma - Harvington
I am glad I chose LDC to learn with; my brother and I have both been through the system and I really liked it. Glyn's patience and expert guidance, along with his good sense of humour led me through the process. I thoroughly enjoyed our lessons and now feel confident on the road by myself. The DV...
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Johnny - Chaddesley Corbett's Testimonial
Johnny - Chaddesley Corbett
Before starting with Glyn, I had only ever driven a car once and the progress that has been made with him in a relatively short space of time is incredible. The LDC system that Glyn uses is very good and has a good lesson by lesson plan via book or DVD to let you know what is coming up in the les...
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George - Shrawley's Testimonial
George - Shrawley
I really enjoyed the LDC driving course. Glyn is a meticulous teacher with a wealth of experience. Using the driving skills workbook enabled me to prepare before lessons and made best use of my driving time. I would definitely recommend Glyn.
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Jordan - Ladywood, Droitwich's Testimonial
Jordan - Ladywood, Droitwich
Learning to drive with Glyn was a very quick and enjoyable process. The LD System was very helpful and effective because you already knew what to do before actually doing it in the car due to the book. Glyn is very patient and willing to help in any way he can. He taught me from the start up to t...
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James - Droitwich Spa's Testimonial
James - Droitwich Spa
I had three driving instructors before I met Glyn and wish I'd met him first! Glyn assessed my abilities before advising me on the number of lessons needed and he got it spot on - passed my test this morning! His LD System of learning to drive was superb and he was patient and really skilled at g...
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Mike - Droitwich Spa's Testimonial
Mike - Droitwich Spa
I thoroughly enjoyed my driving experience with Glyn and I would recommend hi services to anyone wanting to learn. I found Glyn to be a patient and encouraging instructor who promotes progressive but safe driving.. I was a complete novice when I initially started my lessons with Glyn but he has h...
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Anna - Droitwich Spa's Testimonial
Anna - Droitwich Spa
Thank you so very much for all your help, support and patience Glyn, I'm chuffed to bits. I took the semi-intensive, LDC driving course which itself is very comprehensive and well structured, however, without Glyn's knowledge, experience and patience I feel it would have been a lot more difficult...
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Darren - Worcester's Testimonial
Darren - Worcester
I did the 1 Week Pass Course with Glyn which was well planned in advance. The Driving Skills Workbook and DVD's were really great to help me prepare - result! - first attempt passed!!! Glyn is really knowledgeable and brilliant at passing that on. Thanks Glyn and I have already referred you to a ...
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Kelly - Hanley Swan's Testimonial
Kelly - Hanley Swan
LDC is a great company because of the resources they give you, e.g.: LDC Driving Skills DVD, Driving Skills Workbook, Theory Test Complete DVD and workbook and Hazard Perception Test Extra. All these resources help and get you prepared in advance whether it being your theory test or your practica...
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Charlie - Clent's Testimonial
Charlie - Clent
I really enjoyed my experience with Glyn on the LDC course. I felt the system was very beneficial with the workbook and DVD being great help, especially in the early stages of learning to drive. It gave me more confidence with my driving because I felt I already knew the basic controls and was aw...
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Megan - Redditch's Testimonial
Megan - Redditch
The LD System, Workbook & DVD's were really good. My first instructor from another driving school wasn't very reliable and I lacked confidence - but then I started with Glyn. The lessons then became really good and I learnt much more quickly. I was amazed when I passed my test first time!
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Chris - Droitwich Spa's Testimonial
Chris - Droitwich Spa
Just passed my test - 1st.attempt! I started learning to drive with Glyn last June and despite having an equal hate and fear of the first few lessons, Glyn's competent and calm approach to teaching helped me to slowly progress and lose my dread of going out on the road. Glyn is a very good driver...
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Ben - Droitwich Spa's Testimonial
Ben - Droitwich Spa
First appearance is always important, and with Glyn it was very good, smart and also friendly to talk to. The planning of the first lesson and the subsequent lessons were very well organised. He gave very detailed information about himself, the company and how lessons would pan out up until the e...
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Katy - Malvern's Testimonial
Katy - Malvern
"Thank you very much for all your support and encouragement, I am so pleased I passed! Glyn is an excellent instructor who tailors the lesson to the individual; giving you confidence and encouragement to successfully pass your test. I will ring the lady tomorrow about pass plus seminars, will let...
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Aslam (45) - Watford's Testimonial
Aslam (45) - Watford
Today I have passed my driving test. My instructor Ian from LDC has been excellent in supporting and enhancing my driving skills throughout the training. Learning to drive with Ian and LDC was a great experience.I am so happy as I passed my driving test so quickly.
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