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Over 10,000    Five Star reviews are listed on the following 584 pages starting with the most recent to the oldest (25 reviews per page). These reviews have been extracted from the customer reviews on each of the individual LDC driving school owners websites.

Richard Pascoe's Testimonial
Richard Pascoe
I am delighted to have passed my driving test first time! Massive credit has to go to my instructor, Damian, who throughout my two week semi- intensive course was professional, friendly, knowledgeable and structured my lessons to give a good mix of required skills and avoid burnout on my part! I ...
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Nicola Heptinstall's Testimonial
Nicola Heptinstall
I had a intensive course with Damian and passed first time at 35. I would highly recommend Damian and can hardly believe I would have passed in one week. Being an older learner I thought I would find it difficult to pick up driving skills so quickly but Damian made me feel relaxed and confident, ...
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Usamah Khan's Testimonial
Usamah Khan
I recommend Damian Horsley if you are looking for a driving instructor. The LD system and Damian's teaching methods gave me the confidence needed to pass my driving test. To be in charge of your driving lessons definitely made the learning more enjoyable´╗┐. Passing my test first time was a bril...
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Ruslans Andersons's Testimonial
Ruslans Andersons
I would like to say a big thank you to my instructor Damian for helping me pass my driving test. Damian always made lessons enjoyable and always assured me that i was in control of what we did during the lessons not only did he make me fully prepared for my test, he also made me fully prepared fo...
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Chris Akeroyd's Testimonial
Chris Akeroyd
I would like to say a big thank you to my instructor Damian for helping me pass my driving test. Damian always made lessons enjoyable and always assured me that i was in control of what we did during the lessons not only did he make me fully prepared for my test, he also made me fully prepared fo...
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Helen Britton - Pickering's Testimonial
Helen Britton - Pickering
Having already learnt with 2 instructors previously, I found Paul was friendly and supportive and really helpful in getting me to test standard in a short space of time. The LD workbook was great to back up the practical skills learnt in my lessons; it was especially useful for recapping the mano...
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Carey Boyter's Testimonial
Carey Boyter
Passing her practical test I found the LDC system excellent, really helped a lot having the book to read and also dvd to watch.Callum was excellent! Felt very at ease, comfortable and relaxed. Great teacher would recommend him to family and friends anyone who's wanting to learn to drive. I am a ...
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Connor's Testimonial
The LDC System helped me as the learning never stopped, I received a workbook which was highly detailed and helped me reflect on the lesson just done,.I have been with 1 previous instructor and Callum taught me more in 2 weeks than he did in 3 months, callum kept me calm reassured me of my abilit...
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Jane's Testimonial
The LDC system is really good it helped me pass my test also Callum is a very good instructor.
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Ben's Testimonial
The LDC system was very helpful but it all comes down to the instructor in which I got lucky on. Callum Mckinnon was the perfect instructor, his presence in the car was always making me want to learn.
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Rebecca's Testimonial
The LDC system was great, they allowed me to read up on what I have learned that day. Callum my teacher was amazing, and has a great sense of humour, he makes you feel at ease and enjoy your driving experience. Out of all my teachers he is my favourite.
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Brogan's Testimonial
The LDC System has really helped me, I could not have asked for a better instructor, Callum taught me so well and calmed me when I was stressing.
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Troy Rutt's Testimonial
Troy Rutt
My feedback on my experience with John. Well structured program of study, clear goals, sound reflective process, useful resources to continue study at home, step by step clear processes and instills confidence in students.
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Ian Smith's Testimonial
Ian Smith
I am very happy with LDC but John in particular was very professional and friendly. I changed Driving Instructor and the lessons were fun and I learnt lots and John helped to put me at ease. I passed first time. I will recommend John to everyone.
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Sebastian Goss's Testimonial
Sebastian Goss
Who new learning could be such fun?! I found John via my Dad who saw his car on the street he lived on, the introductory rate was really enticing and John sounded like a good man on the phone so I booked my first lessons. Upon starting with John and LDC it struck me how different the teaching st...
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Ryan's Testimonial
I found the LD System very useful and very effective and was really happy with John my choice of instructor. His method was very effective and helped me to only get 2 minor faults. Very happy and pleased with the results. Thank you very much I really appreciate it.
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Karla Carney's Testimonial
Karla Carney
I found out about LDC and John outside the local theatre as his car was parked there. I really enjoyed Johns style of teaching as he always has your best interest! Really relaxed lessons, which helped on bad days. He is very supportive and doesn't get annoyed when you make mistakes. All in all I ...
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Ben Bulman's Testimonial
Ben Bulman
John is a great bloke, very calm and collected, does not let anything phase him and lets the students lead the lessons so they can work on what they feel they need to work on. The LD System is brill, allows structure and the DVD and Workbook are a great aid. I can not praise him enough. Thanks!!!
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Jordan Bunting's Testimonial
Jordan Bunting
I started my driving lessons 4 months ago. I immediately got along with John, he is a great instructor and I felt that my progress was great thanks to John and the LD System. I passed my test with 2 minors which I don't think I could of done without the great tuition from John.
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Adam Kelly's Testimonial
Adam Kelly
I started from scratch with John with only basic driving skills and he taught me all I needed to achieve a pass first time. I found the LDC Workbook guides really helpful especially with the diagrams as I felt they showed a good and clear view on what to do. Overall I am very pleased.
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Ross Duncan's Testimonial
Ross Duncan
Brilliant instructor! Very friendly and very helpful. The LD System works very well and could not be happier, no complaints at all.
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Gareth - Kilsyth's Testimonial
Gareth - Kilsyth
I booked a 20 Hours Semi-Intensive Course through LDC and Edward was allocated as my instructor. I will be recommending Edward to everyone I know looking to do their lessons and test. From the first moment I go into the car he ensured a calm and relaxed atmosphere. He identified my strengths and ...
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Andrew - Cumbernauld's Testimonial
Andrew - Cumbernauld
From the start, Edward and his relaxed, but focused, teaching style put me at ease with driving.Any mistakes or mishaps along the way were fixed quickly with reassurance - rather than letting me dwell upon the problem. This approach, alongside the informative and progressive LDC materials, helped...
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Reece's Testimonial
I opted to go with the Semi intensive course over 2 weeks after having 10 hrs with another instructor a few years before, so glad I did, I smashed the test with only 1 minor, so grateful to my instructor Alan, with his patience and understanding I wouldn't go with anyone else.
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Leah's Testimonial
I Passed 1st time on the Semi Intensive Course, the LD system worked really well for me and would recommend Alan and any of the courses he has to offer.
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